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  2. Una Salus Victus

    Recommend me .. a beach! Holidays!

    Oh we have plenty of nice beaches around here. Even the Noosa National Park is along the coast which is sorta nice too.
  3. Gahlah

    Recommend me .. a beach! Holidays!

    I didn't get much in terms of holidays last year, and this year I NEED to go to the beach! I need to paddle in water! Get sand in my luggage for weeks! Problem? I've not been to many beach holidays in my life, and I need recommendations. Where am I leaving from? Scotland Can I drive? Heck nope What's your budget? Three buttons and maybe a peanut What beaches have you been to? Rimini, Italy aaaand that's about it, really What do you need? BEACH Seriously, do you need nightlife or anything?: No. I need a beach I can use and not look stupid using. What ratings are you looking at? 4-5 star, 4-5 levels of recommendations What counties have you looked at so far? Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia Any countries you don't want to go to? I was looking at Tunisia as the beaches look great, but the Home Office travel warnings are scary. I'd prefer not to go to Greece for personal reasons. Travelling alone? Yes, I like setting my own pace and wandering into weird shops at my own time RECOMMEND AWAY!
  4. banana monkey

    Feeling Lonely

    Ok, so from these comments I dont know if I have understood correctly anymore. Is it that you are definately asexual or is it that you are not ready for sex right now because there is a hell of a lot of difference and it will make a complete difference to how he is likely to react and any decision he has to make so you need to make clear to him which it is. I dont really know how to tell someone, given that I tried and failed and also failed to get them to understand my gray romanticism. I would advise against leaving the ace label off but what I mean by that is that even if you do (because he may not know the label anyway) you need to explain the label thoroughly. Something along the lines of: - There is a group of people who are not sexually attracted to other people. They dont desire sex and wont ever desire sex ever. I needed to tell you that I belong to this group of people. I am not sexually attracted to people. I have never been sexually attracted to any other person ever and i dont think I ever will be. If it helps you can explain that its not him, it would not matter who it was as you will never experience it and never have. It may help to explain its an orientation like homosexuality if you are comfortable with that (so he knows he is not attracted to men and never will be, and you are similar but with you it is the same for all sexes). You then need to explain what this means for your relationship, Personally I think its important here that you try to distinguish between the desire to have sex and the willingness to physically have it. I say this because some sexuals feel really uncomfortable having sex with someone who doesnt sexually desire them and that's something he may not feel able to do. You need to discuss how he feels about you being asexual and the various options for your relationship with him, in order to compromise. Basically you need to tell him what you feel able to do, and what you definately cant compromise on. He needs to be allowed to think about the various options and decide what he is comfortable with too and what he needs sexually then you see if enough matches so to speak. I wrote a load more but prehaps its better for someone who has been in a longer relationship or a sexual partner to comment here about compromise and the options for it. They are probably more qualified than me. You need to remember he may take it personally, that's natural and kinda unavoidable. (I believe its common) but he needs to understand fully what this means so that he can make an informed decision about whether he feels able to continue the relationship so you need to be very blunt with him even if it feels harsh. Also, its better not to tell him maybe down the line x will be ok unless you are sure it will be. It will give him false hope otherwise, and any decision to stay in a relationship may be different if he knows he will have sex one day rather than possibly never having it. Also, there is the question of "i'm ok with only making out just now but how long will it be before we do have sex then? How long will I have to wait? Most sexuals cant wait forever. (He will have an idea of how long he can wait and will probably make a decision on whether to continue based on that).
  5. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    Kura's Animal Crossing New Leaf Literal Let's Play

    By the way, I was looking at a list of all the Public Works Projects, to see which ones I'd like best. There's a limit of 30 [the Reset Centre doesn't count for some reason], so, as usual, I made a list: Bridge 2 [complete] Bridge 3 [complete] Campsite [complete] Museum Second Floor [complete] Club LOL [complete] Cafe [complete, almost] Dream Suite Fortune Teller Police Station Hammock Zen Bell Picnic Blanket Flower Clock Drinking Fountain Fence Statue Fountain Street Lamp Water Well Hot Spring Balloon Arc/Flower Arc Custom Design Sign Log Bench Campfire Flower Bed Jungle Gym Zen Garden Pyramid Sphinx Stonehenge Totem Pole Most of these aren't available yet, but that's okay. Once the Cafe's set up, I'll start on some of the others that can be built now.
  6. Slice of Ace

    Slice of Ace YouTube channel discussion

    Bonus video! My extended thoughts on the ace representation in Sex Education. I somehow got this done from recording to release in one evening 😂
  7. Andrea KF

    The Lost Sexuality Game

    Well, we switched and I'd say it's their loss! I gained a Cat instead. I heard someone somewhere adopted my sexuality a few months later, though. I'm told tpbm lost their sexuality along the El Camino pilgrims trail.
  8. Halffull

    I'm sexual but...

    Well I see it as a waste spending 10s of thousands for a dress that’ll get worn once
  9. AceMissBehaving

    I'm sexual but...

    I don’t know, I’m all about paying skilled people a good wage for their work, and I don’t see that as a waste of it’s something they want. But hey you can keep buying stuff made in sweatshops that only profit some big CEO and feel morally superior if that floats your boat.
  10. CBC

    Anyone hates oral sex?

    Yup, it sure is! With ya on that.
  11. Halffull

    I'm sexual but...

    Not as big a waste as wedding dresses it seems
  12. ryn2

    I'm sexual but...

    Eventually that becomes the monotony of everyday life, though.
  13. Halffull

    I'm sexual but...

    Oh well, next jeans I order better fit then if it’s that big a deal sending them back
  14. elsuzu

    Anyone hates oral sex?

    right? it's a very heteronormative point of view and would open a whole lot of creepy can of worms. would only PIV rape count as rape then? I guess these people don't think about that, only about how they want to fit into the ace label - for whatever weird reason. it's astounding how much in denial people can be.
  15. Andrea KF

    Chain Game – Geography

  16. Bzztoh

    How did you all learn to speak English so well?

    Dutch or Diets was once one of the great languages of Europe, but all Diets speaking nations were rather great at trade. International, so multilingualship (yes just invented the word) has always been important.
  17. AceMissBehaving

    I'm sexual but...

    You should, it cuts down on global waste
  18. ryn2

    I'm sexual but...

    Just that ultimately if too many people go that route the workers get let go because there’s no income to pay them from...
  19. AceMissBehaving

    I'm sexual but...

    Because the person making it has spent money on materials, turned down other work to complete the project and made their budget to live off based on the outcome of this project. If you then send it back they are out the cost of fabrics, the work they couldn’t do to complete the project, and the money they had budgeted for bills and expenses leaving them in a hole with money and now with a dress made specifically to find a unique individual that may take months or even years to sell on for return in investment, and something that can’t be sold for full price because it presumably needs cleaning and now is considered second hand. On top of that the crushing weight off all that and knowing someone lied to you and cheated you intentionally and treated your hard work and passion as garbage. It’s not a victimless crime. If you want the fruits of someone’s work, you pay for it. How would you feel doing a months work and your boss turning round at the end and saying they aren’t going give you a wage, but will maybe give you 2 weeks off at some point maybe later in the year?
  20. uniQChick

    Things that piss you off as a driver.

    Well, I hate drivers who drive fast through large puddles on the road and drenching pedestrians on a sidewalk!
  21. ryn2

    Is it possible to be sorta Demi?

    I don’t have an answer for you but wanted to know that this is basically what happens to me, too. You’re not alone.
  22. Andrea KF

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Heh, a lucky coincidence😁
  23. Halffull

    I'm sexual but...

    Great idea. I’ll sell on my old jeans 😂
  24. AceMissBehaving

    I'm sexual but...

    Not typically the best application for such delicate fabrics. A person could sell the dress on after, making it available to people who couldn’t afford that kind of item bought new.
  25. CBC

    I'm sexual but...

    I break up the monotony of daily life with the bottle of vodka I keep in my freezer. Any day can be festive if you want it to.
  26. So. We are about to get real personal so I’m starting with pronouns. 😂 I’m a genderqueer person and my pronouns are Ze/Zir, everyone else in this store is she/her, thank you ❤️ About a year and a half ago my wife and I kind of put together that I am demisexual. This is good as I really like labels, and Demi mostly fits. Mostly. I really only enjoy sex for the bonding with my partner and for a release, but prefer masturbation to get there. I’m not sex repulsed, and if my wife wants to have sex I will do it to humor her and because I know it’s important to her. We only really engage in the act once every four months or so. Here is the thing though. We opened our relationship so she can get the sex that she needs to cope. It’s been working great, and much to everyone’s surprise, I ended up falling for and dating my lovely girlfriend. Then something weird happened. I wanted to have sex with her. Not wildly, not super frequently, maybe twice a month, but more than I have wanted to do so with my wife. Her (wife’s) feelings were hurt, and I felt so guilty. We talked and talked and got to a place where I decided maybe I just wasn’t asexual/Demi at all, but maybe just not sexually attracted to my wife, and was to my girlfriend? It didn’t sit right with me, because my wife and I had sex pretty frequently for the first few years of our relationship before it kind of petered out... but we came to an uneasy peace about it. Okay so that’s the backstory; here’s the question: I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for a little over a year, and my libido is, well, petering out! I’m just not interested in sex with her anymore??? So I’m seeing a pattern here and I’m really confused. Is there a label for people who have a sexual appetite while a relationship ship is new and then it stops? Am I just an asshole? I love these women so deeply and none of my love, affection, or devotion to them has slown down, only grown, but I just don’t understand. Help?
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