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  2. Anthracite_Impreza

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    As I said, I've been called delusional on here before. Which is odd, because I've told two therapists and neither sectioned me.
  3. daveb

    a gender positive thread

    Got back home yesterday after spending about 2 and a half days en femme (might post pics when I get some, if they look okay). I had a good time. But also happy to be home now.
  4. Stralen

    Game of Thrones! [spoilers, probably]

    Well, I don't mind the endings themselves but rather the execution... Feels kinda anti- climactic? It's boring; episode 5 remains my favourite of season 8... Yay, I guess... Considering that it's everyone's least favourite episode. XD OK THAT IS ALL. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY REVIEW. I MIGHT WRITE SOMETHING MORE PROPER AFTER REWATCHING, BUT I'M NOT SURE IF I WANT TO. I DON'T HATE SEASON 8, BUT IT'S OVERALL MEDIOCRE COMPARED TO THE EARLIER SEASONS WHEN I WAS CRYING AND SCREAMING A LOT... NOW IT'S JUST A BIG FAT MEH. IF ANYTHING, I FEEL LIKE READING THE BOOKS NOW TO SEE HOW ALL OF THIS EXPAND TO THE INEVITABLE END.
  5. Sort of off topic, but sometimes I wonder how intense some people's concept of "friend" is. Am I allowed to call someone a friend, or even a close friend, if I don't want to give them keys to my house or lend them my credit card? Does it make me a bad friend to not offer to wash someone else's dishes at least half the time? I feel like I can go several weeks without seeing the same friend, so are they really my friend, or am I just a bad person?
  6. Telecaster68

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Nope, too tightly modded...
  7. BeakLove

    The Fate of a Male Hetero Asexual in the USA

    Funnily enough I just edited my post above to say much the same. I don't disagree. It's not a matchmaking forum but by its very nature it brings people together who presumably have similar experiences. Although I guess given 60-70% of the discussions on here are arguing over definitions I suppose that's not a claim that can be made confidently.
  8. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    I had a great time with @faraday☘ visiting me the last week plus! Now getting back to "real life".
  9. Snao Cone

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    ...I am so glad I'm not entwined in a heterosexual lifestyle where I'd have to look for a male partner among people who believe those things.
  10. CelesteAdAstra

    Community for Fictoromantics?

    This thread may be a bit old, but it seems like the perfect place to write down my emotions. I consider myself to be mostly fictoromantic - most of the people I have been romantically attracted to have either been from movies or books. I agree with everyone on this thread who has said that they don't feel like a normal fandom is a good place to share their love, because being fictoromantic or -sexual is so different from having normal crushes on characters. I, too, have had crushes, on fictional and real people alike. But deeper love? I have only found that in fictional characters. Joining a fandom where everyone objectifies your love interest and constantly talks about how hot they are, that is an awful feeling. It feels so much better to find other fictoromantics here who share the sincerity and depth in affection that fandoms are lacking. To me, falling in love with a fictional character has never been about fearing relationships, as some could assume. No, it's simply that I have always seen something in my fictional love interests that I have never found in real people. It's just like any other orientation: the attraction is innate and I can't change it. If I could make my beloved real, heaven knows I would do so and sacrifice a lot for it. Too many nights, I have cried because my love is not real and I can not be with him, because he suffers and I can not dry his tears. Maybe I fall for them because I, myself, feel like I am out of this world? Maybe it's because I feel misplaced in the modern age (most love interests have been from historical or fantasy movies). Maybe I'm just unlucky and my "type" doesn't exist anymore or never did. Whatever it is, and however sad it can sometimes be, knowing there's someone whom I love deeply and care so much for makes me happier than anything else. Living in my head, in the end it may really be enough. Like some of you have said, I don't feel any connection to the actors portraying love interests either. They are such different people, and it's really the personality that makes them so beautiful. Seeing the actor - this person who shares my fictional SO's face, but not their personality or soul - feels really weird sometimes and never gives me butterflies. I'd really love it if there were a forum just for fictoromantics and -sexuals. Sadly I'm too lazy to make one myself, but if anyone would do it, you could count me in 😂 Until then, this thread could be considered a start, I guess. And by the by, OP, I really love your blog 👍
  11. Telecaster68

    The Fate of a Male Hetero Asexual in the USA

    It's not what they're for though. If you want to get to know someone better, you have to take the initiative yourself and PM them. It's really not too onerous.
  12. ByeYall!


    Maniac Cop is a masterpiece of schlock cinema. I love it!.😂

  13. *snorts* I’m agnostic. It’s a broad thing, not a you thing.
  14. Dreamsexual

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Why do I feel like some people would just be a lot more comfortable telling me the correct label for people like me is 'mental', lol You're just too polite here.
  15. @Calligraphette_Coe If I may? *hug* I hope that everything with the oral surgeon goes well. So true...
  16. BeakLove

    The Fate of a Male Hetero Asexual in the USA

    I've often thought this!!!!!!!!!! Sex is an easy, quick way of connecting with someone. And it's pleasurable. It's a jump start to get things going and see if they can work out. After all, every relationship (of any stripe) has to start with having something in common: why not enjoying boning?? But on many forums, as you said, people often discuss their difficulties in relating to others, and how they wish there were more people like them, how they'll never find anyone and it's a bit like: how odd that a bunch of people who share the same interest and loneliness don't make the first move and actually engage. You have to make an effort to get know others and invest time without it necessarily paying off. I think sometimes people expect it to just come to them.
  17. Agreed. As someone who doesn’t believe but who also accepts that none of us can prove either argument I’m just willing to concede that... it’s not up to me? Something like that.
  18. CajunAce


    I've been playing Sims 4 for the past few weeks. I even made up a little "story" with one of my sims:

    Theresa Avalos is a runaway teen, but luckily she loves to dig and collect stuff. She makes money off of frogs, rocks, and fish for awhile. Then, she becomes friendly with the Bro Household and moves herself into their home. Theresa becomes especially close to one of the 4 bros. They get flirty and woohoo while out on a camping trip. She moves in. Theresa loves all the access to busloads of money, so she decides to kill the household and keep it all to herself. Her baby is eventually taken away. Theresa's next victims are the Landgrabs. Most are killed in a tragic accidental fire, except for the young man who escaped death. Theresa starts to date yet another man, but decides that an easier way to get money is to become a vampire. She now lives in an underground lair and forces her two still alive lovers to sleep in the same bed and be her blood bags.

  19. Star Lion

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Very good point
  20. Dreamsexual

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Not in serious literature on the topic, imho.
  21. Star Lion

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    I don’t agree with any of this. There is a clear definition of what a person is
  22. Anthracite_Impreza

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    You know I disagree with your anthrocentrism already @Star Lion, so I'm not gonna argue. Just gonna remind you that your opinion is your opinion, not absolute authority. I actually don't see objects as people; if I did I couldn't be attracted to them nor would I be as comfortable in their presence. The fact that machines are machines is exactly why we get on so well. I simply don't see someone as needing to be a 'person' to be worthy of respect and love.
  23. Bunny_


    Fingers crossed they do accept me...if not just regular counselling will have to do!
  24. Dreamsexual

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Pretty much settles the whole argument right there. A big 'if'. Edit: A lot of objectums are somewhat animistic (or maybe some form of panpsychist)
  25. Skullery Maid

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Right. Which is what I had just defined? If the only argument in favor of objects being people is that some people feel feelings for them... not good enough. The traits would have to come from the object itself, not the viewer. I don't disagree that gods and spirits would be people if they were real, but the mere fact that you can conceive of a possible being doesn't make that conception, which exists only in your head, a person.
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