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  3. Don’t disagree, but this could potentially be more nuanced; If the person is hyperaesthetic and hypersensual they could get aroused from looking at a body part and they could get more aroused from making contact with a body part, whilst not actually experiencing sexual attraction. Sounds like this would need to be thought through to see if the person is desiring partnered sexual intercourse/activity or just using it as a masturbatory aid to relieve arousal. This is just an extrapolation to the extreme of what I experience and what others have shared on AVEN, which may or may not be accurate, but possibly worth some thought @Mike_Rophone.
  4. Welcome to AVEN! I can relate somewhat to your feelings. I was a virgin (still am) when I found out and identified as asexual back in 2005. Up to then I thought I was heterosexual and the fact that I had never had sex (I was 44 at the time) still bothered me to some extent. Since identifying as ace and reading other folks' experiences, I'm OK in knowing that there is nothing wrong in not engaging in sexual activity.
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    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    See that’s a trade off. I find it stupid but understand it. But when people where it “out” and still dislike them.... i have enough problems existing, I don’t want to add more if they don’t at least prevent others.
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    Banned for being the Speedy Gonzales of Arcade and JFF.
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    How about blue one?
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    I think I might actually be ace?

    @washingup ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining Still, I think more people than you'd think understand that society treats people differently based on how they look. You're not alone in that I'd say most people know that, and hate when people judge them based on how they look, yet also still judge others like that, because it is unfortunately baked into our brains. In my original post I didn't reply to your question because I wasn't sure what exactly meant and how to help you, but now that I see that not a lot of other people have volunteered, I'll give it a shot, but you do need to help me and clarify a couple of things, then my answers will be more accurate In general it is accepted that the gender(s) you are attracted to are for the most part not influenced by how you were raised, however, your 'type' can be influenced by experience. If you dated a person who had a certain haircut, and liked that relationship, then people you meet later who have that same haircut might remind you of that person, and you might be more likely to be attracted to them. This is also why people say 'girls date their fathers', meaning 'girls look for traits in men that remind them of their fathers'. That phrase is obviously hopelessly heteronormative, but I think you understand what I'm getting at. Experience influences your type, but generally not the gender(s) you are attracted to. With their 'behavior' did you mean who they date? Because your gender doesn't determine your sexual/romantic orientation. I'm not sure I understand what you meant here. Could you clarify? Or did you mean whether their mannerisms are masculine, feminine or neither? Or did you mean whether your gender identity is innate? I'm copy-pasting a bit I wrote earlier, to make sure we are using the same terminology in the same way so communication will be easier: But if you are neurodivergent and have more trouble understanding social conventions like gender roles, you might have more trouble 'instinctively emulating' women, men or whomever than neurotypical people. This might be an explanation for why you don't feel like your behavior goes counter to your male socialization. But I could be way off. I don't know you. Well that is Google-able. Try lesbian and bisexual YouTubers rather than porn for more accuracy. There are some YouTubers who talk about what that is like. Would you want to have sex with a woman if you did have female organs? This may change over the course of your transition, as it does for some trans people, or it may not. It may be too early to tell for you. Simply appreciating someone's looks is not sexual attraction. The question is do you want to have sex with anyone? If the answer is no, that sounds ace to me (at least for now, you don't know what you will want further on in your transition), if yes then that doesn't sound ace to me. I'm not sure if this has been clear to you. There is a lot in your post that I don't really understand, so I'm not sure if what I wrote is relevant to your situation, but this is the best I could do. I think it would be helpful if you talked more about what you would ideally want in a relationship sexually speaking (you are aromantic, I am aware, but I am not necessarily talking about romantic relationships here, could be queerplatonic, or just sexual). Asexuality is most commonly defined as a lack of sexual attraction, but since 'sexual attraction' is a very vague and often misunderstood concept, a secondary definition is 'a lack of innate desire for partnered sex.' Do you have a desire for partnered sex?
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    This is more of a Demiromantic problem I guess. Taking forever to develop romantic feelings for someone. And by then having been friend zoned because the other person has moved on and whatever romantic interest they might have had for me is long gone.
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    Romantic orientation

    I, too, said I was aromantic for some time-! I was questioning for a while, but I have recently found myself to be Biromantic. It's okay not to know for certain, and as others have said, romantic orientation can change over time-! Saying you're biromantic with a preference for girls does leave you more open, but if that doesn't feel like who you are, it's okay to be homoromantic. However, nobody can tell you what is and isn't love. That is something only you can figure out, as everyone experiences it differently. I... Hope this was somewhat helpful, but I am still kind of new to all of this.
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    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Ice creams are better than sex (especially the vanilla ones, they are awesome)!
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    4 :0
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    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    heartfelt moments are BTS
  22. Man, I do love some things about AVEN. Started writing this last night when I'd been awake about 30 hours, fell asleep, woke up, loaded this thread again... and what I was writing is all still here in the post editor. Anyway. Sexual people are all different. Personally I don't really have sexual fantasies about random attractive people. I don't have whole scenes like mini movies or whatever. I have brief images or just straight-up feelings of sexual desire when I think of someone I have a connection with (whether they're a committed partner or someone I know and have a crush on), but not full, like, pornos that play out in my mind. And I have things running through my head here and there throughout the day if I'm particularly connected to my feelings for someone, but certainly not constantly or in a way that interfere with my functioning. For what it's worth, I'm not a person who fantasises about anything (talking about other non-sexual stuff in life now) in extensive pictures or scenes. I think about things in terms of concepts and accompanying emotions, and I can become very caught up, but pictures themselves aren't too detailed for me.
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    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Games are BTS. Even Endgames! 🤣🤣
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    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    Sometimes the temporary pain of wearing them is a reasonable tradeoff to avoid the judgment of people who will make comments about it any chance you get for the rest of your life (like if you're a bridesmaid and you refuse to wear the same heels as other bridesmaids and thus make the whole wedding look sloppy).
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    Non Sexual Sleep Ritual?

    I read and watch favorite TV shows. Or I fall asleep listening to an audiobook (then have to frantically back up to find out what I missed when I fell asleep LOL).
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    Why sexuality is violent?

    You'll find something of mine to dislike eventually
  27. Sexual attraction is not limited to looking at someone hot and immediately wanting to have penetrative sex with them. If sexual attraction was that limited, a very large part of the population would classify as asexual. Sexual attraction can also be a more mental connection type of thing, being attracted to someone for how they think, how they move, how well they know you, etcetera. On top of that, looking at someone, then noticing how good their butt, thighs etcetera look, and wanting to rub off on them, would definitely classify as sexual attraction and desire in my book. Rubbing off on somebody is partnered genital stimulation = a form of sex, so wanting to do that with someone is sexual attraction/desire.
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