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We have plans for a teleconference at WP, so that people who know that they can't make it to WP, will still have the opportunity to ask questions online as a panel is going on.

Sorry that this is so short notice, but who'd be interested in this idea, and want to participate? We need to know if there's enough interest in this idea for it to be feasible, and we also need volunteers for:

  • Livestreaming the panels, with Skype groups set up in each room, so that people online can ask questions. However, this setup must be done with the permission of the moderators of the panels. This option also requires participants to have a good internet connection. If this option can't be done, we still have two more options:
  • Lead a live-tweeting session. Some of the volunteers will need to be physically present at WP, to relay information to the other volunteers, who will facilitate the live-tweeting session. We'll also need a tag for all of the live tweets. I can't make it to WP, but I can be one of the facilitators of the live-tweeting session.
  • Another option is to still arrange Skype groups for each room that the publicly-available asexuality panels will take place in, even without livestreaming. A facilitator for each group would be needed though, either the moderator of the panel at WP, or another volunteer present.

The teleconference, and online participation will be limited to panels that are available to the public.

Note: Attending this teleconference is geared towards people who know that they can't make it. If you know you're able to make it, please do so!

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Robin L

Doesn't sound like a bad idea. We can use both Twitter and Skype. Maybe ask everyone to tag their tweets #asexualconference or something, so we can see it.

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