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(h)AVEN rules information

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What is (h)AVEN?

(h)AVEN is a forum, created at the end of 2006 on AVEN, for anyone who wishes to discuss issues of a sensitive and personal nature, but is hesitant to do so in a public medium. This forum is hidden to the general public, so that members may discuss these issues in safety and privacy.

What kind of topics are discussed in (h)AVEN?

This forum is intended for anyone who is struggling with issues resulting from sexual abuse/trauma, violence, domestic abuse/marital problems, substance abuse, or anything which one might not feel comfortable discussing on the main forums, due to privacy concerns.

Are the rules of (h)AVEN the same as on the rest of the board?

The rules of this forum are separate from the rest of the board. Antagonism toward other members will NOT be tolerated. Membership will be revoked upon receiving just one complaint from another member, or at the admods' discretion. Permission to re-join the forum after being removed due to activity related to (h)AVEN may only be granted by the unanimous consent of the other active members. This is necessary to ensure a safe environment for members of (h)AVEN, but will not be considered a disciplinary action on the main board. In other words, it will not count as one's allotted three warnings.

What are the minimum requirements to join (h)AVEN?

A member must have been around for 6 weeks and made 25 posts. They also need to be approved by the admod team. These requirements can be waived at admod's discretion.

Second Accounts

Admods may grant users a second account for (h)AVEN if the member feels that they would prefer to post anonymously. Users cannot have both their primary account used on (h)AVEN, and a secondary (h)AVEN account.

(h)AVEN alts can only access (h)AVEN, but they are able to PM other members or receive PMs from other members.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, users may not be granted another second account. Therefore the team suggests that users with (h)AVEN alts exercise caution if they choose to reveal their account to other people.

Second accounts are only known to members of the Admod Team.

Other (h)AVEN rules

If a member is banned from AVEN and they have a (h)AVEN account, the (h)AVEN account will be shadowbanned. This means that the account will be banned from being able to use the site/(h)AVEN, but it will not show as "Banned" for other members to see. This is to ensure privacy of the member.

If the Admods allow a banned member that previously had (h)AVEN access back on AVEN, and as long as the site ban was not due to behavior in the (h)AVEN forum itself, their (h)AVEN access will be restored only once their probationary period is finished.

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The admods have reviewed the rules of (h)AVEN and decided that there are many things either not covered, not covered well enough, or needing better clarification. Therefore, we have made some new rules for (h)AVEN. These changes will be listed in the new (h)AVEN rules thread in site info and (h)AVEN, and will become effective as soon as they are posted.

(h)AVEN is a private forum where members can talk about issues that they don't feel comfortable talking about on the main forums. If you would like to join (h)AVEN, here is a list of admins to PM:

Lady Girl





We hope that this change is a positive one for (h)AVEN and the AVEN community.

On behalf of the Admod Team,


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