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  2. As someone who spends a lot of time on forums where people openly discuss sex all the time I can assure you that the vast majority of sexual people consider these sex. If it is an activity involving sexual stimulation, leading to sexual satisfaction or orgasm, and more than one person, it is sex. The "more than one person" part is the thing that separates sex and masturbation. Erm... sex repulsed, averse and indifferent doesn't mean the person doesn't want orgasms. I'm sex averse, border on repulsed in some situations, and I love orgasms. Masturbation is fun. It's partnered sex that we are averse to. Actually I think he would more likely be considered homoflexible. A high 5 on the kinsey scale maybe, but not a solid 6.
  3. Poe's Creep Meta

    "Only two genders"

    Agreed. That male/female brain thing. There are some slight tendencies observed. However, 1: is that really innate, or the result of both differential education and brain plasticity? and 2: so what? It's just a tendency. The brain is too complex to draw conclusions yet. It would make for a disastrous diagnosis tool. And we don't even want a diagnosis tool. Most of all, if we try to prove we exist, we're not giving ourselves much credit, are we? It would encourage others not to take us for granted. Believing a large group of very various people who don't hurt anyone and find themselves experiencing similar things is, I'd say normal, but if that group is seeking proof of, and thus appears to be doubting, its own existence, it's tempting not to believe in them until they do find that proof. And that proof doesn't exist. But we should be believed nonetheless. There are many things we believe without proof. Except in math.
  4. Mackenzie Holiday

    Change one letter

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  6. Lilsi

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum from me. Roast Dinners.
  7. Slice of Ace

    Slice of Ace YouTube channel discussion

    Simce this video is special, I made a thread for it: Also, you better like that thumbnail 'cos it took ages 😂
  8. Hi, my name is Daniel and I run the Slice of Ace YouTube channel. Tomorrow marks the start of Ace Awareness Week, running from the 20th-26th October. This year, I've decided to do something special. Introducing Aces Assemble! Basically, I'm going to release a video made by someone in the ace community every day of this week. I'm super excited, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Here's a playlist which will update as the week goes on: Have a wonderful Ace Awareness Week!
  9. Cocothecoconut

    Being the object of desire

    @N8mareOn3LM STREET and @Moony Lovegood As an aro/ace person i get very uncomfortable when strangers or someone i know have a crush or have sexual desires about me. I especially hate it when they’re aggressive about it and that’s the main reason why i never go out in the city at night. I only go to a bar if i am with a group of friends i can trust in or my family. I hate nightclubs especially because there’s alot of drunk people, too loud music and too many people. I live on the countryside so there’s nothing really serious crime happening there. Which makes me comfortable. Cause i’m a very anxious person.
  10. Rach1234

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yuck from me, I’m afraid! Fresh figs
  11. Back when I was figuring myself out I decided that if it came up, I would tell someone. I've found over the past few years that it pretty much never comes up for me. As for the few people I've told, they have only brought it up a couple times. So for me coming out has been pretty irrelevant and seems like unneeded drama in some cases. I would like to come out to my parents/family at some point but I'm not there yet. In general I just wanted to see if it would "lift off weight" or whatever, it didn't and in some cases it made me feel a bit more anxious. I was hoping coming out would be a moment that would make all the anxiety go away and and make me finally accept myself, it wasn't. it wasn't bad either, it just wasn't as big of a deal that I was expecting/wanted it to be.
  12. melissace

    Hi hello

    Hi! I am 18 and I am asexual! I’ve heard that this website was a great one so I decided to come take a look I don’t remember when exactly I saw the term “asexual” for the first time, but I officially started to identify with it this year anyway. It is also recently that I told my best friend about it, the only person in my life who knows and I’m keeping it this way for now. Not because it didn’t go well though, cause it pretty much did! Discovering asexuality has made many events and feelings of mine make SO much more sense and after reflecting about it, there were definitely a lot of signs ever since I was a child... haha! Of course I still feel alone, misunderstood, even broken sometimes, but being able to put a name on something that I thought no one else felt is definitely helpful Nice to meet all of you! Now time for a fun fact: before knowing about asexuality, I completely re did my room. Turns out it’s exactly in the ace flag’s colours. Oh well 🤭
  13. i don’t think i’m qualified to post here, but when i was 10, i grew a whole ton of carrots and an apple tree. i also grew a lot of mint but that kinda got out of hand as i got busier. now i sometimes help my grandmother with her tomatoes
  14. Mackenzie Holiday

    What being a sex favorable asexual means to me

    I think a slightly more charitable example of what @gray-a girl was likely referring to might be a gay man who finds that sex with his wife is more enjoyable than masturbation, even though he's not attracted to her. If he wants to have sex with her because he enjoys it more than masturbation, but he doesn't want to have sex with men because reasons (religion, loyalty to his wife, what have you) even though he's attracted to men, he'd still easily be considered gay. So, an asexual man who finds sex with his wife more enjoyable than masturbation even though he's not attracted to her, and also isn't attracted to men, would have an entirely different experience of sex and his sexuality than that gay man would or a straight man would in the same situation. There are so many factors that go into why we do or don't want to have sex with people, I don't think it's fair to use that one aspect of sexuality alone to determine someone's sexual orientation. Heck, a lot of people figure out their sexual orientation when they're just kids, way before they've experienced a remote interest in partnered sex. I think everyone's sexuality means something different to them. For some it has more to do with what behaviors they're seeking and avoiding, for others it has more to do with how they feel about other people, and for others still it might have to do with something else entirely. I don't think labels for sexual orientation should have to favor one kind of person over the other. But that's just me.
  15. kenny.

    Being the object of desire

    i’m very wary of that, so i usually catch on pretty quickly, whether it’s an actual issue or i’m just worried over nonexistent interest. but i really do feel a lot of discomfort when i’m an object of interest. it’s happened a lot with people who i had considered to be just friends, cause of course that’s how i think as an aro ace, but also with random people at stores, my college, and at work, you know... most of the time it comes off pretty creepy since i keep my life and feelings very private, people tend to get really nosy and very intentional about the demanding questions they ask (questions probably beyond most people’s comfort zone). maybe that’s why i try to spend as much time alone as possible haha 😅
  16. Anthracite_Impreza

    Being the object of desire

    It scares me, because not only do I not know whether they're gonna turn violent, but I'm also trans, which just makes that even more likely. It especially upsets me to be seen as the wrong gender so if someone's particularly pushy (like yesterday), it'll completely ruin my day as well. Not only that but I'm mecha; I have no idea why anyone is attracted to any human, let alone me.
  17. Void_Screamer_907

    Hey fellow Asexuals!

    Thank you guys so much, aaaahhhhhhh!!!! You guys even take the time to look up cakes that relate to things that I enjoy!!!!! That's some good community love right there 😊
  18. Void_Screamer_907

    Which is better restaurant-wise?

    Hole in the wall places is where it's at. Not only do they got the best food, in my opinion, but they also always have like....just the chillest vibe to them. Like it's down to earth, everyone here is just having a good time just being here, having a good time catching up with people. It's like coming home, but with better food.
  19. Internetlionboy

    Hello Aven community!

    Heya welcome! Have some cake! 🍰 I'm glad that you like it here and have found a label that makes you happy ^^
  20. AngelofMusic997

    Change one letter

  21. Moony Lovegood

    Being the object of desire

    @N8mareOn3LM STREET Ew. I've noticed people generally leave me alone unless they're drunk or at a safe distance. I don't go out places where I have to deal with unwanted attention from people very often, though. I don't like bars or clubs. I stopped going to WalMart alone after this man much older than I am who worked there asked if I was texting him on my phone and came up and put his hand on my arm. The women who have been attracted to me have been pretty physically aggressive about it. Like purposefully walking into me. I mean, I think people can also do that just to be rude but the one said to me that she liked watching my face. Which made me laugh nervously, because that seems to be my only response to that kind of attention. This was at school/work. I think women can get away with more in those kinds of settings?
  22. AngelofMusic997

    The Lost Sexuality Game

    Yeah, you're right. I was walking to the grocery store when this freak storm hit. My sexuality just wandered off without me. I think it took a left instead of a right at that stop sign... or maybe it carried right on through. In any case, I haven't been able to find it since! TPBM, I hear, lost their sexuality in a phone booth? How on earth did that happen?!
  23. Void_Screamer_907

    So, I just accidentally came out to my mom

    As someone who just came out accidentally too, my best advice is (assuming you're comfortable and wanting to come out to her at this time. No pressure to come out at this moment of course) to stick with your guns. Explain how romance and sex aren't inherently connected, and how you really feel. Be honest but stand your ground. In the end, tell her however much you feel comfortable sharing with her. Hope she understands, but remember you have a community to fall back on if things go south. Best of luck.
  24. mistyyy_dayyy

    A question about asexuals

    Ok it's not exactly the same, but my mom is single and loves it! She says it gives her more freedom to travel and do what she wants while still being close with her friends. As long as shes comfortable with being independent, it'll all work out
  25. N8mareOn3LM STREET

    Being the object of desire

    It depends on how aggressive the person is, this guy that works at the 7-Eleven always gives me awkward and weird compliments like “ wow you can hold two soda cans with one hand, big hands are nice. “ I signed up for a rewards card thing their and I didn’t think ahead but the first time I used the card that guy was working and does the scany thing and looks at his screen then looks at me and says “ Nice. Now I know you’re name.” That one creeped me out really bad 😅
  26. AceMissBehaving

    Older married asexuals?

    @SuzerA it’s a tough situation but not an uncommon one. I’m in a similar situation with hoping to be able to meet a once a week goal. We have kept it fairly fluid, so while it’s a goal, we don’t have a set schedule. It sounds like having an set time means that you spend the run up dreading it, which I imagine increases anxiety, and makes it harder to get into a space to make it work. Might it be possible to make it less regimented, at least to start? For me I find I need time to “recharge” so to speak because sex tends to start to feel especially draining if there’s too much. Other forms of closeness without the expectation of sex help me gain back my ability to be intimate in a sexual way, but without that recharge I just eventually feel burned out and depressed. Also perhaps seeking out an ace friendly couples councilor might be helpful to navigate and negotiate the new boundaries post coming out.
  27. Member114264

    Growing Your Own: What did you grow / raise / harvest?

    I'm sure some of you heard how I'll be making my own greenhouse one of these days, but i plan on growing Basil, garlic, parsley, cayenne, mints and some other plants. Then if my plans of moving to Costa Rica go as planned I'll possibly make my own brand of essential oils for candles, soaps, and diffusers.
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