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Signature Limitations as of 2015

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Hey everyone,

To keep everyone's browsing experience here on AVEN nice and easy we have a limit on signatures.


Long signatures of any sort can be distracting, especially if they are longer than the post a member makes.

Media heavy signatures can also be difficult for people on slower interenet connections or mobile platforms to load.

We know that signatures are very useful and a great way of expressing yourself but in the intetests of everyone's browsing experience we'd like you to follow these guidelines:

Even though you can add multiple images (when the facility is working) and lines of text to your signature, it has been decided that the overall size of your signature cannot exceed this:

(w: 350px by h: 165px)2dieh3t.png

We'd also like any large images, and gifs to go under a spoiler cut.

Also any embedded videos need to be under a cut as these can cause the most browsing issues.

To make a spoiler cut:
<spoiler>The pic/gif/vid link etc goes here</spoiler>

Just replace < and > with [ and ]

The admins have the right to remove, without notification, any signature that exceeds this limit. Though we'll most likely ask you to edit it yourself. Please bear the rules in mind when making or editing your signature.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your cooperation.

On behalf of the admod team,



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