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  2. You can get there through this link: https://www.asexuality.org/en/arrowchat/public/popout/?cid=1&ah=1 It does have have a bit of a funny thing where you have to be logged into aven on your phone to access it, so sometimes you might have to click the link while looking at say this thread while broswing on your phone logged in.
  3. timewarp

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not providing fur-ther explanations.
  4. timewarp

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue four.
  5. •◡•

    Me and my history.

    Welcome, thank you for sharing your story Have some cake,
  6. Tampons/pads end up as landfills and they wont biodegrade for centuries. Many people flush tampons/pads despite being told not to and they end up in rivers and oceans and harm the aquatic animals. They kill planet, but slowly. I tried making old school version of reusable pads in the beginning for years but eventually couldn't do it and just started using disposable pads (been years). I feel terrible about it and I am planning to try reusable pads/underwears. I can find them only in N America and I forgot to buy them last year when I was in the states *facepalm* Thanks to this thread, I will now see if I can order internationally
  7. KrystalLost

    Share the time you came out as ACE to a date.

    I liked a dude i had known for years and cut him off because i hate crushes. Romance ruins friendship tada.
  8. AceMissBehaving

    Just checking my understanding

    Sounds perfectly possible to me
  9. Marcin

    I hate romance

    Romance seems to be just a kink like any other. Problem is, it became privileged, so random people get caught in that all the time without giving consent. If all those annoying romancers got pushed into BDSM world where they belong, whole concept would stop harming people who are not interested. Romancers could use some lessons about consent and negotiations from other kinksters anyway 😺
  10. Grey-Ace Ventura

    Just checking my understanding

    It depends on how the people in the relationship see it, but it's definitely possible.
  11. Grey-Ace Ventura

    What does it meant to say “my everything”

    Well yeah, as @RoseGoesToYale said, someone's partner isn't literally everything. That's just impossible. I take it to mean "I love you so much that losing you would feel like losing everything." Personally, I haven't felt this way about anyone romantically, but I do feel this way about my best friend. I would say he's my everything.
  12. So, I don’t know how else to word this, but is it possible to have a romantic relationship with someone that is just cuddles and hanging out, watching movies, going on walks and whatnot, etc. Or is that just a cuddle buddy/friend?
  13. Dr. Beat

    TV shows no one else seems to know

    the Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. It's an animated Felix the Cat series from the 90's, it's surreal and weird as heck, and I freaking love it
  14. All my ace meetups have been awkward. I was friends with aces online and knew them well, yet it was awkward. I am an introvert and most aces are introverts and this might have been a contributing factor. I dont think anything of it, I would love to meet them again if I could despite the awkwardness.... maybe we wont be awkward next time I dont jump and get excited when I see another ace. Asexuality is only a small part of my identity, I don't like making a big deal of it. Thankfully, none of my ace friends (AVENites) make a big deal of it. And if anyone gets over excited because I am asexual, eww, I would be embarrassed and stay away from them. Try hunting for cakes instead. One day you will find yourself trapped by another asexual
  15. Hunji Qi

    Interview the person below you

    Awwww I have two cats too! A huge white Persian named Snowy and a snowshoe named Minie.
  16. How do I get AVEN chat on mobile? Or am I retarded?
  17. It could be multiple stories with different people or whatever. I feel like coming out to a normie you're (hetero)romantically interested in is especially challenging, and I am curious to know how others have done it. I want to know, what was the moment in your life when you thought: "it's time that I explain why I act different" Maybe you used the word asexual, or you said you don't experience attraction, or maybe you said "demi sexual" or anything else! Did the date reject you or accept you? Did a friendship begin or end? Did a relationship ever come of it? Thank you in advance!
  18. I’m 44 and I get that everyday. Relatives constantly asking, “Are you seeing anyone?” ”Don’t give up.” ”Pray for a good man.” It’s a lot of pressure. I have opportunities to date. I just can’t muster up the desire to go on one more date. It’s such a chore. But as my dad is getting up in age I’m paranoid about failing him by not allowing him to have walked me down the aisle and not giving my parents a grandchild.
  19. I don’t care. I’m not broken. Let’s be friends.
  20. I would prefer tampons, but one got stuck inside of me once and... ow. There was something pink and rope like (but very much attached to my body) wrapped around it when I tried to remove it and that was honestly the worst experience ever trying to get it out. So, I use pads now. I tried a cup but it leaked too much and I constantly had bloody undies. It only worked for about 3 hours until it was empty it or leak. I couldn't be bothered to do it that often. Plus, bloody hands to empty it was gross, especially in public restrooms. Not tried any other products like reuseable because putting blood covered pads in with clothes sounds ... dangerous for the other clothes.
  21. I am not saying that that is incorrect. But the Sun Belt--the population in the South growing while the population in other regions declined--might have played a little part. More people means more Electors to whoever wins a state in a presidential election, more representatives in Congress, etc. And at least one book I have encountered concludes, after a close examination of voter registrations and other records, that it was suburban sprawl in the South, not racism, that led to Republican dominance. Just some things to think about. The evidence seems clear to me that some Democrats--who eventually took control of the party--made a conscious choice to abandon New Deal / Great Society economic policies. Even if they did not intentionally or unintentionally "abandon" a class of voters (although I vaguely recall reading about one communication that specifically said that that should be part of the strategy), it seems to me that the fact that they forgot about a reliable part of their traditional base cannot be easily dismissed. If you feel like one party is ignoring you and the other is listening to you, you are likely to vote for the latter, even that is not in your best interest. I think that these days everything is poll-driven. That did not work well for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is about who people trust, who connects with them, etc. Calling a significant portion of voters "deplorables" is probably not a good idea if you need people to trust you and believe in you. It may all be a self-fulfilling prophecy: you decide that you are going to bet everything on the support of certain demographic categories; those demographic categories are to a great extent racial; people outside of those categories look elsewhere for leaders who represent their interests; those leaders play the race card to galvanize their new base; and what really is about economic security for everybody in every demographic category turns into a culture war over race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Let's end the culture wars and then see what the voting behavior of white working class people is like. My guess is that it would result not in racists voting with their bigotry but, rather, diverse groups finding solidarity between themselves. That is probably one of the last things that the elites in either major party want to see.
  22. Audrey03

    Does anyone have a "Ace Anthem"?

    "Myself" by Bazzi (it's such a good song and it gives me asexual vibes; what's not to love!) also "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You," but I discovered that through this thread, so.
  23. Blake23

    Body hair

    Lucky you 😂
  24. Blake23

    Body hair

    Oh lol to each their own nicenice Ive stopped shaving down there 😂
  25. Today
  26. pma01

    Body hair

    I have never had any itching or irritation
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