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    New to...this. I'm usually on forums for just fun hobby related things but my life took a turn recently when I broke things off with my now ex after almost 8 years in a LDR. The relationship was a mistake, I really had myself fooled that we were okay because I was ignorant of relationships--it was my first serious one. I've never been interested in dating or sex during my highschool years--mind you I went through puberty and all the hormonal feelings but the most I ever did was fool around with a battery operated massager. I don't masturbate or at least never got anything out of my attempts, so I stopped trying. By the time I got to college I spent the entirety of it making new friends but thinking I didn't want to date because it would just be a distraction, and I didn't need sex so it was fine. I got confessed to by nearly everyone I got close to at some point, and I always just thought 'haha that's crazy, where is this coming from what's in the water', turning them down gently each time because I genuinely felt nothing back but friendship with these people, no matter the gender or personality. First boyfriend lasted all of a week before I deemed us just friends. First 'real' boyfriend lasted as long as he did I think, because of the distance. I only had to tolerate the touches and PDA and expectations of couple activities then, for a few weeks and then I'd be back home for a few more months, relying on video calls and the like for the rest of our interactions, which felt like easy going friendship. Never really got anything out of sex, nothing more than a few fleeting moments of pleasure but ultimately it always ends with me thinking 'That's what all the fuss is over?' It finally got to a breaking point for me when I realized how often I was just disregarding him as a priority when I got busy recently with other issues. I don't feel the same way he does at all and I didn't find it fair so I ended it--still currently navigating the fall out of that as he's very in love with me and not willing to really let go of the hope that i'll change my mind one day (and I can't help but cringe away at every declaration of love he belts out to show it because I don't understand romance and sex at all, I only like it in fictional settings.) so y'know, pray or make a blood sacrifice on my behalf that he falls in love with someone else and moves on--in the meantime I'm here, trying understand myself and all this better. S'been a long journey to admitting it so--Hi.
  3. Alex_S

    I Just Had Top Surgery

    Yeah, I shouldn't try anything vigorous for another three weeks. Which is okay, but it can't come soon enough. As the swelling goes down it's just so nice to look down and actually see myself. And even just touching my chest and having it feel like me rather than how it used to be is just amazing
  4. Aldis Friedman

    Aldis Friedman

    Phil's last video made me feel rather emotional… I can't stop thinking about it.

  5. Strange-quark

    Chain Game – Geography

  6. Strange-quark

    Guess who comes next...

    Yes! I'm back 😎 AP?
  7. Strange-quark

    Choose between two completely different things

    Ooh being blue would be cool! (At least it would reflect my mindset ) Getting to meet an ichtyosaur or finding the answer to question "what is cuteness"?
  8. Strange-quark

    How high can we count ... in Roman numerals?

  9. Strange-quark

    Alphabetical edibles

    Hemp seeds
  10. Strange-quark

    Alphabetic Book Titles

    Ultima - Stephen Baxter
  11. Strange-quark

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Small, iridiscent lamps ken. (Couldn't resist a Finnish one, but that's cheating: Satunnaiset ilonaiheet lainehtivat kaukana. Sorry, carry on.)
  12. Strange-quark

    How high can we count...in binary?

    0001 0000 0001 0101
  13. Strange-quark

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  14. Evobessive

    Favorite movie genre/style?

    Thanks, I'll look it up 😁
  15. Strange-quark

    Change one letter

  16. Strange-quark

    Combine your username with the username above you

    Duke Strange
  17. Steve Rogers

    What are you currently reading?

    The Last Snake Man, by Austin Stevens. Maybe you know him from the late TV shows "Austin Stevens: Snakemaster" and "Austin Stevens Adventures" on Animal Planet. He's my hero.
  18. Strange-quark

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Still the underdogs try: green 1, pretty please?
  19. Strange-quark

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  20. Arodash

    Extremely uncomfortable the male gaze..

    To this one I need to point out that the fact is being looked at sexually or being viewed as just a piece of meat is not based in gender it's based on the person who has made the decision to view another person in a certain way what I will concede is that men are way more guilty of this at least on the outside they are far more upfront about it just because someone happens to be a male does not mean that cannot have experienced something similar to the original posters experience but I don't think I can stress enough that any man coming here and seeing the post thinking that it was meant as an attack towards men are just wrong the poster was speaking of her personal experiences and her discomfort which I think should be addressed and she needs advice on how to deal with it and not only that how to express two men who may be making her uncomfortable that they are doing that because they cannot learn unless someone points out young people need guidance not to be chastised
  21. anisotrophic

    I'm seeking advice

    Something I think is hard for asexuals to appreciate is that, for sexual people, love is tied to sex. Wanting sex not connected love is entirely possible for many people -- but neither is it unusual to want to feel love and trust before feeling comfortable and desiring sex. "Demisexual" a reasonably common experience of sexuality -- and so many potential partners will think this is what you are experiencing (thus "not ready yet"). This means, yes, a sexual might be pressuring for sex, not coming from a place a love. Walk away from that. But on the other hand: a sexual that is in love, and their sexual attraction is not reciprocated, has the potential to feel rejected in a very deep and painful way. (My personal experience has been rejection is despair, a stabbing pain in my gut, and nausea.) That pain can become unintentionally "coercive". Can you maintain your own boundaries on this? (And worse yet, what if someone is faking that pain? How can we ever really know? "Trust me" is an approach manipulative people may use to get someone interested in sex -- when they, themselves, don't feel that connection.) Maintain your boundaries, but don't assume a partner isn't also feeling pain. Know that mixed relationships have a lot of potential to hurt one or both partners. Know that it's your responsibility to communicate if you have an asexual orientation, nobody is going to know that, it's not well understood, and they will (possibly reasonably) assume other things. You have a responsibility to communicate, with a lot of clarity, up and continuously -- or try to break it off, if that's not possible.
  22. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Is a Modern Day Tiananmen Looming in Hong Kong?

    Believe that, and you'll believe Boris Johnson wants to abandon Brexit
  23. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Trump`s pressure

    Not a good idea, especially as Venezuela is pally with Russia (The enemy of our enemy is our friend), all that will come out of that is bad, and an energy crisis in Europe when an irate Putin turns off the gas supply
  24. Glyn

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I like both of them too. But I will joke around about it, jokingly pretending that I am 'offended' if anyone mentions Star Wars in my presence!
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