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  2. Vee.

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    kind of gross, but a big one with me is scratching and picking at my scalp and watching the dead skin flakes fall out...
  3. Hey to anyone that's bored enough to read this! I saw this welcome center place and thought, hey, I'm new, I should post here haha. I stumbled across this site from some googling. Feeling pretty alone sometimes...feeling like I'm the only ace out there. In my state, at least haha. So I think it would be great to talk to some like minded people, rather, people that understand me. I hope to make real friends here eventually, and snagging an ace boyfriend would be icing on the cake! I just wish there were more ace people out there. Talk about a heck of a minority. Anyway, this is my first post like, ever. But I hope to become more active in this community and make lots of friends! Thanks to anyone that reads this, haha. 😊
  4. Captain Jay

    Flags and Vexillology

    You know, all of this reminds me... has anyone else thought about personal flags? I mean, they can represent everything from places to letters, so perhaps coming up with a flag that basically summarizes its own maker wouldn't be much of a stretch. Though there's the question of how "traditional" the designs could or would be, for lack of a better word. (As an aside, while writing this message, I typed 'flag' into DuckDuckGo looking for a definition. For some reason, the first hit is the Wikipedia article for "Flag of the United States". Sure, why not.)
  5. naakka

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Well, we actually have "palapeli" ("piece game") in Finnish for that specific kind of puzzle. I think I just never learnt any other meaning for that world in English 😆
  6. anisotrophic

    Wife of 5 years came out as asexual

    I'm the sexual partner -- and it's devastating, it's ok to feel upset even while you love and support your partner being how they are. Not all couples can made it work, it's possible but hard. I do recommend an LGBTQIA+ savvy therapist or two (maybe one each) to navigate how your feel and what your partner want, if she's willing. Remember: even if an open relationship is a possibility you're interested in, it's not something you need to do right away. (It's also almost always more emotionally complicated than people think it will be.) But marriage takes two; you'll both have to be trying your best to make it work. Good luck.
  7. koifishshoes

    Do you have some doubts or not?

    I sometimes wonder if gray/demi would be more accurate, but the events that cause that curiosity are quite rare, and it's all still under the ace umbrella.
  8. Grey-Ace Ventura

    Wife of 5 years came out as asexual

    I'm not sure what to say to you because I'm not only greysexual but also greyromantic, and I don't think I understand romantic relationships the way romantic people do. That being said, maybe you could try going to a marriage counselor? If you don't know how to approach this situation, it might help to talk to someone who's likely seen this kind of thing before.
  9. He felt that my asexuality was a symbol of how we had too many differences to be close, and told me that I was simply deceived. I'm physically male, and he's heterosexual, so I don't think he had a crush on me.
  10. questdrivencollie


    Found out I was bi after developing feelings for a girl, basically....I'd had crushes on guys before, so I knew what a crush was like. Previously I had had squishes on girls, but the crush just felt....different. I wanted to be with the girl, as more than friends, and was a little bit jealous of her bf.
  11. 3Xi3X

    Wife of 5 years came out as asexual

    She obviously loves you enough to have married you for 9 years and had a child with you. If I were you I would really make sure you understand the level of her attraction for you. Even if it isn’t sexually. There has to be something there. But honestly. I am having a hard time finding the right thing to say to you because I am asexual myself and I would be fine with the new turn of events myself. 😬
  12. Grey-Ace Ventura


    I never really associated romantic attraction with sexual attraction, even though I initially assumed I was straight by default. I realized I was homoromantic after realizing I was on the ace spectrum, but the two events weren't related. They just coincidentally happened around the same time. I can't really explain how my realization about my homoromanticism happened because it kinda just occurred to me one day when I was thinking about a girl? I'd say to make sure you know what romance really means to you. Being ace can make that definition a little blurry for some people, but once you figure it out, you should be able to determine if you want romance with women.
  13. I'm honestly blanking trying to think of a person I'm aesthetically/emotionally attracted to but the answer is no
  14. I do not believe there is anything I can say that will top or even match Her Majesty. Just based off of the fact that you did things and weren’t really interested and you like people but don’t want to actually be in any sort of relationship besides platonic. I’d say that is ace. I have tried both. And although I like people and also enjoy platonic experiences. I don’t want to sex anyone. I had it a little different though because I knew I wasn’t gay. I like girls too much. But otherwise, I walked in your shoes bro. Besides, appreciating a body part isn’t the same as wanting to have sex with someone.
  15. ColeHW

    Teen Corner

    I'm more interested in making friends than school work. It's hard finding people who actually get in depth conversations or hangout with these days.
  16. daveb


    Yeah, I have created micro-nations and other fictional geographical/political/etc entities for games. I also enjoy good fictional micro-nations, such as the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and Ruritania and various fictional micro-nations in old tv shows and movies. I also like real world micro-nations that are recognized by other countries and the UN and such, like San Marino, Monaco and Andorra.
  17. Miss_Bookworm

    Teen Corner

    Yeah, I'm really excited too! I got to choose almost all of my classes for once, so I'm excited to take them. my school uses them both, but I honestly prefer Kahoot. A) you can choose your name and B) it's really fun when you win by a bunch of points. (I once won a Greek Mythology Kahoot and I was well over 22,000 points ahead of the next person😂)
  18. Today
  19. CajunAce


    Yup. It took me a long time to realize my feelings for a close friend was more than "sisterly love". It confused and scared me a bit at first, but I accepted it because in the end, I didn't care one bit what gender my significant other would be. Love is love, as they say.
  20. MoonDancer

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    I don't have OCD or autism, but I kind of understand that one. I've always been a very tactile person, and I always liked to check out different textures against both hands or feet, especially as a kid. I admit that I probably don't do it to the same extent that you describe, but it doesn't sound too strange to me.
  21. Snao Cone

    Am I ace or just grasping at labels

    It's possible you're asexual. I put myself through multiple sexual experiences before accepting that it never felt right and I was never really into it. If someone you found attractive, on an aesthetic or emotional level, was naked in your bed in front of you, would you be inclined to engage in sexual intimacy? If not, then whatever you appreciate about their appearance doesn't translate to sexual.
  22. daveb

    Touch Starvation

    I would say I am touch-starved for friendly touch from another human being (of the small subset of human beings I like and would want to be touched by). Pets, professional massages and all that (but not sports) are all well and good, but no substitute in my opinion/experience. So I think I understand the feeling the OP mentions, at least in part, but I don't know solutions.
  23. Hi I hope i posted this in the right place. My wife and I have been together 9 years with 5 of those being married. I am a very sexual person by nature and my wife never has been which wasn't a huge issue until about 2 years ago, sex went from once a week to once a month and I wasn't sure what was going on. I started doing all the chores thinking that maybe she was just tired. I tried taking her mind off anything stressful by handling it myself and it still never got better but i still had hope. 2 days ago she came out to me as asexual. I needed some time to think so I left the house. Yesterday we sat down and had a conversation about what this means. She said she has never been sexually attracted to me and never will be (which i understand goes along with the asexual thing but it still hurt to hear the words). I asked if maybe I could stay with her but maybe go on one night stands every once in a while to get my needs met which she didn't seem to fond of which makes sense. She brought up a separation so we are now separated. I don't want to lose my best friend and the mother of my child but I don't know if I can go through life never feeling desired by somebody and never having sex again (she admitted that sex makes her really uncomfortable) I don't even know why I'm posting here. Maybe to hear other peoples experiences? How have you maintained a marriage with vastly different needs?
  24. I'm questioning myself I'm 19 (m) and up until this year I identified as gay. I had always been attracted to guys, watched gay porn, etc., the whole time I lived in a religious household. Obviously being gay isn't cool with them, I struggled with that for the longest. Fast forward to my senior year of high school I lost my virginity and it was meh at best but I just thought maybe it was the thing I did. So durring my freshman year of college I tried almost everything there was to try with other guys and found only knew thing I enjoyed doing and even that I get bored doing it after a minute or two. Ever since realizing that I've been toying with the idea of being ace. I've stopped watching porn or anything related to sex the most sexual thing I've done since, is think about what another guy's dick looks like and that's about it other than that if I find someone attractive I just like looking at them and that's it (I also have been finding women attractive in the I like looking at you but that's it sense too) I have zero interest in being in a relationship with a guy or anyone for that matter. The most I want is a patonic friend group. To get to the point, idk if I'm really ace/aro or am I repressing being gay for religious reasons
  25. discoveringqueerme


    my girlfriend and I were just talking about this, she's pan and refers to herself as a "pannie" and was wondering if there's a term like that for ace folks, my immediate reaction was to look here. I haven't come across one yet but who knows!
  26. I feel like a puppy too dude. This is exactly how I feel about my best friend. If I'm in the crappiest mood, my face lights up as if I'm a two-year-old who's just been given candy when I see him. He makes me so happy that I enjoy even the times when we don't have much time to spend together, and I'm happy to do errands with him if it means we can hang out for a long period of time. I've never felt the need to express my affection for anyone really, but I just always want to remind him how much he means to me. As for the cuddling / hugging part, we're so physical in public that people who don't know us think we're dating. We cuddle, hug, rest our heads on each other's shoulders / chests, sit in each other's laps, hold hands, etc.. I'd call it platonic attraction I guess.
  27. motography


    Yes!! For the longest time I thought I was gay and ruled out pursuing relationships with girls, but when I finally realized I didn't have sexual attraction to anyone it made me reevaluate "what is romantic attraction" and "who am I romantically attracted to". Was it just guys? I wasn't and still am not completely sure to be honest. But I am trying to sort that out, and my process is kind of just 'going with the flow' lol I think living with an open mindset about relationships will help me figure out more about my orientation and who I am romantically interested in. So maybe just staying open to all possibilities will help you as well
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