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  2. Ess-Kat


    Hello there. Welcome! I read that book it was very good--help me understand when I was learning about asexuality. Here is a small ( but still tasty) cake 🎂. It tradition to give one. If you ever want to chat, I'm open 😄
  3. Semisweet

    anyone past 50 on here?

    I still pay most bills by check and make only one recurring payment by credit card. I used to pay cash for most small purchases but now do more of those by credit card to accumulate rewards points that I then forget I have. And I don’t have a debit card (never wanted one), only an ATM card; I suspect many people are unaware you can even get just an ATM card, because banks never seem to volunteer that.
  4. Twist722


    It's fading (I think) but I had that feeling today of my mind being pulled in too many directions. Very uncomfortable 😕

  5. I've been aromantic all my life even though I figured out I was asexual twelve years beforehand. In my 20s even before the majority of my social circle were getting engaged and married, I had no interest in marriage or fathering children. It wasn't until I was 44 when things changed for me. I can see how that 'development' might affect your relationship. You obviously want to be with the other person, but does that include child rearing? This will sound crude, but it sounds like that wasn't what you signed up for. Did you ever have any desire to have children of your own? Right there that could cause some incompatibilty with your squish. No different than an ace and a sexual person.
  6. RoseGoesToYale


    Well, my complex solved the under-eve wasp issue. By sending poor workers up a ladder wearing short sleeved shirts and armed with nothing but tree branches and having them start swatting. While it was raining, too. This is why my state's labor laws are shit. 

    1. Ardoise


      I've been chased by a swarm of wasps, and I've stepped on a hornet barefoot, so I sympathize with those poor people.

  7. Pinball Wizard


    Indeed, and thanks!
  8. Marcin

    Hey Friends! Let's Connect.

    My field is software development and I'd love to do something, just don't have any viable ideas at the moment. I've worked with artists in the past though. And yeah, feel free to message me here, we can talk more in private, I'm curious about your digital works and your indie plans!
  9. Ardoise

    what name do i put to it?

    "Genderfluid" is a label that might suit you.
  10. Ardoise


    I've read that book too. It's excellent. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Did you pick up an English accent upon moving there? My grandmother emigrated from Birmingham to a town west of Belleville before WWI. She was quite young at the time. Her and her older brother got teased at school because they talked funny. She died when she was around 90 and still had the accent.
  12. I have pelvic floor dysfunction and spent an hour trying to get a cup out. (After only minutes of it being in - it was too excruciating.) I genuinely though I’d have to go to the hospital to have it removed, I was so panicked that I couldn’t get it out. Immediately threw the brand new cup out, as I clearly can’t use them.
  13. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Most purchases are credit card. Some small ones cash. Maybe one cheque every couple of months.
  14. Pinball Wizard


    Came here from The Invisible Orientation by Julie Decker. I'm am gushing with joy that I found validation through a book and was led to a whole community setting such as this. Cool beans!
  15. Una Salus Victus

    Flags and Vexillology

    The Australian and New Zealand flags are almost identical except for a few little differences, so it's sorta understandable when people get them mixed up
  16. Una Salus Victus

    Nineties internet nostalgia, anyone?

    While having a computer most of the time we didn't have internet until the early 2000's and it was pretty intermittent when we had it. I can't really remember too much about the internet itself though. If anything I'd be more into the retro gaming side of thigns
  17. oldgeeza

    Homeless issue

    It's not just an issue in the US, it's happening everywhere, it's as bad here in the UK too, over here, I blame people of my age group, they bought homes, selling them on quickly to make a profit on them, now, there's loads of empty properties, properties owned by the banks/building societies/lenders that can't be sold due to the outrageous prices being asked for properties, over here, a previous government sold all the council properties in the late 70's, early 80's, again, the people of my age bracket bought them, sold them, moved on to something bigger, not necessarily better, mortgages were being given away at much higher amounts than they should have, then we had the big, worldwide recession of 2007/8 which we haven't really recovered from, many are still paying negative equity on their properties, some let their homes go, then the greedy landlords came in buying to let, they had the money, now they let the properties out, don't maintain them properly, charge an absolute fortune in rent, wages aren't high enough to cover the costs of rent, people can't save enough for a deposit on a home of their own, outpriced by rent, they end up on the streets, all of this started off by greed, I'm sorry to say that over here, it was mainly people who are now in their 50's and older that are the cause of this, I live in the same studio apartment I bought back in 1996, I spent over 75k renovating the property, if I were to sell it, due to the location, I may be lucky enough to get 50k for it when it's all complete, do I care? no, do I want to buy something else? no, it's big enough for my needs, okay the area isn't the best, the location isn't the best for me for work, but with all I've done to the place, if I moved, I'd only have to start again as my place is totally individual, it's not like anywhwere else I've seen or lived in, it appeals to some, others hate it because it's small and very basic, but I don't want to sign myself back into debt with another mortgage, especially at my age, and, although I've spent a small fortune on my home, I did it to live in, not to sell, not to make a profit, possibly why I'm brassic all the time. It's the case of the rich getting richer by taking away from the ones that should be making them richer, to the point where they make people homeless, governments help support that too, but then, you have to ask yourself, when do you see a poor politician, CEO, banker etc, even sports stars, movie stars, musicians etc, we even have the Times rich list published every year, if I had the money of Trump, May, Blair, Merkel, Tusk, Putin etc, I'd be putting my money to good use, especially as I know I could look after all those around me financially and still never get to spending a small part of my fortune in my lifetime.
  18. If anyone has a Fitbit, there is a section on the app for female health. Meaning that it shows you are at in your cycle. So far mine has been accurate but other times I have to edit the start and end dates. Since I see it every day(I check to see what my sleep has been like), I can also see how many days I got until it starts again.
  19. MochaBaye

    Hey Friends! Let's Connect.

    Hey @Marcin. I am not sure where home will be. This is why I'm working to transition to be location indie; to be able to explore. At the moment, I'm working on developing digitally rendered works, to then use. I've yet to sort the exact merch. Have you done, or plan to do something similar? Let's talk/message. I'm always interested in connecting with entrepreneurs (or aspiring), artist, etc.
  20. disGraceful


    Copying Cereal. Ask me anything! https://curiouscat.me/KimchiPeanut

  21. Nick2

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Me too. 100 today but a cold front is coming in the next few hours. Storms on the way.
  22. I am so glad I have no car and don't need to worry about stashing pads, parking, gas prices*, insurance, being able to harm an innocent person... *As a diehard non-motorist, I have no idea how much does gas cost...
  23. Just to mention, some women may still find themselves unable to comfortably/safely/painlessly use them. Particularly anatomical virgins with a very small opening.
  24. Balance


    Thanks. I'd never heard of Telstar, and I grew up in NJ! I heard of Bell Labs but didn't know they did anything like that (other than general phone technology). The things you never hear about from before you were born...
  25. AceQuinn

    How common is the black ring?

    I found a ring that my mum didn’t want anymore and I painted it black and put clear nail polish on it. Simple black ring. I wear it everyday now.
  26. I haven't been putting much thought into this until a few weeks ago when I started going on Tumblr, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I don't know if I'm a cis-female who's simply a tomboy, or genderflux. I mean, ever since I was little, I was always a bit of a tomboy. I never liked makeup or dresses or anything like that. I never had dolls or wanted to be a princess or anything like that. I also liked being called a tomboy and identified myself as one. But as of late, sometimes I feel 100% female but other times I feel mostly female, or at least I think I do. I use she/her pronouns, I like to label myself as a female, I also often call myself a woman, but there are some days where I feel like a demigirl? Before I discovered genderflux, I entertained the idea of being a genderfluid demigirl, as in I switch between being a female and a demigirl. The thing is though is that sometimes it felt right, but other times not quite? Sometimes it feels foreign to label myself as genderflux/genderfluid/demigirl, but other times I feel okay towards it? 2 days ago when I discovered genderflux, it was a mix of "that's what I'm feeling? that's my possible identity?!" and feeling really intimidated by it. Like, I felt stressed about it. It made sense but it also feels kind of scary? I'd even say it felt wrong? So I don't know if that means I'm cis, or if it's just me being afraid of the idea of being nonbinary and being in that minority. It feels intimidating for me, to be completely honest. Like, I feel like it would be weird to identify as such or something. Like I would stick out like a sore thumb amongst others. And I'll be honest, sometimes I feel intimidated by this because the people I look up to and admire (my favorite YouTubers, artists, etc) are cis as far as I know and for some reason the idea of being something else scares me? I mean I'm already asexual so I'm apart of LGBT I think, so I guess it wouldn't make much of a difference. I wanna say that I should wait and give it time and not worry about it and eventually I'll realize my identity. But I'm really impatient. I also had a few moments of me feeling like a guy, I think, so maybe it's genderfluid? The thing is with being afab is that I don't know if I disagree with being a female, or disagree with the stereotype of being a female. I hate the word gender roles with a passion because I feel like it's telling me I'm expected to be the ancient world view of what a woman should be. You know, being submissive to men, taking care of the household, never going outside, having kids, being a mother...the idea of it makes me want to vomit my guts out. And the thing is also is that I don't believe that all feminine men are nonbinary or gay, or all tomboys are nonbinary. And honestly, I'm really really worried that I want to be nonbinary just to get attention and support or something. It's also worth noting that I have OCD so maybe these are just symptoms of it? Maybe I should take a break from looking at gender stuff so I could see if I'm actually feeling this way?
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