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  2. AcornCarvings


    oh yeah¬†im back ūüíú. continuing my¬†super spotty activity on this forum¬†¬†-_-¬† I always drop in and out of being on here, depending on what else is happening in my life.¬†I wonder how long this one¬†will last.

  3. RoseGoesToYale


    News right now: death, death, death in other country, local death, accidental death, plane crash death, games of thrones death, disease that causes death


    Why do we call it "news" when it should really be "same stuff that keeps happening, but now more recent"?

  4. AcornCarvings

    questioning my romantic orientation

    Hi and welcome I don't think I can help you very much to figure out what your orientation is, though it does sound like you are somewhere under the aro/ace umbrella. There's a lot of room in there between alloromantic and aromantic that you could fall under. I just wanted to say that you are not alone in questioning and this stuff can take a while sometimes . Personally, I have never been able to fully pin down an orientation label that feels "right" for me or fully works. I have a lot of trouble understanding the differences between platonic/sexual/romantic/etc and that has made IDing myself pretty tricky, along with a bunch of other factors that make me question my sexuality. In the end for me I don't really have to identify myself in most situations. I use the label ace, and I am pretty comfortable with it (but i still question now and then), and I know that sex in most of its forms is not at all on my priority list (and a lot of it I am really uncomfortable with). As for romantic orientation, I really have no idea. I've experimented with the terms aro, wtfromantic, panromantic, and a handful of others, but I'm not really in a rush to figure it out too fast. Try to figure out the difference between what feelings you are having, and what feelings you are expecting yourself to have. And with your experiences with all this, I'd look around and see what terms there are out there in the grayromantic area of the spectrum, and if any of them feel good or comfortable to you then go ahead and use them. How you ID yourself now doesn't have to be the same as how you ID yourself in the future, there's always room for change and questioning later on.
  5. It's because McDonald's isn't British. Hoying Irn Bru at him would be acceptable
  6. RoseGoesToYale

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    Reading Pete Buttigieg's platform. First thing I see is "Medicare for All Who Want It". All who want it. I'd never thought of that, and I haven't heard any other dem propose it that way. Why force people to pay taxes and buy into a service they don't want? People who don't want to pay taxes would never have to touch it, they could still use their old insurance system. Any American who wants universal health care can buy in and spread the wealth, as it were. I could assure my own coverage and that of my fellow human. If a president can pull it off with a large enough chunk of Americans who want it, I think it could even sway some detractors to buy in.
  7. i aced it

    What is 'straight'?

    I think 'straight' and 'heterosexual' are the same, while het/hetero leaves off the 'sexual' part and thus could mean anyone attracted to the opposite gender, but a lot more open for interpretation.
  8. Thanks you so much! Yeah that all sounds about right! Still unsure about demisexual since i definitely don't feel a NEED to have sex, or even a desire , but may have a slim chance if the other person wants to and I really really trust them . Even still I'm unsure but I'm afraid to put any lable in stone, for fear of having to account for it later. I don't want someone to think I'm Demi, bud up a great trust relationship only for me to realize I don't want it at all... Nor do I want someone to feel like if they want someone to cuddle with that they should just avoid me all together .-. Im at least 95% sure I don't like physical interaction.
  9. i aced it


    I said swear, but it was surprisingly hard to choose. I've used all three at different times, mostly depending on who I'm with and what they use I guess.
  10. Wikkit

    Game of Thrones! [spoilers, probably]

  11. i aced it

    Random fun poll of fun randomness (or something)

    I really like the randomness of this poll
  12. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it n.n
  13. i aced it

    Greater than and less than signs

    Surprised so many people chose the right one. Was taught crocodiles, personally.
  14. Celyn

    A Sentence Forming Game

    To understand reading, try Letterland enterprises.
  15. i aced it

    Opinions on sport/Excerse

    Love me some good endorphins. I'll hike, bike, run, lift weights, rock climb. I love it all, except running. Everything else I enjoy before, during, and after, but running I hate before and during and basically just look forward to having done it. I enjoy physical activity a lot though.
  16. RoseGoesToYale

    When you see the coming generation, what comes to mind?

    Omg, this is the most hilarious part of it all... so many journalists say kids today are coddled, but the parents are coddled too! Schools are so terrified that parents are going to sue them that teachers and administration bend to their every demand and spoil the students. In the past, the teacher would call up the parents and say "Little Johnny has been slacking in social studies.", and Little Johnny would go home and be grounded until he brought his grades up. Now the parents automatically assume it's the teacher's fault. Teachers are actually scared of parents coming into their classrooms unannounced or calling them at all hours to yell at them, and that is just not adult behavior. It's verbal abuse and harassment, and it's the teachers that need to be protected. Like, what happened here? I'm at a loss...
  17. AcornCarvings

    Swimsuit Issue

    ditto with what AspieAlly613 said, this stuff works differently for every relationship. It's totally ok to have feelings about this, just make sure you communicate openly and don't assume all too much into what he is feeling or why he is doing things. idk if this is helpful at all but personally, porn and masturbation/self-sex has no relation to attraction for me, nor to my romantic relationships. It's a totally separate thing. Me and my girlfriend(ish person) have always been pretty clear too that we want to give each other a lot of freedom in lots of parts of our lives including this, so it's never been a problem for me.
  18. The only formal agreement of this kind that is socially recognised is marriage, and it basically encodes exactly what you describe above. A quick Google for some wedding ceremony scripts: Of course, you can be committed to each other without marrying one another. But certainly there's no formal agreement I can think of other than that. The specific mechanics of commitment aside, this is where QPR, for me, runs up against its other difficulty. How do you define the conceptual boundary between ordinary friendship and QPR? Many of the things you said I would regard as essential to any worthwhile friendship (and indeed relationship): being reliable, counting on each other, working together, trusting each other and trying to make each other happy. The main implication of your post is that commitment defines the difference. Even if we take this generally and ignore the "formal agreement" part for argument's sake, as I said above I would argue that "being there" for someone is a function of any good friend. Well then, is it a commitment specifically to living life in sync with one another, basing life decisions around each other? This can still be accommodated within (close) friendship, in my opinion, although depending on how that plays it out it may be straying closer to the couple territory. Once it gets closer than that, however, taking "responsibility" for each other, I feel we are into the realm of a possible relationship. Or tl:dr: We need clearly defined conceptual boundaries between a good QPR relationship and (i) a good friendship, (ii) a good romance. I think that would hep with understanding it.
  19. i aced it

    How do you want to be buried?

    Donating is the cheapest way to go, unless you can find someone who will buy your dead body from your family, but I feel like there would be something illegal about that
  20. Dreamsexual

    Swimsuit Issue

    Just as a side note, I think the vast majority of sexual male people masturbate and watch porn sometimes even in relationships. At least, from my experience talking and what not.
  21. AcornCarvings


    whadoyaknow i am/was at 420 posts lol


  22. i aced it

    Did you think you might be Bisexual?

    I voted other so here's my explanation if you're someone who reads things out loud to themselves please try to read this all in one breath if you're not then imagine it being said all i one breath: I went with the default of heterosexuality then wondered if I was bisexual because I liked guys and girls equally then realized I didn't like guys the same way most of my friends do so I wondered if I was gay but didn't like girls in that way either then finally figured out the asexual part and since I still think guys and girls can be equally as cute must be biromantic. *Dramatic gasp for air*
  23. Dreamsexual

    stop being so sad everyone

    I don't think you can realistically expect people too unlike us to ever understand. I think we should aim just for 'weirded-out tolerance', or at best 'no worries' . At the moment I'm ok with just not having it negatively impact my job, though in fairness it's all been positive so far ... Baby steps is deffo the way to go. This is why the asexual label, even if a bit ill-fitting, can be so useful. That's far easier for folk to get than, 'I love a fictional character' or 'I have a sexual relationship with a non-material non-human person mediated through objects and other constructs'
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  25. ColeHW

    When you see the coming generation, what comes to mind?

    Not worried. In fact at this rate we will blow each other up sky high or become a nazi-ish nightmare.
  26. Dreamsexual

    Should only innate asexuals use the label?

    Sure. But then we have the 'person' issue, which can be a tricky issue for some fictos, robos, digis, oneiros and especially objectums.
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