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  2. OptimisticPessimist

    Is my ex possibly aromantic?

    Welcome . From what you've explained, there's a possibility they could be Aro, but could want more of a Queer-platonic relationship. Are they aware of Aromanticism?
  3. CustardCream

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Ink is BTS
  4. Omega the Shadow

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Happiness is better than sex.
  5. Janus DarkFox

    Calling Agender Aces!

    My Agender feels pretty interconnected with sexuality/romance. To me, maybe because I'm Agender, means I have no sense of what homo or hetro is internally. Because my own gender is neutral, there isn't a sense of what's male or female towards others to find that sexual or romantic attraction. Unless there such exist an opposite of what my own gender is or finding others with the same gender to my own.
  6. CustardCream

    Quickly, Before They See!

  7. AspieAlly613

    Dating and Friends

    Good luck with that.
  8. I've never connected the mouth toward anything sexual, most don't I don't think and not exactly connected to sexuality. Mouth to genitals isn't my thing either.
  9. Just to start, I myself am not aromantic, I am a heterosexual dude. So I am not here trying to force this label on her or to assume she is, and she never mentioned the idea of being aro herself, but after breaking up with her, I stumbled upon aromantics and almost everything matches up with her and it would explain almost everything. We dated twice in the span of about a year, both times she ended it. She never liked physical touch or affection. She chalked it up to simply not being an affectionate person, she said the only person she really hugged is her mom. She would hug me, we would hold hands, cuddle, but she told me she didn't really like it and didn't see the point. I would initiate it, and she wouldn't pull away or anything, and said she didn't detest it or anything, but just had zero desire herself for it. Her reason for ending the second and final time was that she didn't think our connection had ever been a romantic one. When we first met, we both instantly were drawn to each other, there was an undeniable connection there, and we both wanted to get to know each other more. She definitely seemed to have a crush on me. Other than not being very touchy with me, she did many other things that one would do when they have a crush, although now looking back, could it have simply been what you guys call a squish? She later said that she started dating me cause it seemed like the right thing to do. She thought I liked her, she thought I was awesome, she thought I was cute, and so she thought she must have liked me too. She was always fine being around me, but she hated labels. She never liked being called bf and gf, or to say we were dating officially, because it was 'too much pressure' She said she kept trying and trying the romance thing with me, but it wouldn't work. She wanted it too, but she couldn't. We kissed once, it was her first kiss, and it wasn't that special. She later said she just did it cause she wanted to see what it was like. In the time between our first breakup and getting back together again, we got really close again at one point. She would ask to hangout with me every chance we had, and we did a lot for a month or so. Then one time we hung out two days in a row and we were sort of flirty. Second day we went to her place, and watched TV in her basement, and ended up more or less cuddling (again we weren't dating at this point, strictly 'friends') and right after then she became really distant with me, stopped asking to see me until a few months later when we started again and eventually got back together. When breaking up with me she said she got back with me the second time because she was at a lonely point in life, no friends, and she thought I was great and that she must 'have had feelings for me' because she thought about me a lot and I filled that void. So, I know it could be as simple as she just 'wasn't that into me', but idk, it all seems to add up. So, people who are aro themselves, does it seem likely?
  10. Sally

    Definitions - my conclusions

    Re newbies (or even oldies) coming onto AVEN and getting multitudinal explanations of what they are -- within the ToS, AVEN says we're not supposed to tell people what they are. I notice that that is much more commonlately, and the mods aren't catching it.
  11. Kerami


    I've been playing 2048 for a week now and haven't gotten any higher than 512.




  12. K.I.N.G


    Unfortunately not an option for me currently and I don’t trust the online companies.
  13. ryn2

    Definitions - my conclusions

    I’m not frustrated with the labels. I’m frustrated by the divergent usage with no source of truth (or “truth”). Creating my own label or definition only worsens that.
  14. Homer

    Struggling with taking the first step

    Two disclaimers here, before I actually reply. One, I don't do romantic relationships. Two, I think that there is no such thing as an "asexual spectrum". "Does X happen?" is a yes/no question, there's nothing spectrum-like to it. (That's a heavily debated topic on here though, feel free to disagree.) Whenever I try to explain something, I focus on the concept itself. If I were you, I'd focus on what you (don't) feel, what you need for it to happen, maybe what lead you to this belief about yourself. I would avoid any specific terms or "labels" like the plague. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what it's called - all that matters is that the other person has a general idea about what you (don't) feel and what that would mean for a relationship. Most of my friends have been from the opposite sex and I always insisted that if something changed, feelings-wise, I'd tell them. Not because I necessarily wanted to give things a shot, but because I think it's vital to be honest about this. It's too significant for me to keep this hidden from someone who knows more about me than most people do. Now I was lucky enough to only have that happen to me once. (Twice, if you're really pedantic). That was more than 15 years ago (didn't work out, duh). I actually quite like the backwards approach; look, this is how I feel about you, I know this is dumb but I think you should know this regardless, I will now go sit in a corner and wait until this fades. Takes all the pressure away from the other person (at least that's what I assume; didn't have to try this myself). Taking the first step is scary, but it's the only way to really find out where you're at. I have a friend who has been madly in love with a coworker FOR YEARS now, but she's too scared to speak up because what if. It's painful to watch.
  15. Pandark


    Sweet! You made my day. Have a virtual bear hug. *bear hugs*
  16. Jade Cross

    Asexual Men Statistics(for science)

    I thought I was an Eeveelution 🤔
  17. Midland Tyke

    Guess the word!

  18. Homer already said it better, but this may be exactly what he needs.
  19. Dreamsexual

    Definitions - my conclusions

    Yes, I think most think that too.
  20. chairdesklamp

    Dating and Friends

    Yeah, I distinguish also by "mega-best-friend you build your life with." My idea of a date that doesn't feel forced is "same thing I would do with any good friend, except we hold hands and call it a date." I know I desperately want that, and believe I'll never get that, but I'm not sure if my definition lines up with the common one or not.
  21. ryn2

    Definitions - my conclusions

    They first have to know there’s a “more careful” to be. I think most are genuinely trying to help and thinking they are conveying accurate info.
  22. Ardoise


    You might want to see a therapist.
  23. Homer

    What does a QPP mean for you

    As I understand it, a QPP involves a level of commitment a friendship (even a "best friendship") does not have. I'd be cool with my best friend having other people they'd be very close to no problem, but I can see a QPP working differently. (Still, the terms "more than friends" and "beyond friendship" piss me off to no end.)
  24. Ardoise

    Top 10 Current Games

    In no particular order: Darkest Dungeon Firefly (board game) Dungeons & Dragons Slay the Spire Magic: The Gathering Armello Monster of the Week Stardew Valley Settlers of Catan The Talos Principle
  25. timewarp

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for sneakily promoting the new period dress collection of the G.L.Y.N. Shopping Channel.
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