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Declassification Procedure


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General Information


The responsibility of the Declassification Team is declassifying threads, which results in moving discussions in the private Admods Only forum to the public Admod Archives. The declassifications will be mostly done in chronological order, starting from the oldest threads, with exceptions for requests and non-discplinary policy threads (both explained below). Most declassifications will take place a minimum of six months after the thread is closed, with a few exceptions if needed. When threads are declassified, they are posted here. Threads declassified immediately are highlighted orange.


If you need to contact a DT member, or generally have a question about something relating to declass, the list of DT members can be found here. We hope that the act of declassification will allow members to better understand how decisions are taken regarding the board, members' security, and discipline.


Member Privacy and Redactable Information


For disciplinary and non-disciplinary threads alike, the names of members (non-staff) and other personally identifying information will be edited out and replaced with something generic, such as "Member1", "Link 1", etc. If anyone wishes for their name to not be redacted, either in a specific thread or forever, they should contact a member of the DT directly. Also, if you have previously PMed a DT member requesting your name to not be redacted and wish to change your mind, you only have to contact a team member again expressing that wish.


Members who are the primary focus of each disciplinary discussion will be contacted via PM by the member of the DT redacting the thread, who will ask if they would like for their name and/or PMs to be redacted or not, if they have not previously contacted us.


Declassification Requests


Because of the large backlog of threads to be declassified, the DT is allowing members to request threads for early declassification. To be eligible for declassification, the thread must be at least three months old, and all other members discussed in the thread must approve. As long as the thread has not been marked unmovable for other reasons (such as a security issue), however, a thread that is denied early declassification will still be released with the rest of the backlog.


To submit a request for early declassification of a thread, please contact any member of the DT with the subject and approximate date of the thread you'd like declassified.


Immediate Declassification of Policy Threads


As per the policy announced here, the admods and DT will be working to declassify all non-disciplinary policy threads as soon as possible, often at the same time as the thread announcing any changes. This only applies to non-disciplinary policy discussion created after May 2016, but policy threads created earlier than that can be requested.


Policy decisions involving changes to the disciplinary system will not be declassified immediately. These decisions often involve discussing specific cases and situations and so, these threads would lack context and may inadvertently reveal disciplinary decisions before they are declassified. Furthermore, threads involving disciplinary decisions (i.e. nudges or warns) will also not be declassified immediately. As always, these threads can be requested for early declassification by PMing a member of the DT, but three months must pass before they are declassified.
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