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*Hello. If you are reading this now, I'm here to tell you that the majority of this navigation guide is outdated due to AVEN's recent server migration. There are still some things that need to be converted on the site, but this thread will be updated as soon as possible. If you have any questions for navigating or how to use new features, please see the Site Comments forum. Thank you!


Hello fellow AVENites! Here is a list of How-To's as well as included screenshots that may help you navigate the site. These help topics can also help you. If you have any problems regarding the How-To's, please feel free to contact an admod.



Report a post, a PM, or a member


Use the ignore feature


Add a picture on AVEN


Change display name or member title


Edit a post or thread title


Add a poll


Quote or multiquote


Make a spoiler


Post a YouTube video


Use advanced search


Private Message (PM) a member


Contact admods


Visual Editor


Advanced BBCode



Special thanks to Lady Girl, kelico, Amcan, deltaX, and Robin L for helping me put this together. Another thank you to kelico for creating the banner.

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How to report a post, a PM, or a member:

Reporting a post, a PM or a member means contacting the Admod Team because there's a problem. Please remember that the Report button is not to be used to chat with Moderators but for violations or potential violations of the AVEN Terms of Service.

If you just need to chat or ask something, for example regarding your own posts, please use the Private Message system. Likewise, if you notice any duplicate or misplaced threads, please PM the moderator of the forum, rather than reporting the posts themselves.

Reporting a member or a post/PM is really simple (there are pictures too, especially for newbies).

To report a member, go to their profile page, and on the bottom right corner there is a "Report This Member" button.


To report a post or a PM, there's a "Report" button on the bottom right corner of each post and each Private Message. Please do not report any old posts (over a few weeks old) unless there are concerns about stalking or harassment)


Clicking on "report" will lead you to the page where you can explain why you need to report that post/member.


Fill the message-box with a detailed explanation and click "Submit Report".

Please note: The moderator will be made aware of the link to the page you are reporting. The Private Messages will be accessible for the Admod Team when reported.
This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectionable content and is not to be used as a method of communicating with moderators for other reasons.

Remember, if you are in chat and you wish to report a user you must PM an Admod with the date, time and time zone (all three are necessary information) the problem occurred to help locate it in the chat logs. Having a description of the problem or parts of the text copied from the chat would help as well. You can do it either via PM or using the "Report a member" function.

If you have any more questions/concerns about this, feel free to PM an Admod.

Thanks to Ithaca and +Pookzar for compiling this as well as this.

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How to use the ignore feature:

**update: The ignore feature has been experiencing a glitch which produces an error when removing a name from the ignore list. Please note that our Tech Admin is aware of this issue and looking into it. Thank you.**
Everyone with enough time on the internet knows that there's a lot online that you'd rather go without seeing. Sometimes, that includes stuff from other members within the AVEN community. This can be used as an alternative, if you find yourself in extreme disagreement with another member, or just don't wish to view certain types of information that they post on the site.
Step One - Where to start

So, you've decided to ignore another user or just don't want to see another mention of Mudkipz in their signature. Well, that's all fine and well, but where on earth do you go to do that? If you look at the top right portion of every page, you'll notice a small upside-down triangle next to your username. Click on that and a drop-down menu should appear (sorry mobile users, there isn't a shortcut menu for your settings just yet).
There are two options in that menu that can get you where you need to go to utilize the site's ignore function, and it should look like this:


1. Anything you want to do with your account can be found in this menu and the member control panel called "My Settings". You'll find it a pretty useful link to get acquainted with.
2. While the option to "manage ignore preferences" is also located in the My Settings CP (control panel), the nice folks who created the software and layout decided to make it a little easier by adding a shortcut link in the drop-down menu. Isn't that great? All you have to do is click on this link and you'll be whisked away to the very option you want to use. Hooray!

Step Two - My Settings

So, let's say you decide that you want to go the long way around and click on link number 1. What's next? Choosing My Settings will take you to your member account control panel with a number of menu categories and options on the left-hand side of the screen. It will look like this:


You'll notice that the 'Ignore Preferences' tab is circled. If you click on that, a slew of options will appear before you where you can select exactly what/whom you'd like to put on "ignore". Keep in mind, technology still glitches and the software can only go so far to block content/users in general. For what it's worth, it's a good idea to just avoid talking to a member if you have heated disagreements or any other issues. As always, contact a Moderator or Admin via PM if you have concerns and/or, if necessary, use the report feature link which can be found on posts and profiles.

Step Three - 'Ignore' Preferences

Whether you've taken the long way or the shortcut, this is where you'll end up. The ignore preference control panel page will look a little something like this:


There's a lot of arrows pointing every which way in this one, so here's a list off everything you need to know.
1. If you just want to block signatures in general, select this checkbox at the top. It will do away with those pesky tidbits added at the bottom of posts and PMs. If you don't want to block that content anymore, all you have to do is come back to this page and uncheck the box. Pretty simple, right?
2. This section is where the username of the member you are ignoring would appear. With this feature, members can't ignore an Admod/Admod communications. Well, you could... just not using this system. And not looking at the screen doesn't count for this particular thread. :P
3. Type in the display name of the member you wish to add to the ignore list in the text box provided.
4. Each checkbox provided gives you an option of the content you would like to have blocked/ignored from the other member. These options are: Posts; Signature; Messages; and Chats. There's also another ignore feature for Chats that I'll cover in just a moment.
5. After you've typed and clicked on everything you needed to to customize whom and what you wish to block/ignore, don't forget to hit the "Save Changes" button! This ensures that the information you entered is processed. The page will automatically refresh and should reflect the changes you made to your list.

Step Four (Final) - Ignore Feature in Chat

There is another ignore feature for Chats, and it is just as simple to use. If/when you go into chat, you'll see the chat user list on the right-hand side. To utilize the ignore feature (or PM a user), you will click (single left-click) on a chat user's name to access a mini popup menu that looks a little like this:


To ignore private chats from that user while in chat, simply select the "Ignore Private Chats" option from the popup menu. You will see that the text for the option changes immediately to "Stop ignoring private chats". To revert it back to default, and un-ignore the member, all you have to do is select the option again and the original text/option will return.

Special thanks to bipolar bear for compiling this.

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How to add a picture on AVEN:

One of the most common questions asked for how-tos on AVEN is how to add a picture/photo on the site. Members have the option to add/change a photo to use as their profile pic ("avatar"), or add a picture to their posts in the forums. Additionally, members can have pictures added to their signatures--the text at the bottom of every post they make. Each has it's own limitations to size, bandwidth and whether or not it falls under the Terms of Service/community guidelines for it being inappropriate, explicitly graphic or offensive.
**update: There is a bug that members cannot add a picture in their signature, to have an image in your signature, please contact an administrator. Thank you.**
To add a picture to your profile

Your avatar is a picture displayed next to your username on the board, in chat and is also attached to every post or status update/comment you make on AVEN. First, you'll have to upload a picture file, from your computer or a file hosting site account. Examples of these sites are flickr, photobucket, imgur, tinypic and so on. If you're not sure which to use, don't worry about it too much. It's mostly up to preference and how much space you'll need to store your photos. I, personally, don't have much experience with cloud stuff, but I'm sure there are users here who do.


At the top right of every page on AVEN, members will have their username, various icons and the Sign Out option link. Clicking on their username will enable a drop-down menu to appear. Using this, there are several ways to get to and change avatar settings. All three options will end up at the same page to change the profile/forum avatar.
1. Clicking on the photo box will automatically redirect them to their profile. They can choose to edit their profile, from there, and be sent to the profile general account settings page.
2. Members can also access their profile by clicking on the direct link, "My Profile".
3. To edit account settings, as well as profile settings, members will want to select "My Settings" to be redirected to that page.


When members select "My Settings" from the scroll-down menu, they will come to their general account settings page. First on the list is the "Change my photo..." button. That will take you to the avatar photo editor. **Note: If you want to add a picture to your signature, you can do so using the signature settings link which you will see on the left-hand menu of the general settings page.


1. Upload a photo from your personal files: click the browse button to search through your computer/phone photo gallery for the picture you want to use. Keep in mind that AVEN has limitations on size and may not be able to auto-size extremely large photos. Once you have selected the file you want to use, click "Done" and your avatar should be up and running!
2. Choose a photo by URL: you can type in, or copy+paste, the url (make sure to check security settings, to make sure you can share it!) to import the picture from an http:// address. Once typed in, click on import, then select "Done".
3. Use Gravatar: A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there. It is a free service, and since AVEN has Gravatar service enabled, your Gravatar will follow you, here!
4. Adjust crop: Once you have uploaded your photo, you have the option to adjust the "crop", or the portion of the photo that will show, if the image is larger than the default thumbnail size. For those not computer literate, a "thumbnail" is a smaller visible version of the photo being used.
5. Remove photo/Done: Both of these buttons are self-explanatory. Make sure to always select "Done" whenever you upload a new avatar, as a precaution to ensure that it has saved. There may be a short delay on when the new avatar appears on your browser. If some time has passed and you still have not seen the change, clear your cache/cookies, refresh, or restart your browser and the new avatar should show up. If it still does not appear, post in the Bug Tracker forum in Site Comments, or browse to see if other members have posted about a similar issue.

To add a picture in your post or signature

At the bottom of every forum page is the quick reply box with a post editor. Most of the time, the editor is hidden. If you click inside the text box, the editor should appear. This is what it looks like.


The first circle on the left is for the Special BBcode option. The second circle to the right is the image icon. These are two features members can use to add media/pics.


This feature is displayed for anyone familiar with media and bbcode. Bulletin Board Code (BBcode) is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. There are plenty of tutorials available, online, if you wish to learn more about BBcode and post formatting.


If members select to use the image icon, a popup will appear where they can place the URL address for the photo (.jpg, .gif, etc.) to be uploaded. This is somewhat the same as the url import in the profile avatar settings, except that members don't have import as a selection. Click "OK" and the image should automatically be pasted into the post.
Remember, to add a photo to your signature, you'll have to use the post editor that appears on the signature settings page. Go to "My Settings" and select "Signature settings" from the left-hand side menu.

Special thanks to bipolar bear for compiling this.

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How to change display name or member title:

For changing Display Name

All members have a Login name AND a Display name.

The Login name is the name you type in to log onto Aven.
The Display name is the name that shows up with your posts.

They can be the same thing, however you CANNOT change your login name on your own. An Admin needs to do that.
If you change your display name you MUST still log in with your login name

You cannot have the same login name or display name as someone else.

All display names must be at least three (3) non-white-space characters. Furthermore, to facilitate search functionality, we would ask that any display name contain at least two (2) consecutive non-white-space characters. Names found to be too short or otherwise inappropriate may be changed without warning though the Admod Team will attempt to contact the user in question before any changes are made where it is not considered urgent.

Here is how you change your display name (there's pictures too, especially for newbies):

1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner.
2. Click "My settings".


3. There will be a list on the left side. Click on Display Name


4. This screen will tell you how many changes you are allowed to make and how many changes you have left. Simply enter the new name you wish and your password and click "save changes". Remember this does not change your login name.

The current limit for name changes is 6 per 365 days. The forum does NOT go by calender. Your 365 days starts as soon as you make your first name change. Once your limit is reached, Admins, as of current discussions, will no longer change your name unless you provide reasonable grounds, such as security/privacy issues, to do so.

If you want to know if someone changed their name and who they are:

1. Go into the user's profile
2. On the right of their profile will be a "Display Name History" button. Click it. This will open a box that will display the persons past display names and when it was last changed.

If you have any more questions/concerns about this, feel free to pm an Admod.

Thanks to Ithaca for compiling this and The Evil Cashew for compiling this, as well as +Pookzar for compiling this.

For custom member title

Once you make 100 posts you will be able to create your own custom member title.You can do this by following these steps:


The Admods reserve the right to edit or remove any title deemed to be against the Terms of Service, or otherwise inappropriate.

Thanks to sonofzeal and ithaca for compiling this and this.

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How to edit a post or thread title:

There are two ways to edit a post. The quickest way is to click the "edit" button below your post.


After you have clicked "Edit", you should see this next:


1. You can get right into editing your post here, by either adding more or getting rid of something.

2. Checking the "Show 'Edit by' line" is optional. After checking it, it would show you and other viewing members when you have made your edit.

3. Click "Use Full Editor" for more editing options (this includes the option to edit the title)

After you have clicked the "Use Full Editor" button, you should see this:


Here you still have the option to edit your post (which is the second way) as well as edit the title of your topic. After that, click "Submit Modified Post" and there you have your fresh edits!

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How to add a poll:

You can add a poll as soon as you start a new thread or go to "Use Full Editor" after choosing to edit your original post (OP). On the right, you should see this:


After you have clicked "Manage Topic Poll", this should come up:


Adding a poll title is optional.

1. By checking the box next to "Allow multiple choice?" would allow members to answer 1+ answer(s) to a single question. When it's unchecked, members would only have the option to choose one answer.

2. Type in boxes for which question you want the members to answer and what options they can choose from.

3. You have both the options to add another choice and add another question. You may only have maximum of 10 questions and 20 choices per question.

4. When you are done, just click "Finished" and after that, click "Submit Modified Post".

And there you have it! Your poll appears and now members can take your poll!

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How to quote or multiquote:

There are several ways to make a quote.

1. The most used way to quote someone is to click the "quote" button at the bottom right of a user's post. Quoting this way would include the user's name and the timestamp of when they made their post. It also notifies the user that they have been quoted. After you have clicked the quote button, it should show up in the "reply to this topic" box at the bottom of the page.


2. The second way to quote is to use the [*quote*][*/quote*] without the *. Then insert the text in-between.

3. The third way to quote is to highlight the text of what you want quoted. Then you would click the quote button in the tool bar. You can also do this step backwards by click the quote button first and then add your text in the quote.


Using the multiquote function lets you quote several people at once and you can respond to them all in one post. To multiquote, what you do is click the multiquote button on the bottom right side of the user's post next to the quote button. You can do that with as many posts as you want to reply to.


After you have clicked the multiquote button to all the posts you want to quote, you will see a box that says "Replay to [X] quoted post(s)". After you have clicked that, it would show up in the "reply to this topic" box at the bottom of the page.


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How to make a spoiler:

There are two ways to make a spoiler.

1. The quickest way to make a spoiler is to use [*spoiler*][*/spoiler*] without the *. Then insert what you want in a spoiler in-between.

2. Type what you want to be in a spoiler and highlight the text. Then click "BBCode", the third button at the top left corner of the tool bar for when you reply to a topic.



A box should pop up, click the drop button and click "spoiler". The text that you have highlighted would show up in the box. Then click okay.



This can also work if you do this backwards by clicking BBCode, drop to spoiler, and then type in the box what you want in a spoiler. Then click okay.

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How to post a YouTube video:

There are three ways to post a YouTube video.

1. The quickest way is to simply copy and paste the link, and it should instantly show up.

2. The second way is to use [*media*][*/media*] without the *. Then paste the link in-between.

3. The third way is to paste the link and highlight the text. Then click "BBCode", the third button at the top left corner of the tool bar for when you reply to a topic.




A box should pop up, click the drop button and click "media". The text you have highlighted would show up in the box where it says "Media URL". Then click okay.




This can also work if you do this backwards by clicking BBCode, drop to media, and then paste the link in the box that says "Media URL". Then click okay.

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How to use advanced search:

At the top right side of the site in the AVEN banner you would see a search bar. You can type any keywords that you want to search for there and then click the search button.

For Forums: In the search bar, you should see a smaller box that says "Forums".

For a Specific Forum: Go to a specific forum. In the search bar, you should see a smaller box that says "This forum".

For a Thread: Go to a thread. In the search bar, you should see a smaller box that says "This topic".

Whether you go use the search bar for "Forums", "This forum", or "This topic", make sure it says that in the box in the search bar. That way, when you make searches, it would automatically give search results in that area. Using the advanced search function, however, would help give you better search results.

To access advanced search for "Forums" or "This forum", click the gear to the right of the search bar. To access advanced search for "This forum" or "This topic", leave the search bar empty and click the search button. The reason for this is that when you click the gear, it takes you out of the search for just "This topic", but for "This forum" it wouldn't matter if you click the gear or search button (when it's empty).



Note: where it says "Forums", it may change to "This forum" or "This topic" depending on where you want to search.

After you have clicked either button, three sections would show up.

For the first section:



- Whether you are searching for "Forums", "This forum", or "This topic", the first section would look the same.

- Make sure "Forums" is selected.

- Type in keywords in the "find words" bar.

For the second section:



- Whether you are searching for "Forums", "This forum", or "This topic", the second section would look the same.

- The options for the first part of Match is "all words" and "any words".

- The options for the second part of Match is "Search for title and content", "Only search in titles", and "Only search in content".

- To find the author posts in either "Forums", "This forums", or "This topic", type in a member's name.

- To find posts between certain dates, you can either type in the date or click on the calendar and select which day. You don't have to fill in both bars.

For the third section:

It would look like this for "Forums" or "This forum"



- What's different is that it says "Find in forum"

- Select which forum you would like to search in.

It would look like this for "This topic"



- What's different is that it says "Find in topic"

- The thread you have selected to search in will have it's topic title automatically there.

Regarding the rest of section three, it would look the same for either "Forums", "This forum", or "This topic".

- You can choose to display results as either posts or topic list.

- Type in the number of posts and/or views where it says "Topics with at least"

- The options for the first part of Result sorting is "Last Update Time", "Tile", "Replies", "Views".

- The options for the second part of Result sorting is "Descending" and "Ascending".

You do not have to fill in all the information for a search. You can only fill the necessary information if you want.

When you are done filling in the information, click "Search Now" at the bottom.

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How to Private Message (PM) a Member:

To to the member's profile that you want to PM. At the right side of their profile, click the PM button that says "Send me a message".



After you have clicked that, a box would pop up.



Type in the subject of your message and then type in all you want to say in the message. You can click "Use Full Editor" at the bottom for more options.

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Robin L

This is the visual editor

The new editor has simplified options, but it includes everything you need

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Robin L

Advanced BBcode guide

Note that all of the codes listed here can also be found in the Advanced BBcode button listed in the above tutorial. The codes not listed here are non-functional.


IDTIMWYTIM (appears on mouseover)

Code used:

[acronym='I don't think it means what you think it means']IDTIMWYTIM[/acronym]

Horizontal line


Code used:

Member name

@Robin L

Code used:

[member='Robin L']

Post link

How to post an image

Code used:
When you click on the post number on the upper right corner of a post (in the purple bar), a URL will appear.
For this post, the ID is 1061463377

[post='1061463377']How to post an image[/post]

Topic link


Code used:
The thread ID can be found in the URL http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/19982-the-aven-terms-of-service-tos/
For example, the thread ID of the ToS thread is 19982

[topic='19982']AVEN ToS[/topic]



This text is inside the spoiler

Code used:

[spoiler]This text is inside the spoiler[/spoiler]

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