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Welcome to World Watch!

Frequenty Asked Questions


I've published something. Should I post it here?

Yes please!


I am working on an idea that may end up with something being published. Should I post about it here?

No, put this in the Visibility and Education forum. That forum is for developing projects, where there will be plenty of members happy to help and give feedback!


Do comics and non-serious things count?

Yes! Any and all visibility is welcome. We usually only archive things that are published outside of AVEN though, so if you just want to showcase your awesome talents to the AVEN community as a whole without publishing anything outside of AVEN, try out Open Mic for size! Nothing there gets archived, and it doesn't have to be about asexuality, so you're free to post any of your work there.


Archiving Project

The archiving project is an ongoing enterprise meant to archive and save anything related to asexuality in the world outside AVEN. Ithaca and your current friendly World Watch Moderator are working on it as we speak. So here's what we need when archiving a resource:

  • We need a link to the original, whatever it may be (article, blog/vlog, etc)
  • We will need a copy of the original. In most cases, this means copying and pasting the whole article into the original post in the thread, inside spoilers. If you don't know how to do this, or aren't sure what to do, don't worry about it. We'll do it for you, just don't get spooked when you see us editing your post! You can, of course, also ask we'll be happy to help.

We will be working on collecting all the information needed for each source, but the more you can do to help, the easier it will be to keep up! Include as much of this as you can when starting a new thread about something.


How do I know if something's already been posted in here?

Ithaca and the world watch moderator keep an index going of everything that was published and mentioned so far here in the current year; the current year's index will be pinned at the top of the forum. If it's older than that, check out the archives; they should be sorted by the year it was made. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress; if it's older than 2014, but not as old as the archives go up to, then try searching. And finally, if in doubt, post away! We appreciate any and all contributions :cake:


What if it's a movie or some other weird thing?

Post anyway. Ithaca and the admod team will figure it out, and better have it than not!


What if it doesn't explicitly mention asexuality?

Then we won't archive it. This archive is being kept for specifically asexuality-related material, so we aren't archiving stuff about other queer orientations. But feel free to post your work in Open Mic, a forum for posting any and all creative material that you've made to be shared with the AVEN community!


Further, if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments about the archiving process, or the World Watch forum as a whole, go ahead and ask away! We will be here to answer them as well as we can, and input is always appreciated.

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this is a god send, you are a god send :))
thanks much ! !

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