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Mycroft is Yourcroft

Here's a master list of AVEN's official social media accounts and other online presences. Please bear in mind that these listed are the only official AVEN accounts, as maintained by the Project Team, and as such any other site, group or page bearing the name 'AVEN' are unofficial, not moderated by the AVEN Team and do not necessarily represent the views of AVEN as an organisation.

Tumblr: AVEN's official Tumblr: Check here for news, event information and more Youtube: Announcements and WorldPride videos

Twitter: AVEN's official hub for site updates, announcements and world watch Google+: Site updates, asexuality in the media

Facebook: You'll find asexual news, world watch and important event dates here Pinterest: Asexual pictures, memes and logos

Project Team email: Got a question or comment? Send it here! Reddit: Asexual discussion and events

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