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  2. jey55


    I play online games mostly. They help me to kill time n lockdown. I can play games for hours
  3. jey55

    What video games are you playing?

    League of Legends and Clash of Clans, both are cool and entertaining.
  4. jey55

    What are you currently reading?

    The Lost World - Michael Crichton. 3/5. It was fun for the most part, but I found it a bit boring. Plus I didn't really care for the characters.
  5. Lonemathsytoothbrushthief


    I have way too many political disagreements with you all on here both on fascism and trans stuff so I'm heading off for a week.

  6. DaysMonty


    Happy you're here, and yourself? Here is a customary welcome cake... that also happens to look like an adorable hedgehog
  7. Mz Terry

    The Banning Game!

    Banned as that could be a good thing.
  8. DaysMonty

    Hello People!

    Thank you for the beutiful cake! I don't really care about the animation style, but I watch a lot of shows like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.
  9. dragoncookie425

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    no cornflowers
  10. 50ShadesOfGreyAndPurple

    How not to answer a newbie

    go to a child's birthday party and lecture them about asexuality and give them the condoms about balloons, if they cry it means they are enjoying it. why do people choose to be asexual, is it something to do with seaweed?
  11. Perspektiv

    Master Trump Thread

    It's a decision made by an incompetent administration. Also rejecting the CDC recommendations, and administering their own. Almost winging a pandemic. He is responsible for his administration. A good leader takes the falls and ascensions of his team.
  12. Jannat


    Any Muslim looking for friendship

  13. Meh, not really when I feel like myself. I can't stand the idea of just sitting there and letting someone go in alone. I'd rather keep someone else safe than well myself. It's still admittedly nice when someone has your back. I just run far too much on power dynamics.
  14. Today
  15. The Abhorred

    The perfect single me vs me feeling alone.

    I didn't know that, I was hoping to be able to talk about this and how others deal with it but no one has come forth. How about you? Is this helping you with your desire to form a special kind of connection with someone? Would like to explain some more, what this means. I said that this issue of mine is my Achilles heel for many reasons, no one really knows that. Also welcome to the forum! 🍰
  16. timewarp

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    One cornflower.
  17. Muledeer

    anyone past 50 on here?

    The Bear River in full spring runoff! The Oregon coast is sure a beautiful place. Sand dunes are interesting. Too bad you lost your hat. I assume that bridge spans the Columbia River?
  18. If there was any evidence at all that this was a bio weapon Putin and Trump would both be screaming for a meeting of the UN Security Council, as the USA and Russia are two of the three nations with the most confirmed cases
  19. How inaccurate can they be? Look at the graph I posted. Were the total number of deaths 10 times greater in reality, that's still not even 50k people, so about 0.003% of China's population - barely any casuality and only 1/7th of the total 350k+ deaths. Their data was surely misleading in March, but they have been open for 2 months now. If the data was so inaccurate, I'm sure we'd hear about it by now. Not to mention, the rest of Asia also seems barely affected, are they lying too? Meanwhile, out of those 350k dead people, about 140k is in Europe and 140k in Americas. That's proportionally 5-6 times of what China has suffered (and keep in mind that's still assuming their actual numbers are a whole 10x of what they reported, which is probably a huge exaggeration on my part). To be clear, I do not really believe China did it intentionally (and even if that was true, I don't automatically hate Chinese people for whatever their government does). I agree with @Arodash, that incompetence is usually a better target for blame. I just find that, and the fact that no one is talking about it, extremely weird. I would expect to have heard some conspiracy theories by now, yet nothing of the kind reached me. Dunno, maybe the 5G-conspiracy has monopolised the market. *shrug*
  20. SudokuKenKen



  21. Ace-TheTimelordsCompanion

    Coffee and a Lack of Empathy (game)

    Borrow Sky's cat's. My cat is still grumpy with me for taking him to the dentist
  22. Lifesaver

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Oh no! No more red roses
  23. grigor1860

    Flat-sharing with best friend

    This was my thinking as well. We’re already familiar.
  24. grigor1860

    Flat-sharing with best friend

    Right, that will probably be where our situations will differ. Nonetheless, very helpful.
  25. Chalce


    Pride Month.

    I'll support all of you guys from afar.

  26. grass_92

    Asexual in Vietnam

    Bạn có xài zalo không nhỉ. Username của mình là : grass_92. Nếu đc hãy kb với mình qua username trên zalo .uhm ... mình chờ mong đc xem ké những tấm hình" khoảnh khắc" đẹp ấy😂 . Mình cũng có đi du lịch, nhưng mình ít chụp hình.
  27. timewarp

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Only one left
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