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Declassifying Policy threads immediately


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Hello everyone,

The Admod Team has decided to begin declassifying non-disciplinary policy decisions as soon as the policy is decided on. This will be done on a trial basis of six months in order to determine whether or not immediately declassifying policy threads has a positive outcome. We hope this will improve communication and give members an idea of how and why these policies were or were not decided.

This will only apply to threads created after this announcement. However, non-disciplinary policy decisions that happened prior to this announcement can still be requested for declassification. These threads will be exempt from the typical 6 month wait period.

Policy decisions involving changes to the disciplinary system will not be declassified immediately. These decisions often involve discussing specific cases and situations and so, these threads would lack context and may inadvertently reveal disciplinary decisions before they are declassified. Furthermore, threads involving disciplinary decisions (i.e. nudges or warns) will also not be declassified immediately. As always, these threads can be requested for early declassification by PMing a member of the DT, but six months must pass before they are declassified.

The thread that led to this change can be found here.

On behalf of the Admod Team,

Pookzar, Announcements Mod

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