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  2. Even though we live 30 km away from a military airbase, we hear test flights quite often, day and night. Sometimes you would hear a very lound 'Bang' while the sky is completely blue. You then know that it is was not thunder. Fighter planes once had to investigate a prototype drone gone out of control. The NATO headquarters are hosted less than 100 km away from our airbases so military are also intercepting possible treats to this organisation - like unanounced Russian jets.
  3. kmarra

    Anyone following the Woman's World Cup,

    I have been a huge fan and follower of the USWNT since I was in grade school. I'm ready to see them play Sweden and more dominant/competitive teams.
  4. kmg0808

    Newbie here

    Hello! My name is Krystal, I'm 28-years-old and recently came out as a panromantic asexual (call me a late-bloomer). I grew up in Maryland but have been a South Carolina transplant for six years now. I've come here in search of connections and look forward to meeting people! 😊
  5. Tothedreamers

    You can only answer with a question

    What are we guessing?
  6. Ace of J

    Still fresh. Haven’t told my wife.

    “The cake is not a lie!” LOL I’m not a huge cake fan, either, but I like it more than most pies. But a chocolate pi cake...? Hmmm... Also, I totally dig that cake design with the asexual colors. Which I didn’t realize were as such until just a little while ago. Like I said, I’m still fresh. I love purple, so I guess it’s just as well. I dig our flag. Starting to feel like I fit in here.
  7. Justin2342


    Happy Father's Day...

    You don't care about me anymore? Good news, it's reciprocated!


    You wouldn't fight for me if CPS took me away? Glad to know we're on the same page.


    I'm a disappointment? Well, you'll have an appointment in Hell one day.


    I'm a letdown? I learned from the best.


    I'm a bitch? But no one can top you.


    I have no brain? Must have come from your DNA.


    Forgiveness is a strong word and it's not reserved for you.


    -Sincerely, your son that you consider a sin

  8. Nowhere Girl

    Don't Know if I'm asexual?

    It seems more likely that you aren't asexual. However, it's always up to an individual to decide how they prefer to identify. And even if someone isn't asexual, it doesn't mean that they have to have sex or to be comfortable with sex. There's nothing wrong about being scared. In fact, I am myself sex-averse, I'm just much more at ease about it because for me it crosses into "no longer wanting it" territory - I probably wasn't born asexual, but I am effectively asexual because the result is precisely that: I'm afraid of sex to the point of being unable to want it. A few points I wanted to mention: There's nothing to apologise about. It's nobody else's business what you fantasise about. Do only gays and bisexual men "have a right" to fantasise about M-M sex?! In fact, I too prefer such a combination, even though I'm not romantically interested in men and could never be in a relationship with a man. But still, I find gay sex arousing. I also have a clear impression (and actually, recently my strong adverse reaction to a heterosexual sex scene definitely confirmed my suspicions) that my preference has a lot to do with it being the furthest detached from anything I could personally do - no sex is possible for me in the ordinary meaning, but both lesbian and straight sex is "possible" in the meaning of not being physically impossible - in contrast, gay sex is indeed physically impossible for me because I'm not a man. I only fantasise in third person - even trying to imagine myself in a sexual situation makes me feel short of breath. At your age there's really nothing to worry about. I am 38 years old an also a virgin (not "still a virgin", because I don't intend to have sex ever) and at this age indeed, if I decided to change this status (only autoerotic methods could be considered because, again, partnered sex would be way too terrifying), it might be more difficult - if an intact vaginal corona is present at this age, it typically becomes thicker and more stiff, attempts at rupturing it could be yet more uncomfortable or even painful (TMI: judging from what I have checked with my finger - yup, in my case probably "painful" and not just "uncomfortable"). But at 20? There's no difference, really. But these are relatively minor anatomical details. What matters more is that I in fact believe that most people are psychologically ready for sex at an age closer to 20-22 than 16 or even 18. Some people are never ready and there's nothing wrong with that either. And for the majority that will eventually feel ready at some point - really, there's nothing wrong with waiting. I don't agree with "waiting until marriage" (that is, I don't believe that sex before marriage is wrong - however, I am willing to support those who choose to wait until marriage), but I do believe in waiting until a serious relationship. Sex is a potentially very serious decision. Some people - such as, perhaps, yourself - have a potential for desiring it, but not for being careless about it and easily feeling comfortable enough. For such people it's particularly important that their first time should preferably happen with someone whom they can really trust. It's said that very young men usually pressure their girlfriends (you see why I fear such a significant potential of inequality in different-sex relationships?), that anyway they are likely to drift away once they get what they have wanted... Waiting also allows getting to know the other person better and, hopefully, seeing that it's not a person who only seems to care about getting sex and not a person likely to immediately run away. So don't worry and, first of all - don't push yourself to try sex. As I wrote, it seems more likely to me that you aren't asexual - however, it would be fair to say that you are a person who doesn't find it easy to feel comfortable with sex. There's nothing wrong with that - in fact, a more apprehensive approach to sex can be protective. Give yourself time, preferably try building a relationship - it may be that in such a context you will feel different. See how it turns out. If you continue feeling anxious about sex, you can worry about it after you have checked out if a relationship changes anything about your feelings. And even then, there always is an option of accepting and embracing your sex aversion.
  9. Aris

    The Success Stories Thread

    I met my partner, an avenite, at a meet about 6 months fore I joined this forum. We really hit it off, which was great because we're both asexual and I thought I would never find anyone I was compatible with. Anyway, we saw each other every week until I stayed at his for a few days over new year. He put up some amazing decorations and it was like a fairytale wonderland. I fell in love with him over that weekend. Next milestone, he proposed at the top of a mountain in Spain as the sun was hitting the horizon. I said yes! A year later and we're getting ready for our wedding on August 31st. I'm proud to be marrying the most wonderful, compassionate man I've met in my life.
  10. Its totally normal and perfectly common lots of people have gay fantasies. Or wonder what kissing someone they are close to would be like, your fine. I wouldn't stress too much about it especially if you're not planning on acting on it.
  11. ChilliPepper32

    Don't Know if I'm asexual?

    Hey!! Thanks for replying. This is the confusing thing. I'm most definitely interested in sex, I definitely find men attractive: I'd never date a guy I couldn't potentially have sex with. However, I seem to be missing the physical pull every sexual person seems to experience. I have too much anxiety. I don't know if it's because I'm Asexual, or because I haven't met the right person, or being I'm too nervous. I want to but then there's so many 'buts' and nerves and I just automatically get freaked out. I don't really know how to get past it, but I definitely want to. Thanks for all you help, any advice is welcome lol! Thanks for the cake btw 😂😂
  12. Yeah, that's what I meant- as in how common is it. Just out of curiosity. They're nothing I would necessarily want to act on though lol
  13. ChilliPepper32

    Don't Know if I'm asexual?

    Yeah I totally get that. It's hard for me to put into words but that physical thing/pull/physical desire is not there to engage in sex. The mental bit is, the curiosity is. What I experience as "sexual attraction" would be thinking they look appealing, gorgeous, etc and wanting to pursue a relationship which will ultimately include something physical. It's just attempting to achieve that 'motivational state' and 'physical urge' that's the problem. That's why I'm really confused about the Ace label: I experience alot of what asexuals would not, but like Asexuals, I'm missing physicals sensations that will help me along in the process of sex 😂😂 I don't know if that qualifies as asexual or gray asexual or even demisexual. I thought I was normal until realising being a Virgin at 20 was weird and other girls were happily taking guys back to their place without a care in the world. I guess I need something with a little more substance?
  14. Feys&Florets

    Pokemon Sword and Shield not allowing transfer of non-Galar Pokemon

    I love pokemon, even if real life obligations took me away from the games since gen 4-5. I guess if I ever get back to it, I'll get up to Gen 7 and stop there. I can understand the non-transfer from RBY/GSC to RSE, since they all functioned on different engines. And two generations is a lot less than seven. But no transference this far into the franchise? Kind of disappointing. I'll stick to Pokemon Go for now.
  15. DoYouThinkHeSawrUs

    Gendfluid hairstyle tips?

    Thanks! I'll look up some ways to play with that to help
  16. DoYouThinkHeSawrUs

    Gendfluid hairstyle tips?

    Thanks! It's very dark brown, often it looks black
  17. Philip027

    Pokemon Sword and Shield not allowing transfer of non-Galar Pokemon

    They stopped putting it on the boxes for the games, but they haven't totally retired its use https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gotta_catch_'em_all!#Retirement_and_return
  18. MichaelTannock

    Don't Know if I'm asexual?

    I'm sorry if I caused you to panic. I'm just trying to answer your question as best I can. I think you could be Asexual because you don't experience a pull to have sex, which would be Sexual Attraction. Asexuals can be attracted to people in other ways, and it sounds like you are. It is possible. I think the first step to finding out would be to overcome your anxieties. But I don't think to force yourself into sexual encounters will do that, seeking some form of therapy might be a better option.
  19. Moon Spirit ☽

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Maybe it is people who made poor decisions themselves when they were young trying to sabotage others.
  20. AspieAlly613

    Pokemon Sword and Shield not allowing transfer of non-Galar Pokemon

    Oddly enough, they dropped the "Gotta Catch 'em All" slogan with the release of Ruby and Sapphire.
  21. Laplace

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I hate how “being young” is sometimes considered a valid excuse to do either reckless or stupid things. Firstly, being young shouldn’t excuse you from being stupid; you should be fairly responsible when you’re a teenager and pretty mature when you’re a young adult. And, if you **** up real bad when you’re young, you still have over half your life to either regret or pay the consequences. If you’re old, at least you only got a little while left before you kick the bucket 😛.
  22. Philip027

    Pokemon Sword and Shield not allowing transfer of non-Galar Pokemon

    I think this is just a continuing sign of Pokemon starting to get too big for its britches. I remember finding out in gen 7 that any Pokemon that were not in the Alola dex, while they were present in the game and did function (and whichever ones that weren't in the games could be transferred from previous gens and would still function), they did not even get Pokedex entries. To me this made the games feel incomplete in a way, which reflected poorly on what was supposed to be their 20th anniversary celebration of the franchise. Now with some Pokemon being outright excluded from the games, even the widely recognized slogan of "gotta catch 'em all" doesn't feel appropriate anymore. It was excusable for Pokemon Snap ("gotta catch 'em all... on film!") to not have all the known Pokemon at the time because that was not only a spin-off but also an experimental new take on the franchise. That sort of thing doesn't really feel as acceptable to me anymore. If you're starting to have so many Pokemon that it's not feasible to include them all in the main series games... maybe you're starting to have too many.
  23. I really don't know. I know that they have no idea what asexuality is. But I haven't been in a relationship in 20 years. I'm sure they assume something. They are pretty liberal minded and we have good relationships, so I'm sure they would be fine with it, but I don't know if it is worth it.
  24. TheAP

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum. Alfredo sauce?
  25. ByeYall!


    I would prefer not to.
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