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  2. Dreamsexual

    Definitions - my conclusions

    I agree, there is an infinity of diversity. I would go so far as to say every logically possible world (bounded by libertarian notions of freewill) is quite possibly instantiated. That's about as much diversity as possible, a Graham's Number of forms most magnificent and varied. Note, I don't believe in 'an' alternative universe, I think it likely there are incomprehensibly numerous 'universes' within a multiverse.
  3. Hello guys! English is not my native language, so please sorry if there will be mistakes. I think got too bogged down with my situation, and i dont know what to do.. and your community seems the one place where i can speak without afraids to be understanded wrong. Im not asexual, i have normal libido, i dont want to have sex very often, like once in a week is fine for me. As you probably guessed the situation is about my boyfriend. At the begining of our relation ship we had sex, but even then somehow i was feeling he doesnt like it much - i dont know how, just intuition. But with time we spend together (we actually live together from almost from start) sex became a rare situation. In moments i tried to talk about it - he transformed into closed person who dont seem like he want to discuss it. I heard false reasons like: im just tired, i just have too much stuff to do and etc. Iv never been sexualy denied before, so i start thinking that all the problem is me. Maybe im not that attractive for him? Or i do something wrong? Even things like im ugly... and im still thinking about it. Last night we had talk, where he said that he dont see sex as some cool thing. He doesnt mind against it, but mostly he dont want it. Althought sometimes when we hug he has erection! I supposed maybe he is asexual? He said he doesnt know what is it, but if it means person who dont like sex so much - then probably he is. If he warned me about it from start of our relations this wouldnt be a problem, i can satisfy myself by myself. But because only after 2 yearls of relations he mae his "coming out" i dont know how much i can believe it. I feel broken about it, sometimes i cant get rid of thought: that all the problem is in me. and he just dont want to have sex with me! I started think that im sexualy unttractive and all that stupid things.. I cant understand how its possible to have erection when hugs and dont want to have sex? Maybe he just dont like woman vagine, i heard some ppl find it disgusting... i simply feel lost in this situation
  4. The guy is an arsehole, and just like an arsehole full of sh1t. Tell him the harrassment stops or HR will be informed.
  5. As others have mentioned, technically it doesn't matter since a law banning abortion would be voted on people using religion as a motivator but there's no way to prevent people from expressing their religious beliefs through voting. The government can't have a law that says "In Christianity, abortion is a sin, therefore abortion is illegal" but it can say "abortion is illegal". I just fucking wish people would understand the difference when it comes to pushing their religion on other people.
  6. oldgeeza

    Asexuality & Fetishism

    I guess fetishes affect people in different ways, some need it in their lives, some can live without it, I work the doors of a fetish club once every other month, it's not the sort of thing that I'd participate in, the thought of being tied and restrained just doesn't appeal, but morbid fascination does have me looking on ocasionally just out of curiosity, for some, it's just for fun, for others, it's very much a sexual thing, for others, just living out a fantasy, I imagine many people have secret fetishes, fetishes that they're too embarrassed to mention because they feel society will put them down, but as long as they're not harming anyone, what's the problem? But you also don't want it to be the reason why you have that relationship either, it's got to be more than a fetish based relationship for it to work
  7. Nowhere Girl

    Definitions - my conclusions

    For me the idea that in an alternate universe there "must" be "another me" is a failure to accept diversity. People are not all alike. Their experiences are not all alike. If there are alternate universes, the inhabitants and their experiences could be just yet more infinitely diverse.
  8. !abracadabrA

    The Banning Game!

    Quite frankly the reason for that is I'm much too tied up with being asexual! And though it may sound cruel it's because of that that you're [drumroll] banned! Though on second thoughts I hereby unban you as I know how much you like being banned! Hang on - as this means I clearly do understand BDSM I obviously need to be Banned! GIuess what? I just can't wait!
  9. ElasticPlanet

    Different Dysphorias

    Yes - that's been part of the problem for me too. Which friend's name am I most willing to steal? More so when being the only person around with my name is the default experience - in over 40 years I've only knowingly met 3 people with the same first name as me, and one who had it as a deadname...
  10. For millenia, humanoid creatures have had sex with each other, and after many hundreds of thousands of years, became desirous of having mates whom they loved, not just had sex with. It isn't "our" culture, and it isn't forced upon us, and what many/most of us experience are not awful games. I'm sorry you feel that way, but do not claim that your feelings are those of all humans Indeed. I've never really understood that mindset -- the need to demonise things that one doesn't experience or relate to themselves. I assume it's a product of bitterness. To which I'm not immune myself over certain things for sure, however it's never really occurred to me to characterise such things so negatively. My struggles are not everyone else's fault. They may not be my fault either, but that doesn't mean it's logical to behave with derision. Although perhaps that's come with age, a little... I experienced a bit more of that in my 20s, I think.
  11. Nowhere Girl

    Wanting sex as a asexual

    Thanks for the example. Last year I found a copy of Leo Rosten's "The Joys of Yiddish" on a book exchange shelf. It's fun to read, Jewish humour is quite intellectual so it's nice to know that I get it. Unfortunately, the copy is quite heavily damaged - the cover and the final approximately 20% are missing, the dictionary part ends somewhere at "s". And, in fact, while being intellectually fun to read, it's also physically unpleasant to read, because the pages are palpably dirty. Just an old copy who must have gone a long way to end up in Warsaw. Even disregarding all the issues we have with this definition, it seems incorrect to me. Doesn't "intercourse" mean only some kinds of sex? Coitus, so PIV, by extension also anal sex - but it seems not to include everything termed "foreplay". And sex is obviously more than intercourse. By the way, recently I've read a text about how it really would be better to avoid the word "foreplay" altogether because it creates the assumption that all non-PIV sex is "lesser", just a preparation for the "main event" - and, as is widely known, at least for most women these "lesser" sexual activities are more pleasant than the "main event".
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  13. chairdesklamp

    Kink, BDSM, and Cake

    I'm visually repulsed, but I've been in Internet fandom since it existed, so I'm also kinda used to it. Thought I'd look at Fetlife. Unfortunately, the site does not like Safari at ALL, so I'm gonna hafta hope it works on the even more busted laptop. I figured I'd just use a username that is not this one (which is my usual one) incase anything goes wrong. A big part of what drives me to explore (rather than being curious but apathetic/too lazy to get questions answered) is I KNOW it's just such an accepting community. As a trans, disabled, mixed-race guy who IDed as bi until recently, and of course realising asexuality being a lateral move, no change, most people hate me for some reason of bigotry. But, wow, the "select your demograph" menus have EVERYTHING.
  14. Toothlesss


    I haven’t been diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I have a more obscure form of Personification. Different movies/shows/medium all tend to have a unique feel/personality to them. I can also feel physically heavier when watching something more adult or more rarely makes me sob. I’m not an expert so I’m going by what I know of synthenesia. (I’ll edit for spelling when I’m not on mobile)
  15. D_Saudade

    How do you want to be buried?

    I agree. But I would also like it if I can be compost or fertilizer. More greenery and flowers 🌳🌻
  16. CBC

    Wanting sex as a asexual

    Hey, I definitely didn't say I was never interested in licking anything... Oh look, I've derailed a serious thread again. My work is done here. (Sorry guys, carry on!)
  17. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  18. Dreamsexual

    Wanting sex as a asexual

    In the right context, that goat is probably what I look like ... Us lickers gotta stay together against you naughty non-lickers
  19. Skycaptain

    Change one letter

  20. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  21. wirewalker

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Red 1
  22. Skycaptain

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Zulu dances are BTS
  23. I don't understand the question. Are you asking how a heteroromantic homosexual manages to exist without any romantic/sexual overlap? Tbh my first assumption is that the person in question has some internalized homophobia and should make serious attempts to reconcile himself with himself. If that doesn't work, then open relationship or poly relationship would be best, I'd think.
  24. CBC

    Wanting sex as a asexual

    I enjoyed my goat, yes.
  25. Skycaptain

    Guess the word!

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