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  2. I can’t speak for outside the US but the average is a little misleading here... in big cities, especially, there are a good number of jobs - executive-level businessperson, small business owner (in certain fields), medical doctor (in some disciplines), attorney - that pay well enough that a million dollars is roughly 1-2 years’ pay. A level down from that you have people for whom it would be 3-5 years’ pay. That’s offset by the larger number of people working minimum wage jobs in labor-intense fields. Point being, the people for whom it’s just a few years’ savings are not only found in “rarified air” jobs almost no one actually holds.
  3. lowLifeLoner

    #Asexual advantages

    I'm not constantly thinking about how the girl sitting over the room is "hot". Instead I can focus all of my energy on thinking about far more interesting things, like lunch.
  4. James121

    College roommates and sex

    Can’t you agree with them that they will notify you of likely visits so you can leave?
  5. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    We have Coronation Cake in Canada.
  6. Just Dani

    a gender positive thread

    That's cool! I've never been to one of those, but I have heard of them! 😃
  7. Midland Tyke

    anyone past 50 on here?

    For those who don't want to waste time, Coronation Chicken was created to celebrate the coronation of the current Queen, back in the early 1950s. Coronation chicken sandwiches and sandwich filling is very commonly available in the UK.
  8. Yes if it’s with a sexual person, no if it isn’t
  9. Evren

    Life Hacks

    Omg seriously? This is life changing.
  10. greyisnotacolor

    Tips for coming out to a prospective partner?

    This is honestly a tough one, and I say this from a place of real study and trying to figure out the best way to do this exact thing you are trying to do. The truth is: there is no 'right time' to tell someone about your asexuality. When you build a relationship with someone whether it is friendship, potential partnership, business, all of it can be based off of a first impression, or a long term connection. You would tell a friendly girlfriend you're into Taylor Swift, but you might not tell your crush that. They don't need to know, so why disclose it, right? When I came out to my boyfriend as asexual, the discovery of asexuality was a joint effort. I didn't even know I was asexual until he brought it into our relationship as a solution to some of the sexual problems we were having in the bedroom. After doing my own research and discovering that this was exactly what was happening to me...it took us a long time to figure out what the next steps to our relationship would be. He wants children and a family, is very sexual and I am not. I'd like kids, but I'm not in a terrible hurry; plus, I'm a big advocate for adoption and he really wants a batch of his own. Coming out as asexual tested our relationship in ways we hadn't imagined, and by this time we were already into it two whole years. It's been a year since my asexual discovery of myself and we're still together. We have a schedule, work through the bumps in our relationship by really talking things out (even though I still have a hard time with it myself) but I do remember feeling a bit scared when I asked him what he would have thought of me if I'd known I was asexual before meeting him. Would he still be with me today? He thought about it for a long time, but his honest answer to me would have been no. Sex is important to him, and even though it might be hard for us as asexuals to understand that, we still need to try. Part of me feels like telling you this doesn't seem to really help answer your question, but the more you know, the better you can judge for yourself what the best route is for you. The right person, no matter when you tell them will figure out a way to make it work. Everyone is different and it's up to you to determine for yourself when is the right time for YOU, and perhaps also for the person you're interested in.
  11. Remmirath

    Stanley Cup 2019 playoffs

    Those are also what I'm hoping for, but I'm concerned that the Blues might make it further (although not, I think, past the Sharks). The Sharks I'm expecting to go all the way to the final at this point; that last game against the Knights really felt like it should've been the last game of the conference final, not the first round. Given the way things have gone I could very well be wrong, but those definitely looked like the two strongest teams in the west. Absolutely everything I predicted for the first round was wrong. I am hoping to be less wrong this time.
  12. Vee.

    #Asexual advantages

    Considering the thought of ever producing offspring biologically horrifies me anyway I’d say it’s good that I’m more than happy to avoid the means of doing so (as well as for picking up STDs and whatever else). If anything, the only part of it that “sucks” is living in a sex-obsessed society.
  13. I would do a lot of 'immoral' things for $1m, despite being asexual. Apologies, I'm switched to maximum female at the moment and it's playing havoc with my libido.
  14. CajunAce

    #Asexual advantages

    More sleep
  15. You need to add 3 words to complete the sentence.... ”in my opinion”
  16. Midland Tyke

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Huh! You can talk! 😛
  17. Perspektiv

    Master Trump Thread

    I thought it was dotard Donald..
  18. I’m definitely missing something here. You are the second person to claim that $1,000,000 may not be a lot. Assuming the average wage in the USA is say $50,000 per year, and assuming you pay some tax and end up with $35,000 in your pocket, it would take 29 years to save $1,000,000 and that assumes that you bought absolutely nothing along the way. On what planet is $1,000,000 not a load of money?
  19. CustardCream

    #Asexual advantages

    Being sex repulsed must suck. It's hard enough being sex neutral...
  20. The simple answer is: no, you are NOT selfish for wanting a romantic relationship. You identify as a romantic person, but with asexual desires. You have needs too, and you are absolutely allowed to feel the way you feel and need the things you need in order to make you happy! In terms of translating that through to a partner in a relationship, that's where the hard, hard, HARD work comes in. In order to even begin to chip away at that hard work, you need to determine whether or not both of you are willing to sacrifice some things in order to balance out the work load. It's not unlike a conventional relationship, but there are certainly a few more boundaries that need to be discussed, but overall a successful relationship for a romantic asexual is absolutely possible. I myself am in a relationship with a very sexual person, and we talk about this topic very often. We check in with one another and do our best to stay on the same page about where our needs are at and making sure we're being 'fair' to both parties: yes, there is scheduled sex and yes, if sometimes that scheduled sex isn't feeling right for me, he knows to give me a bit of space about it. But the bottom line is that we're both in this together, and we love the be-jesus out of each other. We just had to experiment with a few different options regarding the sex part in order to find something that worked for our relationship. Now. Some sexual folks won't be able to forfeit that time and energy for that sort of relationship, and as asexuals we need to be prepared for that. We would want the same from them so there should be some level of give and take from you, too. The reality/unfortunate thing about being asexual is that it can be very lonely at times. It's easy to fall into a state of feeling as though you're not worthy or that you're broken, and that's not fair to the rest of you that is amazing! It happens to me often, and it's not a fun feeling. But you should never feel selfish for knowing who you are and what you're willing and capable of, sex or no sex.
  21. Vee.

    #Asexual advantages

    Knowing about all of the sex-related problems that often occur in relationships I can hardly even express how thankful I am that my SO and I are both aces who don’t care for such things. I’m not against folks who have “mixed” or poly relationships (as long as you’re respectful and responsible then you do you), but I don’t think I could ever be comfortable in one myself. I’m highly sex-repulsed so “compromise” would be a big nope for me.
  22. I don't know why it's so off limits - I can understand fellow asexuals saying no (if I was sex repulsed or aromantic I'd feel the same) but I can't understand single sexuals or sex neutral/positive aces refusing a really great offer...
  23. That matches what I've heard from other people and matches how I feel. So... I wonder why so many people have such an extremely negative view of prostitution? (if this is getting to off-topic, I"m happy to take it somewhere else). There seems to still be a large stigma against sex work - but there also seem to be a lot of people who would do it. I'm a romantic sexual but assuming it was OK in my relationship, I would be willing to have sex with someone else at some price.
  24. CustardCream

    #Asexual advantages

    That sounds surprisingly pleasant. But it's not going to happen for me. Not with my (sexual) partner anyway...
  25. Vee.

    • Vee.
    • Chocolatedevil00

    You should do avatar changes throughout the year of different festive rubber duckies for every season!

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