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  2. Lichley

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! I’m sue you’ll make tonnes of friends on here in no time
  3. Lichley


    Welcome! Wow I love your name :0
  4. NylaTheWolf

    Frustrated Asexual Furry

    I'm in the same boat, buddy ...which is pretty obvious considering my username
  5. andreas1033

    Frustrated Asexual Furry

    Its what everyone does, ie project there own rubbish into your life. I find the more sexually driven the person is, the more they do this. They seem to think, everyone can only be like they are, and driven for sex. Totally agree its annoying, about how they always want to project sexual stuff into anything, or everything you do. Your not alone in having to live with such nonsense. Never heard of furry, but remember, alot of people are like the trolls you talk about, and you know it.
  6. TheAP

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for cosplaying as Ted.
  7. GenderfluidCatLover

    Frustrated Asexual Furry

    Note for people who may have misconceptions about the furry community: It is not about beastiality or specifically acting like animals. It’s more about art and expressing yourself creatively through an animalistic medium. Almost all the groups I’ve participated in are completely PG and non-sexual. That one CSI episode, Fur and Loathing, is extremely wrong. It’s very frustrating being asexual in the furry community. The actual people in the community are awesome. I never get any issues from them and they’re super accepting of almost everything. But the trolls/people outside the community are such a pain. People who think that being a furry means you have a kink for animals or doing it in a suit or something. They’re the worst. Not only do they harass us for being “deviants” they like deny my claims that I’m ace? Even though I don’t even like to be touched? Its just so annoying.
  8. will123

    Reaction To Your Coming Out

    No doubt and couldn't agree with you more! I mentioned this during my second meet up on Monday. I would hope any guys that sign up here that nobody is judging them because they're asexual. They shouldn't be hesitant to meet other aces, especially males. We are who we are, not 'what' we are.
  9. Ardoise

    ASMR Recommends

  10. Ardoise

    ASMR Recommends

  11. Ardoise

    ASMR Recommends

  12. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    29* C (84* F) here in central Ontario according to the dash display in my truck..
  13. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Self-checkout for the win. But seriously, if people paid attention to what I buy I imagine I'd get some odd looks, too. But so what.
  14. I don't think all AMABs get the full "benefits" of male privilege. I'm not saying it isn't a real power imbalance, just that some people are "disqualified" from it for reasons like disability, race, and gender expression.
  15. Ardoise

    A question for anyone AFAB

    Personally, I would rather not see people of any gender topless out in public, unless it's a very hot day and/or I'm at the beach. Some (mostly cis) men wildly overestimate how attractive their bare chests are.
  16. Suigin

    Quickly, Before They See!

    22 :0
  17. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Lions are better than sex.
  18. N8LV3y

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! Fresh Green Beans and Bacon
  19. gymgirl

    Body hair

    What others do ist their own decision, of course. To myself the thought alone of having hair on my body is yucky although I never get to see or to touch it. So I am happy that - following family tradition - each single one was removed carefully and permanently as soon as it appeared, starting long before puberty with plucking out all of my eyebrows. No hair on me anywhere apart from scalp hair and eyelashes. But the expectations of society did not play any role with that. I am rather modest so nobody except my wife and medical staff ever gets to see more of my skin than my head and my hands, everything else stays covered under all circumstances.
  20. Ardoise

    Is it transphobic to...

    I agree with what @Coddiwomple said. Sometimes people just aren't compatible anymore after one of them goes through a major life change- this can apply to platonic, as well as romantic and sexual relationships.
  21. Skycaptain


    We probably managed it because there wasn't the technology. KISS worked
  22. In Britain we pronounce colonel exactly the same as kernel
  23. firebird8


    Oh! I remember this bizarre thing that happened to me when I was about 15. Someone, an older woman but I can't remember how we knew her, decided that what she really needed to do was gift me secondhand lingerie. She gave it to my mother who for some reason also thought this was a wonderful idea, and made me to try it on. Seriously. Also bizarre: it was some kind of like see through white gauzy material, just sort of a big sheet of it with a neck hole. I've never seen anything like as lingerie since; I think I've seen some (usually opaque) cheap rain coats and wearable blankets on a similar design. My mother had this attitude lie this was a once in a lifetime opportunity (were the sex shops going out of business forever?) and I have no idea how I convinced her not to accept the monstrosity on my behalf. Or maybe she did keep it (shudder). Ick. I haven't thought about that in years.
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