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Kisa the Kit Kat

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Kisa the Kit Kat

Hello everyone,

After discussions with members that can be found here and here, it has been decided that Just for Fun, Celebration Time and Open Mic will all remain member only, while AVEN Arcade will be not. Registered members will still have full access to all of these forums , but guests will only be able to see the forum and thread titles, not the posts in the threads.

Furthermore, Admod Archives will also be changed so that guests cannot see the posts in the forum. Registered members will still be able to view all threads and posts which are declassified there. Banned members that wish to see declassified threads concerning themselves may email an inquiry to admods@asexuality.org.

We hope these changes better reflect the community's wishes and will provide a safer place for member's to share their experiences.
Kisa the Cat, Administrator

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