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This is an index of what was found on asexuality in 2008. Some threads contain links that will give a 404 error or non-found by now, though what's possible is being retrieved with Wayback Machine or further research.

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The Australian - unknown title - 2-Dec-2008 (link to the article doesn't work anymore)

Psychologies - "Asexual satisfaction" - December 2008

Kauneus ja Terveys (Finland) - "Ei tee mieli!" - December 2008

The New York Times - "Deeply, Truly (but Not Physically) in Love" - 28-Nov-2008

TV Guide - "VIDEO: _Big Bang_ers Talk Geek Romance, Asexuality & Hot Tees" - 24-Nov-2008

The Guardian - "First person" - 22-Nov-2008

MTV3 (Finland) - "Arviolta yhdellä prosentilla maailman ihmisistä ei ole lainkaan seksuaalista kiinnostusta toiseen ihmiseen" - 12-Nov-2008 (link to the article doesn't work anymore)

El Pais (Spain) - "AVEN: la revoluciòn asexual" - 24-Oct-2008

Daily Mail - "Forget sex, we'd rather have a cuddle" - 16-Oct-2008

Honi Soit - "Problems Asexuals Face" - 15-Sep-2008

The Guardian - "We're married, we just don't have sex" - 8-Sep-2008 (Link to second thread about it)

Ambiente G (Mexico) - "Asexuales, empiezan a salir del armario" - 27-Aug-2008

Gay Express - "Double standards at TVNZ?" - August 2008

Buzzle - "The Psychology of Asexuality" - August 2008? (Link to second discussion about it)

Psychology Today - "Not tonight, dear - or ever: I'm not into sex" - July/August 2008 (Link to second thread about it)

Sunday Star Times - "The asexual revolution" - 6-Jun-2008

På Høyden (Norway) - "Den påtrengende seksualiteten" - 30-May-2008

The Guardian - "Scientists are trying to find a cure for lack of sexual desire. But who says we all really want it anyway?" - 20-May-2008

Real People magazine - "Married for 3 Years, But We've Never Had Sex" - 2-May-2008 (there is no link to the article)

France 2 - "Ca se discute" - 16-Apr-2008

MyYearbook - "What it means to be asexual" - April 2008 (link to the article doesn't work anymore)

Edmonton Journal - "No sex, thanks" - 7-Mar-2008

The Varsity - "A stranger to sex" - 14-Feb-2008

National Post - "Indifferent and proud" - 9-Feb-2008

Associazione Tempo.Ra.Li (Italy) - "Gli Asessuali" - 8-Feb-2008

Dazed and Confused magazine - "Anti-sexual: Atlas sound" - February 2008

Carolinian Online - "Feelin' Naughty: No sex for me, please" - 31-Jan-2008

Daily Mail - "Death of the father: British scientists discover how to turn women's bone marrow into sperm" - 31-Jan-2008

Brock Press - "A-sexual revolution: A growing asexual community calls attention to asexuality research" - 29-Jan-2008

Elle Quebec - "Les asexuels: aucun intérêt pour le sexe!" - 19-Jan-2008

Advice Columns:

Annie's Mailbox - 22-Jul-2008

The Guardian - "Sexual healing" - 29-May-2008

Annie's Mailbox - 19-May-2008

MSN - "Ask Lynn: Advice on love" - 21-Mar-2008

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"Four Christmases" - small mention of asexual - 26-Nov-2008

"30 Rock" S03E04 - Is Liz Lemon asexual? - 20-Nov-2008

GNT (Brazil) - "Happy Hour" receives a message from a man with no sexual desire - 14-Nov-2008

Trisha Goddard interviews Marc McClemont - 7-Nov-2008 (video is not available)

"All Saints" - A character (unknown episode) may be asexual - 2-Sep-2008

Hannah Jickling and Kevin Hegge's "Knee for all" - 18-Aug-2008

Channel 5 - "High Maintenance Sex Lives" includes a segment on asexuality - August 2008? (video not available)

"Shortland Street" - Gerald is an asexual character - 14-Jul-2008

Something Weird - "Help for the Asexual" - 15-May-2008

Channel 4 Vancouver - "The Fanny Kiefer Show" discusses asexuality with Dr David McKenzie - 25-Mar-2008

American Idol - Milo Turk sings "No Sex Allowed" - 15-Jan-2008

"Wall-E" - 2008

"Bad Biology" - A character is called asexual (while not being one) - 2008

"Good dick" - Is the woman asexual? - 2008 (Link to second and third discussion about it)


Absolute Radio - "Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show" talks about the asexual community - 24-Nov-2008

RTR FM 92.1 - Interview on asexuality with AVENite HD Ready - 19-Jun-2008

City Talk 105.9 FM - "Talk to Trisha" interviews an asexual - 24-Feb-2008 (audio file not available)

BBC Radio 4 - "Woman's hour" talks to a lady who has never kissed anyone - 13-Feb-2008 (link doesn't work anymore)

Literature/Short Essays


Brotto, L. A., Knudson, G., Inskip, J., Rhodes, K., & Erskine, Y. - Archives of Sexual Behavior - "Asexuality: A mixed methods approach." - 11-Dec-2008

Poston and Baumle - "Patterns of asexuality in the United States" - 30-Jul-2008

Scherrer, K. - "Coming to an Asexual Identity: Negotiating Identity, Negotiating Desire" - 2008


Noel Botham - "The Amazing Book of Useless Information" - 5-Aug-2008

PrairieGhost's short essay on asexuality - 25-Jun-2008

Cur1ous' dissertation on asexuality - 6-Mar-2008


Secret Asian Men (comic strips) - Charles “Charlie” Rutherford is "possibly asexual" - 11-Aug-2008

AVENwiki page "Asexuality in fiction" - 6 Apr-2008

Romantic friendships and aromantic relationships in fiction - 23-Feb-2008

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