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  2. Hey, everyone. 💜 I'm not sure what I'm looking for here; I might just need to vent a little bit. I mentioned in a post that I'd recently met someone special, someone that I really care about and want to spend the rest of my life with. Things are getting pretty serious between us, but the one thing that's nagging me is that I'm self-conscious about how I look without makeup. I don't hate my face, nor do I think I look ugly, or that I'm prettier with makeup on--it's just that I'm so used to people seeing me that way. I always wear makeup whenever I leave the house. To top it off, he's even mentioned that I don't have to wear makeup around him, so I don't have much to worry about, it's just...nerve-wrecking, because I guess I worry about how attractive he'll find me. As I said, I don't know what I'm looking for, and posting this on a website devoted to asexuality is probably not helping. I guess maybe...advice? Insight? Console? A way to amp myself up for it? Anything would help. I'm going to wipe off my makeup for him the next time I'm over at his place, like ripping off a band-aid, so I need all the encouragement I can get. 😅 Thanks in advance!
  3. I mean define "sexual desire" sorry I'm confused by the words and meaning 😅 I mean the idea of being that close to someone is nice in the feeling, but I just don't feel sex is the answer? I'm not repulsed by the idea at all, but it just doesn't appeal me in my life? Especially with my past with sex and especially when I lost my virginity not being my choice. Some people have told me it's probably only because of my past with relationships and my fear of getting too close to people then getting hurt. Which is true in a way, but it doesn't stop the fact that sex still isn't my top priority. Thank you by the way for the welcome ❤️ I wanted to ask other people on the asexual spectrum these questions but don't have anyone I am close to that are part of it, and I found this site and decided to jump the shark for my own betterment since it's been bugging me for a while.
  4. Nima

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Dumbledore's wizards envision ludicrous lengths in new Gryffindor scarves.
  5. Strange-quark

    What is a rather strange or rare hobby that you have?

    Oooh that's too true
  6. PoeciMeta

    What is a rather strange or rare hobby that you have?

    Yeah, that and languages. Basically I'm too lazy to push myself to learn that stuff even if I want to. Eh '-'
  7. Lee ✧

    Welcome our new Moderator

    Congratulations! I know you'll be great!
  8. Gabrielle13

    I’m asexual right??

    Alright so I’m almost 16, yes I know I’m young but just hear me out. I have never felt sexually attracted to anyone, at all. I’ve had crushes on guys before and I love gushing over cute guys with my girlfriends. And I love the idea of getting a boyfriend and being in love. I’ve been called a hopeless romantic. But I’ve never been interested in having sex with any guy, even the guys whom I’ve had massive crushes on. I told my mom that and she was like “wait so did you like them or not?”. My whole life I’ve never been able to connect sexual desires/attraction to love/romantic attraction. I was feeling sort of broken until I recently found the term asexual and this site. But I’ve been told that it’s because of my age, or that I just haven’t met the right guy yet?
  9. Lee ✧

    Body hair

    Yeah, aloe is my best friend. That shit moisturizes my skin like nothing else, especially when the seasons change and my skin dries out and starts peeling. 😬
  10. Laplace

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Ugh, such an unseemly and depraved act. What’s next? Head-pats? Scandalous. 😤 I’ve never really held anyone’s hand for a significantly extended period of time beyond instances where it is required of me. I often consider extended physical contact that isn’t actively required by some sort of activity or simple greetings really intimate so I tend to avoid it. Though I guess it’s kinda cozy when animals huddle up to you.
  11. daveb

    Flags and Vexillology

    For me the smileys just show as small 2 letter country codes.
  12. Phie

    I need help for my book

    for context, I'm still not quite sure, but basically I don't think I feel sexual attraction to people, I don't know if I've ever felt strong romantic attraction, I'm sure I can find pretty much anyone aesthetically appealing and I seem to have a preference for girls in general (I connect to girls way better, I'm generally either fine with physical contact or like it when I know her well enough, physical contact with guys feels weird or outright repulsive, things like that) What made me question in the first place was a relationship with a guy (it really disgusted me and I felt broken, like I could never truly love anyone), then I was asked if I was into girls a few times and it really confused me how anyone could think that Especially in the beginning, I felt like I was faking something (and guilty about it) because I started questioning my sexuality at a time when most of my friends seemed to be very sure of theirs already (several friends had come out to me years before, as pan/bi/gay/ace) and I thought I knew all about the different orientations. Looking back, there are quite a few things that make more sense to me now , but I keep thinking "what if you're overanalyzing things because you just want to feel special?" Every so often, I find myself looking at almost every stranger I see on public transport and asking myself whether I would like to sleep with them or kiss them or go on a date with them and so on, that goes on for a few days at a time and I end up exactly where I started, I hate when it happens I'm out as "not straight" to a few people at uni who are also not straight and that feels very nice because we can relate to each other and they don't assume I want to get married to a man one day and have children (most other people in my life do, to varying degrees), I've realized how much I have always tried to appear "normal" to other people (and to myself) and it's very liberating to be able to drop that pretense hope this helps you, I'd love to read your book one day
  13. NordicNoir

    One random word in Alphabetical order

  14. NordicNoir

    Word association game

  15. NordicNoir

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! I am actually not a fan if al dente anything. Cilantro/koriander?
  16. Gentle Giant

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for getting caught by Mr. Whipple for squeezing the Charmin.
  17. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    That's not very fair. Besides, I think you're forgetting about political offices.
  18. CustardCream

    Quickly, Before They See!

  19. Have some ascii cake as a welcome: $$ $$ $$ __||__||__||__ |* * * * * * * *| |* * * * * * * *| |* * * * * * * *| |______________| It seems that what you assume to be sexual attraction is simply aesthetic attraction. You certainly seem to be ace and probably feel romantic attraction. Kissing and hugging and such can also be classified as sensual attraction, so you may be asensual. P.S. Most aces don't have control over what they find attractive. That would be like being *able* to not find puppies cute. It isn't only allosexual to find someone handsome or pretty. P.P.S. You mentioned random arousal and masturbation. Plenty of Aces masturbate and feel arousal. Libido and arousal aren't necessarily attached to sexual attraction.
  20. Friendly llamas often yodel daily.
  21. Blue kafka

    Hello... I’m new here. Anyone from south east asia?

    Thank you for the cake! it looks awesome 🤩 and about the QPR, i’ve heard about it before but totally forgot what its called. I thought it was called QCP (me and my short time memories), no wonder i couldn’t find it anywhere. i’ll look more into it now. Thank you so much for the info.
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  23. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  24. argar

    Word association game

    No Disassemble
  25. If it doesn't affect your work, it's none of your employer's business. If they ask you where you see yourself in 5 years, focus on the job at hand and project yourself into that company. If they ask whether your reliability will be affected by anything, simply say no. I don't see why an employer would ask if you're taking any courses since that is your free time. Mentioning it can hurt your chances, as an employer could mistakenly feel you won't be reliable because of it. Especially if said education would then make you over-qualified for the position. You then look like you're using the role as a mere stepping stone, and will be a "fly by night" employee.
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