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  2. Acing It

    Non-British: What do you find weird about the UK?

    Oh yes! I lived with a friend for a while, sharing her place, and she insisted on carpet in the bathroom (with a bath and everything, not the American version of bathroom called a loo 😊) for some reason. Her son came to live with us and being male, stood up to wee and the carpet around the toilet turned magically white instead of being blue, after a while. 🤢 She had it all take out and instead of having something more practical, put carpet into the bathroom again.
  3. GatsbyGirl

    Horses and Equiestrian stuff

    Just cause they have a horse or ride doesnt mean they love it XD
  4. Arodash

    Horses and Equiestrian stuff

    I'm an American and pshhh why should anyone care about money? Shouldnt it be great that everyone loves horses?
  5. Silence4now

    Feeling Lonely

    About the bf. When you think about what makes you feel comfortable with someone, pressure to perform should never be on the list. You should note being up front about how you feel and think will cut down on hurt feelings for everyone. You would likely not be in as awkward of a situation perhaps. I can however relate to the desire to have someone around that makes me feel good too. Friends deserve a chance to be friends. If you arbitrarily decide what your friends will or will not do you are hardly being fair either. I do not mean to be critical but the best friends you will ever have do not need a map to find you. Either of those friends could be ace and just as terrified of societal acceptance. It would be a bold move for you to just call it what is right there with both of them and I bet they would both respect that and try to get a better understanding of their friend...provided they really are such. Silence4now
  6. Skycaptain

    Non-British: What do you find weird about the UK?

    To be fair, modern building regulations state that windows must open outwards, and side hinged so that people can get out in case of fire
  7. I just recently realized that I fell under the term asexual and have lots of questions and this is an important question of mine.
  8. Oh,i'm sorry,i didn't know the situation was like that.If that's the way it is,than it was a smart move to cut them out of your life.Life is already tough on its own,you don't need toxic people weighing you down and holding you back😊💖
  9. Muledeer


    I have Puppy Fever!  Looking for  a new dog.

  10. Skycaptain

    Horses and Equiestrian stuff

    @korik, this may be in your purview
  11. HelloSnakeEyes

    Feeling Lonely

    I've never smoked crack but I know I don't want to ever.
  12. Moderne Jazzhanden

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not being colour blind! 😮
  13. xstatic ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Ace and allo, opening our marriage

    In my last marriage I opened the relationship because I was the person who wasn't fulfilling my husband's needs which were extremely high in comparison to mine. Much like how your wife probably feels now, I felt useless and broken and boring, and I couldn't seem to change that. When I opened up the marriage I did it because I wanted him to be happy. Unfortunately he only ever used it in one of few scenarios I asked him not to. And that was to get back at me when he was angry with me. The marriage ended up spiraling out of control, and ended in a burning dumpster fire. Now that I'm in a relationship with an asexual, I'm the one with the higher sex drive obviously. Which I got to admit, is really interesting to me. Our relationship is technically open. He told me right from the beginning that he didn't care if I was seeing other people. Though we haven't talked about it in a really long time, so I would feel really uncomfortable acting on that without the subject being readressed. As far as where to look for casual sex, if you live near a big city, you're probably in close range to a swingers club which is exactly what that's for.
  14. I am asexual but I consider myself straight because I am romantically attracted to the opposite sex. Having said that, I think that if something is bothering you perhaps you should talk with your friends.
  15. Christmace_liv

    Quickly, Before They See!

    24 (^○^)
  16. I’m not a fan of big public postings like that online, there is a lot of pressure when being called to reciprocally express feelings like that publicly in front of people. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask that thinks like that be kept for private correspondence between the two of you. I understand this feeling pretty well. Sometimes I get extremely burned out by online social interactions to the point where I feel the need to, as I call it “hermit” and avoid all social interactions for a while to recharge. I’ve been in one of those places for a while recently.
  17. Anthracite_Impreza

    Overthinking sexuality?

    Prefer to have sex in your life? Sexual Prefer not to have sex in your life? Asexual Too complicated to fit either? Grey-sexual Simples.
  18. CBC

    Overthinking sexuality?

    Right on. I feel like drinking for so many various reasons right now, most of them negative... a celebratory one doesn't hurt. Bingo. I know nowhere else it's discussed ad nauseam like it is here. I understand why, but Christ Almighty sometimes...
  19. gisiebob

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    ok, so there has been some reform to how the dnc uses superdelegates, but they are not abolished outright and how do you feel about the electoral college again?
  20. R_1

    Overthinking sexuality?

    Like for example, the sexual attraction debate. It only makes sense to overcomplicate that in the academic sense of view, but generic no.
  21. Bigeye Thresher

    Overthinking sexuality?

    Cheers, I'll drink to that.
  22. Duke Memphis

    Duke Memphis

    I'd like to fast forward about two months to reach the end of winter sooner.

  23. If I felt emotional attraction to the opposite sex, I wouldn't mind people referring to me as straight, but I'd be offended if people call me the straight friend. Same if I was emotionally attracted to the same sex, but the gay friend instead. To be fair, as a loner, I'd be offended if you call me a friend.
  24. CBC

    Overthinking sexuality?

    I think AVEN is dedicated to overthinking sexuality sometimes.
  25. Bigeye Thresher

    Overthinking sexuality?

    I've recently come to the conclusion that I think I'm on the spectrum, like big big recently, and I already feel like I'm not a true ace? I know there's no "true ace" and everyone is valid in their sexuality, but I already feel like an alien. I like the idea and fantasy of having sex. Thinking someone is attractive and wanting to have sex w them? Epic. Cool. Dope. Actually touching and doing that w someone? Absolutely not. I'm not about it. I don't like the idea of someone also having sexual feelings towards me and wanting to do those kind of things. It immediately steers me away, even if I feel the same way towards them. I can't seem to separate my feelings from my sexuality, if that makes sense? I don't know, I'm all very new to this and are 99% most likely overthinking a question that has a simple answer. I'm glad I feel comfortable enough to share, though.
  26. Serran

    I'm sexual but...

    I know! I spent $1500 for mine which was bad enough.
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