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  2. darkpoetess

    My Boyfriend

    The primary goal of the lgbt+ community is acceptance and gay and lesbian people have really taken the lead on this for decades. I look at their example and while many will try to work with unaccepting family members, most do not tolerate the intolerant or toxic relationships. I had a boyfriend who hands down refused to acknowledge my orientation and suggested I was making it up to get out of a sexual relationship with him. Only you can determine what will be the best path for you, but sometimes we have to have those lived experiences to learn what will or will not tolerate in the future. I could not spend any amount of my future with anyone else who did not accept all of me and vice versa.
  3. I'm a lesbian and I don't experience sexual desire for others, but I do experience sexual attraction. I look at some girls and think that they're really hot and try not to look at their butts as they climb up the stairs at my school (I try). I don't really like watching pornographic content very often, but the acting is really bad sometimes so it's funny. I have my kinks, but I almost never masturbate and when I do I don't enjoy it. I would be willing to be involved in a romantic relationship with another girl but honestly think that friendship is easier. I might be willing to go out with a guy, but it would depend on their personality as I feel no attraction to the stereotypical male body (I definitely prefer girls. Chicks over dicks). I was wondering what I could call my sexuality. Thanks.
  4. nineGardens

    Quickly, Before They See!

  5. Optical_Illusion

    And suddenly it all makes sense

    That sounds like you've gone through a lot. I'm glad you felt relieved in the end though. I think it's better for a couple to part and go their own ways instead of pretending to be happy with each other. It also sounds like your friends were genuinely trying to help, but I understand how finding you someone out of the blue must've felt pushy. As for the "coming out" part, you don't have to worry about doing it at a certain time. You can do it when you're ready; you don't even have to do it if you don't want to. I'm glad you've found a community that you feel happy and welcomed in. There is nothing wrong with being asexual and you will continue to learn more about yourself as you keep exploring.
  6. Skycaptain

    Recycling: something's missing

    The problem is that there are so many different plastics, and if you have a pallet-sized bale of plastic it's not economic to separate the different types. Using it as waste to energy isn't a clean burn either.
  7. Do you still generally experience sexual/physical attraction? It is important to note that while many aces have aversions to sex, it is not the action or lack thereof that defines orientation. Orientation is based on attraction and additionally certain circumstances in which attraction takes place. Someone mentioned demisexual. As a demisexual I experience physical attraction only under the circumstance of emotional connection first and that's not often as many emotional bonds are friendships. In other words, I do not find anyone hot based on sight or first meetings etc as sexuals do. And attraction doesn't necessarily mean immediately wanting to have sex, it's a chemical response that draws you to that person, you enjoy seeing that person, their physical form, facial features, or manner, like a crush etc. Only you can determine your orientation, but I thought it might help to clarify that you'll want to consider primarily where your attractions lie, not just that you don't want to have sex.
  8. Skycaptain

    What's it like dealing with the public?

    I have to deal with the public, it sort of goes with my job . I find it's the 1% who frustrate whilst 99% are fine, but you only remember the 1%
  9. Skycaptain

    What’s your job?

    Taxi driver and area secretary for a Social Club Union
  10. Skycaptain

    TV shows no one else seems to know

    I think the BBC bought quite a few Canadian shows in the 70's and 80's, maybe there was a deal to share production costs. I certainly remember The Littlest Hobo.
  11. darkpoetess

    If you could reproduce asexually...

    That's really interesting! I've entertained the thought of raising a mini-me, and though strange, I think I could possibly be a more successful parent with a child that I completely understood. Not that there wouldn't be cons to that as well, but as I thought about it I wondered if others had too. Considering my aversion to pregnancy and childbirth I don't think I could actually go through with it, but yes, I could also see how it would be an interesting experience. Thank you for your response! I feel like you got the gist of what I was asking.
  12. Skycaptain

    How well do we know celebrities

    I don't buy into the whole cult of celebrity. The only "regular" dealings I've had with someone in the public life have been with a friend who was just a regular mate
  13. Feys&Florets

    Gay Panic

    @BumbleBeee If you really need to dodge it next time, maybe you can just say, "I haven't found the right person yet." Which wouldn't be lying at all.
  14. Feys&Florets

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Me: "I found a case of scented oils and candles. What can I use it for?" Random person: "Get intimate with your SO." Never would have registered in my mind...
  15. Skeletonducky

    Quickly, Before They See!

  16. Skycaptain

    Favorite obscure Animal?

    Scottish wildcat - floof on four paws https://images.app.goo.gl/obhoHc9iK9nH8orh6
  17. Lonely Lemon

    Nineties internet nostalgia, anyone?

    I used to create fan pages in Netscape and upload them that way, but then geocities changed the game with their point and click website builder lol. I miss the community and camaraderie. Do you guys remember web rings and how awesome it was to get your site on one? Or even the awards fandoms used to give for the best fan pages? They'd give you a little banner or button to display on your site so everyone knew you were the tits. There was something kinda wholesome about certain aspects of the early days lol.
  18. Today
  19. Coddiwomple


    1. Romantic. 2. I put "fluctuates between these" because I can find masculinity, femininity, and androgyny attractive. It just depends on the person. 3. I put tall even though I can also find shortness attractive. Again, depends on the person. 4. I put short hair, but again, I don't care. 5. I put light shades but I don't care. 6. I put brown but I don't care. 7. You're allowed to have a type.
  20. Skycaptain

    What is the worst super power you could imagine having?

    Like an old Kenny Everett gag The ability to blow your own head up but not put it back together
  21. LilacJay

    Favorite obscure Animal?

    I like the secretary bird. It's not too obscure, but also not exactly well known. It's fabulous and derpy at the same time... how is that even possible?
  22. Kimmie.

    What is the worst super power you could imagine having?

    I mean in say 1 milion years when humans are extinct except you. And maybe the rest of life too.
  23. Coddiwomple

    What musical instrument do/did you know how to play well?

    Piano, flute, and singing. I don't play flute anymore though.
  24. sithgirlix

    What is the worst super power you could imagine having?

    I don't think society will die. Change, yes? That would actually be interesting to think about. Cause it's all the old people that are still racist and sexist and stuff, right? Unable to adapt to the changes society goes through? Imagine being unable to adapt to new beliefs on sexuality and gender relations. But yeah, seeing your friends die would suck.
  25. Optical_Illusion

    Sciencey Aces

    My favourite part about science is biology. I know it might seem boring to some people, but I personally think it's very interesting to see the smallest units of life and the most rudimentary areas of it. It's also the way things evolve and become something else overtime and how everything fits into a network.
  26. CustardCream

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    ...and I bet your mum probably told lots of people that story...
  27. CustardCream

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    ...and right there is why she looked so disappointed!
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