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  2. SireninSpace

    Name A Movie That Starts With The Last Letter Of The Last Movie Named

    Yours, Mine, and Ours
  3. Gloomy

    pictures in rainbow order

  4. That doesnt make sense to me given that the definition of sexual attraction is the desire to have sex with another person. I do however understand that someone can have the desire to have sex with someone but not actually have sex because they are averse or repulsed by the physical act of sex. Actually, looking at that written down its seems contradictory but I know it happens. (sex repulsed sexuals are rare but exist- sometimes due to trauma or other reasons)
  5. gisiebob

    Anxiety Pretty High

    I think we all want to go home
  6. If I were you I'd change that from token "straight" friend to token cat friend.
  7. Why is this thread active again? I'm confused.
  8. Suigin

    Quickly, Before They See!

    23 :3
  9. AllTimeBubble

    pictures in rainbow order

  10. Maybe I'm interpreting this wrong, but I didn't think the OP was referencing anything in terms of public vs. private communication online. Just any online interaction at all.
  11. xstatic ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    I'm sexual but...

    Oh yeah, it's really easy to blow that kind of money on a wedding. My second wedding was on the expensive side. Never again. If I get married again, I'll happily do it in a ditch. I don't even care. One of my closest friends got married 4 years ago at Disneyland. That was an insane wedding....and expensive for everyone. Myself included. I had to take out a loan in order to pay for the trip for myself and my family. I mean, it was a bitchin' wedding. Star Wars themed but still super high end and classy as hell. Also, a week of theme park. I don't even want to know how much they paid for that wedding. They even managed to get amazimg Star Wars props for the reception because they know people in the industry. I'll try to find a few pics....
  12. Just Somebody

    Can you Become Intersex?

    Intersex as an identity group is a medical condition. You can't "become" intersex. But it looks like you're transandrogynous (FTA), I can't remember right now but there's another label/name for another sociocultural historical group or category of people you may identify with or as part of.
  13. CBC

    Sexuality explained to asexuals

    Oh for sure. Either that or, in my case, my mother would do her martyr act and I would feel like a guilty piece of shit. I don't think she even understands that's the effect it had, but she still does it to some degree now... and that's exactly why I try not to spend more than a few hours with her at any given time, perhaps two or three times a year. I've changed but she hasn't.
  14. gisiebob

    Gay but now I think I’m asexual?

    would you want to date someone if it did not lead to having sex?
  15. GatsbyGirl

    Horses and Equiestrian stuff

    I always found this odd because in the oooooold days it was frowned when women road lol but in my country I have actually never seen the issue with gender more of what methods you use and how much money you have got. Also being a happy hacker gets you sooo much hate here lol. What country are you from if you dont mind me asking?
  16. banana monkey

    Feeling Lonely

    I'm guessing you and your bf are officially in a relationship and not "just dating" because if you are you should really try and tell him about your asexuality as soon as possible. I know its hard, believe me but after reading most of the posts on here from sexuals I now think one should tell the other before starting a relationship with anyone. Many of the sexuals on here say that if an asexual knows before the relationship started and doesnt tell them they feel betrayed, lied to and all trust is broken. Having read all the posts on here I now understand that its really important for most sexuals to have sex in their relationships and so I think if I know I am asexual when considering a relationship its only fair I tell them beforehand so that they can make an informed decision about whether they can cope with it and deal with no sex or any form of compromise we may come up with or if its a dealbreaker for them (as it is for many sexuals). I think many (but not all) sexuals feel hurt that they have wasted there time on a relationship that never would have worked for them when they wouldnt have invested so much if they had known beforehand, because to them it was obvious it wasnt going to work without a certain amount of sex. At least if they know before hand, they can make their own choice as to whether to invest/waste time or not. From your OP, it certainly seems sex is really important to your BF (given that he wants it early on in the relationship) so I wouldnt be surprised if it may be a dealbreaker for him and be prepared for him to be really hurt, but I hope that it works out for you. With regards to friends - It can be hard when people talk about sexual things but it doesnt happen often unless you are really best friends and there are plenty of other things you can talk about. If you have the sort of close friendship where they are sharing that sort of stuff you should consider if you should try and mention about your asexuality so that they understand that some of these things go over your head. That doesnt mean they should stop discussing it though, I find when I am with a group that discusses that stuff, it helps them knowing because I just remind them that I dont understand that concept or that I'm just letting it go over my head but it does help me learn when they talk about it and sometimes I ask questions about stuff I dont understand (which often makes everyone feel awkward given that we are in public, so they just give me a look)
  17. gisiebob

    Asexuality and masturbation

    friend, consider who the authority in this is. all these words, well they aren't neatly shaped boxes for us to fit perfectly inside, no. they are things to help describe who we are to the world. if using one gives the world a good understanding of you, then that's probably a good word for you.
  18. AceMissBehaving

    Warning for Asexuals on Twitter

    I’d heard about this a little while back, I’m disappointed (but not surprised) to see it’s still going on.
  19. AllTimeBubble

    I made a poster for Aro Week

    Thank you, I'm always weird with semi colons aha and awh that's amazing I'm glad Lets spread awareness across both our unis!!
  20. AceMissBehaving


    Hi there and welcome to the forums!! 🎂 I’ve actually been looking for a new manga to pick up, and always looking for decent asexual representation, so I’m gonna look into picking that one for sure now!
  21. Yeah it’s those social media conversations that really should just be kept between each other in a text or other private message service. I’ve seen sexual RP that really should not be seen online. But I don’t mind those messages between myself and the boyfriend, it’s only between us in the end.
  22. Moderne Jazzhanden

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    In which case Red Four!
  23. AceMissBehaving

    Feeling Lonely

    Connecting with other people isn’t always so much about having exactly shared experiences, it’s more about sharing an interest in each other’s experiences, and that’s something that can be mutually reciprocated no matter how ace one person is and how sexual the other person is. I know it’s a move that can hold a lot of risk, but I can say for myself becoming open about my asexuality definitely tore down a lot of that disconnect I used yo feel with other people. No one e or tacky me to “get it” any more, and I’m no longer working on my “cover”. Obviously I still feel “different”, but that difference doesn’t feel as important. This might be too much for some people, and will depend on the people involved as to how likely they are to be accepting. The boyfriend unfortunately there’s no way around it. You really do have to disclose to him the fact you are asexual because it’s something that is always going to be an issue in the relationship. He might be ok with it, he also might not, but it is something he should know going in and be able to give consent to being ok with. Things can get better. It can feel lonely being ace, but places like these forums are great for meeting people who share your experiences, and that’s a big start too.
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