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Election Eligibility Requirement Change & New Bio Guidelines

Lady Girl

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Based on member discussion, some minor changes are being made to the election policy:

The eligibility requirement of being a member for three months is being reverted back to six months.

Some suggestions for the bio requirement will be added as a campaign resource. These guidelines will be basic. Candidates are not required to use them, but might find them useful if they are unsure what to include in the bio or are experiencing writer's block. Candidates may feel free to be creative with the bio and do whatever they feel is best for their campaign.

What you might want to include in a bio:

  • Your motivation for running
  • Why you're interested in this forum/position
  • Specific skills you have for the job
  • Any current or previous experience you have
  • Something about yourself
Average length: 4-6 short paragraphs
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