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Registration FAQs

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How do I join the forums?

To join the forums, you will need an AVEN account. It's easy to sign up for, you just need a valid e-mail address.

Click on the Sign Up button in the top right hand corner of the forums page.


You will have to enter your date of birth first and then you will be taken to the registration form. 

Once you have signed up initially, you will receive a validation e-mail to complete your registration.

I am having issues signing up. What do I do?

Any issues you have signing up you can e-mail aven.admod@gmail.com.

It might be useful if you specify what problems you are having. Please include as much information as possible such as:

Any error messages you are getting.

What username you have used.

What e-mail address you have used.

Your IP address if you know it.


We can always create an account for you if required. 



I entered the right date of birth but it won't let me register. What now?


The date of birth box is tricky and sometimes the wrong date of birth can be entered accidentally. 


You might want to wait 24 hours and try again. 


Or you can e-mail aven.admod@gmail.com 


I never got the validation e-mail. Now what?

Sometimes the validation e-mails go missing. We're not sure as to the cause. But don't worry! You can e-mail aven.admod@gmail.com and we can manually validate your account for you and e-mail you to confirm this.

When you e-mail us it might be useful if you include what username you signed up with and if you could confirm the e-mail you used to register that would be useful too.

Please contact us and don't create another account.

I didn't get a validation e-mail so I made another account, is that a problem?

It's not a problem, but we don't allow duplicate, or sock, accounts. However, we understand that sometimes these are created for honest reasons. We would ask that you e-mail us: aven.admod@gmail.com and let us know the usernames of your accounts as well as the associated e-mails.

We can delete the non-validated account or merge the accounts together. This latter option might work if you would prefer the username you originally signed up with, for example.

I have a validated account but I can't post. It says I am not allowed.

Are you sure your account has been validated? Did you click the link in the validation e-mail? If you are having any problems e-mail aven.admod@gmail.com with details of your username and e-mail and we can check your account for you.

I signed up but my username isn't recognised.

E-mail aven.admod@gmail.com with details of your username and e-mail and we can check your account for you. It might be that your original registration didn't go through correctly.

I have an issue not currently covered by these FAQs

Then please e-mail us aven.admod@gmail.com



Thank you.


Admod E-mail Administrator

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