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All The Current and Former Staff (Admods, DT)

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These guys have contributed their time to AVEN. A reminder for future admods: There's three versions of this list; We have this one, which has been edited to remove some citations that link back to hidden threads (I've removed those links, which is why a few dates lack citations), and then there's two "backroom" threads (both are complete with citations. One exists as a standalone thread, and the other as a post).

See also...
Administrators - Project Team - Declassification Team


Arca nine Huggles said:

If you see any ''troubling'' links, PM an admod quickly so I can edit them out

-Green text - Well....it looks nicer (Moderators).
- Red text indicates that the Moderator had become an Administrator, subsequently ending their modship.
- Pink text indicates that the Moderator had become a Project Team member, which usually ends their modship (There have been combination PT/Mods in the past) Or reversed.

- Orange text indicates that the Moderator had become a Declassification Team member, subsequently ending their modship.
- Bolded blue indicates that the Mod had become a Webmaster.

Current Moderators



Past Moderators


aury (2004, A hacker (Naeblis?) gave access to the moderator controls to Aury, for unknown reasons.) Internet archives indicate that Nero Laughed and Damaged4Life had moderator permissions for a trial forum in ye older days when moderator permissions were given at the forum level.

Fun trivia!


Most of the pre-2005 moderating team were replaced, some had ran in the elections (Cate and Liver), some had remained (SacredProfane and Gorax). All elections took place on the same date.

Members could only vote for one candidate in each of the Admin elections. However, they could vote for 2 candidates in each of the Mod elections.

Aeireono, Jeremy Adams (Shockwave) and Kez become the first Administrators to be elected by the forum members. Cate Perfect, Greybird (GBRD143), Naissur9, SacredProfane ((SP)), Silly Green Monkey, SuperSinger and winter became the first Moderators to be elected by the forum members.
(Amazingly enough, SuperSinger had won with only one vote - their own)




[...] these names are alphabetized based on the member's username at the time of election or appointment... exceptions include Orbit (appointed as Hawke), Jayann (appointed as Jayann2002) and Xenon (elected as Torgo), other moderators have also changed their username while serving as a mod. The names that are listed that do not have a link to a profile are no longer present on AVEN and their accounts have been removed for various reasons

Commonly recognized moderator names are included alongside the member's current name



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See also...
Moderators - Project Team - Declassification Team


Current Admins


Former Admins

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 The Declassification Team removes information from the confidential Admods Only threads to make them accessible to AVEN membership. They do this by redacting identifying/personal information discussed in these threads such as member names, thread titles, links, email and IP addresses etc. After a thread is declassed by one of the team members, it is then proofread by another member of DT to ensure that nothing was missed. Once proofread, the thread is then moved to the Admod Archives where declassified threads are available for AVEN members to read.

See also...
Administrators - Project Team - Moderators


These guys have contributed their time to AVEN and this is their payback.


Current DT


Former DT

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