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Asexual sex

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Frigid Pink

I know this is an extreme comparison, but just to get my point across:

Rape victims have nerve endings. Does that mean they enjoyed the unwanted sex?

I think not.

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Okay, I've heard various definitions of asexuality, but I still have one question - can an asexual still enjoy sex? Granted not all will (especially those who find it gross), and they may have no desire to, but they still have all the same nerve endings, right?

IMHOP, an asexual who enjoys sex for its own sake is an oxymoron. I can understand an asexual who initiates sex to please a sexual partner; but it seems to me that someone who initiates sex for the sake of enjoying sex is by definition a sexual.

AVEN defines an asexual as "a person who does not experience sexual attraction". How could one enjoy sex without sexual attraction? It seems to me that the act would either be painful (if you're female) or impossible (if you're male) if there was no sexual attraction going on.

Am I somehow confused about the terms 'asexual' and/or 'sexual attraction' as they are used here?

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