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Update to the Admods Privacy Policy

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Hello everyone,

The Admod Team has recently decided to change the policy section of the Admods Privacy Policy. The previous policy stated:

Admods should be careful when discussing policy changes on the board. The discussions and voting that brought to a decision are confidential and each Admod's opinion and vote has to remain private unless they decide to disclose it themselves. However, the topics themselves can be posted if approved by the Information Administrator, or if previously declassified.

Breaching about policy changes discussion happening, if accidental, should not lead to an official Warning and consequential demodding. Doing so intentionally and/or sharing someone else's opinion/vote about policy will, instead, will result in removal of Admod privileges, and potentially a warning.

The policy is now:

When discussing policy changes on the open board, other staff members' views and how they voted should not be revealed unless they choose to do so. Sharing another staff member's opinion or vote without their permission can result in dismissal.

Staff members can post their own views and ideas and even create threads about policy discussions openly without needing approval. However, these posts and threads should be done as a member and this fact should be made clear. Any threads created on behalf of the Admod Team or any binding polls require prior approval by the Admod Team. Posting an official Admod thread without permission can result in dismissal. Likewise, an Admod intentionally representing their own views as the Admod Team's views or announcing new policy without permission from the team, may result in removal of Admod privileges.

This change was made to help facilitate communication and allow Admods to discuss their own views more freely with members.

On behalf of the Admod Team
+Pookzar, Announcements Moderator

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