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2009 Index

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This is an index of what was found on asexuality in 2009. Some threads contain links that will give a 404 error or non-found by now, though what's possible is being retrieved with Wayback Machine or further research.

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Psychology Today - "ASEXUALS: Who Are They and Why Are They Important?" - 23-Dec-2009

The Star - "The fourth sexual orientation?" - 5-Dec-2009 (reblogged from Scientific American)

Nexos (Mexico) - "La rebeliòn asexual" - 1-Dec-2009

NPR - "In Japan, 'Herbivore' Boys Subvert Ideas Of Manhood" - 25-Nov-2009

Scientific American - "Are there asexuals among us? On the possibility of a “fourth” sexual orientation" - 29-Oct-2009

På Høyden (Norway) - "Aseksuelle møtes på nett" ("Asexuals meet on the internet") - 21-Oct-2009

The Times of India - "Meet the asexuals" - 27-Sep-2009

Phys.org - "Ant has given up sex completely, researchers say" - 26-Aug-2009

Queerty - "TELL QUEERTY: Do Asexuals Have It Harder Than GLBTs?" - 25-Aug-2009

San Francisco Chronicle - "Asexuals leave the closet, find community" - 24-Aug-2009

TheseBootsAreMadeForStalking - "Jillian Harris Picks Asexual Ed!" - 28-Jul-2009

Klikk Helse (Norway) - "Meg får du aldri!" ("Me you'll never get me!") - 24-Jul-2009

The Guardian - "Sex and rebellion: Desperate Romantics writer Peter Bowker on his new BBC drama" - 21-Jul-2009

The Philadelphia Examiner - "Petition to let users select asexual and pansexual as their orientation on Facebook and Myspace" - 12-Jul-2009

Psychology Today - "Asexuals at the Pride Parade" - 22-Jun-2009

Examiner - "Asexual contingent to march in San Fransisco pride parade" - 21-Jun-2009

The Age - "Sex talk from a Gen Y perspective" - 18-Jun-2009

Slate - "The Herbivore's Dilemma" - 15-Jun-2009

CNN - "Japan's 'herbivore men' -- less interested in sex, money" - 8-Jun-2009

El Diario De Sonora - "Asexual 5% of the world population" - 6-Jun-2009

The New York Times - "When Sex Leaves the Marriage" - 3-Jun-2009

sofeminine.co.uk - "Asexuals" - 2-May-2009

Monitor on Psychology (APA Online) - "The debate over low libidos" - 4-Apr-2009

Letter in response to the above article, Monitor on Psychology - "Pay more attention to asexuals" - July/August 2009

The Independent & iol Lifestyle - "No sex please: An asexual life" - 17-Mar-2009 (Link to second discussion about it)

Carnal Nation - Unknown Title - 10-Mar-2009 (content not available anymore)

Philadelphia Sex & Relationships Examiner - "Is asexuality the new orientation?" - 5-Mar-2009

NewsWire - "Hanky panky no thank you - the dilemma of the asexual" - 5-Feb-2009

The Times - "Will daily sex cure a low libido?" - 5-Feb-2009

Fox News - "FOXSexpert: Erotophilic or Erotophobic? Which One Are You?" - 26-Jan-2009

ABC News - "Asexuals Push for Greater Recognition" - 16-Jan-2009

Fox News - "FOXSexpert: Asexuality - Is It Even Real?" - 12-Jan-2009

Anna (Finland) - "Kun ei haluta!" - January 2009

Advice Columns:

Feministing - "Ask Professor Foxy: Am I Asexual? What does that mean?" - 6-Jun-2009

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