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  2. Your Mother has no say in the matter. It's your body, your rules. If this is truly something you want to pursue, well I say go chase that goal! @J'naii_Planet I know how that is. I still remember the first thing out of my Mum's mouth when I came out to her and it was: "so, I won't get any grandkids?" Yeah, sorry, but that's tough. I'm not here to fulfil your dream of having grandkids. My brother, although not ace, isn't interested in settling down with kids either.
  3. Janus DarkFox

    High Libido as an Asexual? Discuss.

    Asking questions should be answered only, Q&A forum isn’t a place to debate sexuality to me anyway. I have had a historically low libido, even when it was higher during puberty and under manic episodes during mood changes. Once weekly to twice monthly is about it now, slowly dropping off with advancing age. At no point there is any sexual attraction, even after 36 months with a homosexual partner. We both share similar fetishes which does not include sex. I compromise on once or twice weekly sex, libido does not function at every sexual encounter, being the submissive there’s a hard limit on anal intercourse, for majority of people in any case, especially having health issues with that area in mind. I find I can go without physical contact indefinitely, romantic contact included, it’s also difficult to place a relationship as a friendship either, while it’s quite the opposite for the significant other. There’s been also a history of health issues surrounding being morbid obesity and generalised fatty liver disease relating to the weight and alcohol. Hormones are normal if the balance favours lower testosterone and slightly high oestrogen, I’ve also had an intersex condition corrected. In between I’ve also got confirmed with Tourette’s-Aspergers and associated co-morbids amongst included major depression-bipolar, OCD migraines etc. Even when all those have been treated with significant changes with diet and daily exercise, libido stays low and no attraction. Discovered being trans-non binary as well.
  4. Telecaster68

    Seeing "hot" people when you are aspec

    But I've never looked in a butcher's window and got a hard on, so I'm still asexual right?
  5. "Apparently." I believe that's known as hepatosexuality...
  6. Telecaster68

    Seeing "hot" people when you are aspec

    Two slices of lightly microwaved liver works best. Apparently.
  7. Mythos1

    Frustrating representation

    I didn't think about that at the time, but I guess you're right. I was going by my own personal experience.
  8. AceMissBehaving

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    I hear you on all everything is tight and hurts always. I think my body is punishing me for all the dumb stuff I did in my teens and 20s
  9. If that ever changes though, a watermelon is a decent choice... better than, say, an apple or a punnet of strawberries. (I'm sorry, I had to go there.)
  10. [noize:injekktion]


    problems everywhere.

  11. Telecaster68

    Seeing "hot" people when you are aspec

    It depends on context. I could sink my teeth into a watermelon forever without wanting to have sex with it, but one converts to the other pretty quickly if it's my lover's neck.
  12. I have a good self esteem so it is not about that. As I said I like my body as it is, I just do not identify with it. I am into girls so it makes sense why I like breasts. Thats why I struggle so much. MY body is basically perfect. WHY would I want to change it? To pretty to be transe? I think I just wanna "LOOK" soft like my art. Curves are soft. It suits my personality. I know I do not need the breasts to look soft, but I want my body to look balanced in proportions. As long as it looks balance and soft it is fine to transition. I have noticed that I like this anime characters that are male, but look so feminine they appear androgynous. I want the softness female has, but not be "girly" if that makes any sense. I am not a big fan of things that are to masculine and box-like. I wanna be a soft person. If you have seen my art it is rather soft-looking. Like that bird in my profile. This youthful softness. I am happy in my skin no matter what tho. I have learned that I will love myself even if I looked like a garbage can. XD Beauty is from the inside and all that But I am not aiming for being ok, I am aiming for epic personality makeover. XD
  13. AVEN frequently has that effect...
  14. AnnaC

    Hello! I’m new!

    Hi everyone, I’m new to AVEN, but not to asexuality. I first found out about asexuality when I was 17, and it’s been a good nine years since then and I’m finally now comfortable in the knowledge that I am asexual. Well, I’m not sure if comfortable is the right word... I know that I’m definitely asexual - sexual attraction is a thing I have never been able to make head or tail of, but I definitely am not comfortable enough to tell anyone in real life that I am. For some reason, I feel like as an asexual person, I don’t really fit in with straight people, or with the wider LGBTQ community. Is that a weird way to feel? I’m also pretty sure (I think?) that I’m biromantic, so I don’t know how to explain myself to people and I don’t dare to go on dates with anyone because I’m afraid of what will happen when they find out. It’s been such a weird, lonely situation to be in, that after a whole 9 years, I’ve finally plucked up the courage and decided to join you all here (the fact that I’m off work with a fever that is likely addling my natural inhibitions is probably helping too). Anyway, thanks for having me, and I look forward to making new friends on here! 🙂
  15. Some sexual people definitely aren't attracted to random strangers on the street. And for some, it can take falling for someone who has reciprocal feelings in order for to experience what's identifiable to them as sexual desire/attraction. There are lots of different ways of experiencing one's sexuality; if you want to have sex with other people, you're sexual. At 16, I'd suggest just keeping an open mind. There's no rush to label yourself.
  16. CBC

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    True, though. 😎 Well, other than it not being a disease haha.
  17. AceMissBehaving


    I once had a gig at a bridal expo, and the free sweets was 100% the best part of the whole thing
  18. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    It’s always frustrating how sunscreen is one extreme or the other!
  19. CBC


    Oh ewww, haha. I'm not even ace and that's all kinds of nope to me.
  20. Strange-quark

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    green 3
  21. Today
  22. Nowhere Girl

    Indifferent Asexuals, A post as Advocacy for them

    But as an asexual, you have just as much of a right to have your political opinion about sex, as does everybody else.
  23. Telecaster68

    Frustrating representation

    For sexual people, it's not a separate thing. They're deeply entwined together.
  24. Lichley

    Excited to see where this goes!

    Welcome! Nice to meet you, have some cake
  25. Lichley

    What a year to come out

    Welcome! Still time to do both and get an awesome new job too
  26. Lichley

    Special Snowflake Says Hello

    Welcome! Oh yeah there’s definitely cake here
  27. Lichley


    Welcome! Saw this and thought of you
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