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  2. RebirthArt

    Am I alone?

    Hello! So, I'm Heteroromantic and well... Being a Heteroromantic helps me be friends with girls easily (since I'm not perverted and i am very friendly), however, many peoples try to change me, and this makes my life very sad sometimes... but well, I love being heteroromantic and proud to be a part of this amazing community
  3. Sleepy Otter

    anyone past 50 on here?

    I leave my snow tires on until I have to replace them. Too cheap to pay the fee to switch them, and really, I use them from October to May, so what's the point? Even when I did switch them, I had to buy new ones every 2 years, which is what I get out of them now, basically. Maybe if I drove more it would make a bigger difference. And I have had my passport since 1997 for a college trip to England and Scotland (it was awesome!). I keep it current because I figure it is better than an enhanced license (which I have to renew this year, so that should be fun...). Haven't needed to use it except to those 2 trips to Canada, but it was helpful then. Renewing is easy if you have a good post office, and I had the same experience with looking 100 and glasses @teatree. I am loving the pictures @cdrdash, @Muledeer, and @Tja. I will say, that yellow building really made me smile! And glad your house is finally under way. And as for your house @daveb, probably looking to knock something off the price or they liked the house except for the way the foundation was constructed (as in, it needed to be their definition of perfect). Hopefully things go better in the next round. Hang in there @Spotastic! We are all pulling for you. I love that little trailer @AllThisTime! I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it. Welcome to the newbs! I haven't been here that long in the grand scheme of things, but have found peace with my world and hope you do too : ) I have found the people here to be amazing.
  4. FeichtKatze

    Wake up routine

    * Wake up most mornings from the wails of a tortured bladder and/or the fifth call of the civil defence siren called Alarm clock. * Curse the existence of mornings. * Wait 15minutes for muscles to acknowledge the fact that it’s morning and they now have to move. * Wrestle with cuddly dog to get out from underneath cover. * Literally Roll Drop and Crawl out of bed ‘cuz muscles may be awake but they have yet to figure out how they function. * Locate socks. Pick socks up with foot. Spend 2+ minutes doing advanced mathematics to figure out the intricate workings of said socks and how to put them on. * Locate warm, fluffy shirt. Same procedure as socks. * Locate pants. Same procedure as last. * Zombie b line to the bathroom. * Let dog out. * Rinse mouth with water. * Drink glass of lemon water. * Breakfast. With phone, check Facebook, Reddit, AVEN, email, news. Scroll aimlessly without really seeing anything. * Feed pets. * Curse mornings. * Change clothes. * Brush teeth. * Go. * Wake up for real around 2PM if you’re lucky. - The Chronic Night Owl's morning manual
  5. James121

    Lingerie...What's the point?

    I am know to be a joker 🃏
  6. James121

    Lingerie...What's the point?

    The analogy is perfectly fine. But it stands to reason as to why a sexual person would assume that an asexual just hasn’t the right partner yet. The sexual understands that the asexual hasn’t had sex and doesn’t want to but can’t understand why they don’t want to.
  7. Abîme

    Give me HOPE

    I am personally aro/ace but am in the most amazing relationship with my best friend. I had nothing against going out with him and he felt it would improve our friendship, so here we are. We kiss semi-frequently and very occasionally make out, but sex has not arisen. He knows I am tolerant of sex but sometimes sex averse, and knew about this from before the relationship, so although I've raised the question thinking it might be an issue, he said he didn't want to given that this wouldn't be a mutual close pleasure. Just saying, I don't find making out particularly great, although I don't dislike it either (and perhaps sometimes it has the ability to feel pleasing but rarely), so his logic isn't very well constructed, but damn I'm all right with that offer! We have a routine of seeing each other every day-ish I guess? I mean we live pretty close, so it's inevitable, and also he's my friend so lol. But yeah, an hour of exchanging sentences with him about a subject of our choice (conveniently, we both like maths and computer science) a day. I guess he sometimes gets upset when I do not wish to cuddle or something or other in the daily routine. We're routine people, and feeling loved is apparently a super important thing for him, so this is quite understandable. I guess at that point it sort of goes 50/50. Either I just sort of try to comfort him but don't hug him (if I'm feeling particularly bad), or I give in because I feel so sorry and also my not-need for hugs is weaker than his need for hugs so why not? (I doubt this would apply to sex). In full seriousness though, a healthy sexual-asexual relationship relies on the happiness of both. Guys, I know I've asked before, but can we make, like, fully recognised pamphlets that we can give out to our Significant Others/Parents/Friends/People at bars about how to deal with us? Like, not going into full detail, because everything's so different with each and every one of us (as with any other orientation), but some basics? I feel it would really help in situations like these. And very importantly, there's nothing wrong with you. A low sex drive is not something unnatural or something you must be upset about by any means! (Note that I did not mention whether or not you should remain with your person, as I'm sure you guys can and will figure it out! (perhaps don't give in for the sex issue though, unless you're sure [and I mean HELLA sure, not just kidding yourself] that it won't make you unhappy).
  8. Ahh. Hard to tell who's being serious here sometimes.
  9. Everything actually. Just because a satelite does not carry a lifeform (that we know of anyways) sometimes the purpose of an uninhabited location is for it to be uninhabited and remain so. Altering it can have far graver consequences than what we might like to believe.
  10. Anthracite_Impreza

    Lingerie...What's the point?

    Here's a (probably shit) analogy. If I say to a non-car person I want bigger wheels on my car, they might guess it's for a performance reason. They probably wouldn't know the physics behind it however, and why I want a better performing car (because I'm a tuner and engineering-aficionado). I understand lingerie is worn for a sexual purpose. I do not understand why someone would want to be seen sexually (because I am ace and sex repulsed), or how lingerie works psychologically, unless someone tells me.
  11. Its a lot harder to break space. What can we do to make the moon more lifeless and uninhabitable?
  12. Another thing is that there are lots of different types of lingerie. While some is uncomfortable, there are also things that are comfortable, and I'm told even feel nice with silk against bare skin. As long as its warm enough in the house that things aren't getting cold, some lingerie can be as comfortable to wear as anything else.
  13. James121

    Lingerie...What's the point?

    That’s my point. Both have very obvious answers. Neither question is any less legitimate or ridiculous than the other.
  14. Ultima

    Does this dress look like a drapery disaster?

    A say the beauty of a dress depends on who is wearing it.
  15. Lovingforboth

    Am I alone?

    Any heteroromantic sensual asexual out there? How is life treating you? Does it get any easier?
  16. Anthracite_Impreza


    They shouldn't, I've said that myself. It's when people just flat out refuse to drop the subject I get pissed, because at some point it becomes ace-erasure. No one said it was common to change orientation, but certainly possible given how brains are just biological computers.
  17. timewarp

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  18. R_1


    Many =/= All people. The thing is that like personality, vision, hearing, sensory system are all vulnerable to changes in structure of the brain and chemical of the brain to the point where it can't be denied that even inherent traits are subjected to being affected by brain changes. As with all the other inherent aspects, sexuality doesn't have immunity to changes within structure of the brain. There's no evidence to suggest sexuality get a pass from that like at all. A person get wacked hard enough in the head, he could go deaf or blind. He may be born sighted or hearing, but that all can go away from being wacked hard in the head.
  19. You asked why don't asexuals like sexy lingerie. The answer to that should be incredibly obvious. If you asked why they didn't understand that some sexuals do like it, then your response makes more sense.
  20. i'mjustme

    Kinda confused

    Labels are ultimately up to you, but you can still fantasize and be ace. It's really determined by whether you want to do it with a person or not. Sounds like you might be a romantic ace of some sort if you want romantic relationships but not sexual ones. Also, there are different types of attraction. If you look at someone and think, "wow, they're pretty" that's an aesthetic attraction. If you look at someone and think, "wow, I want to date them" that's a romantic attraction. It's only sexual attraction if you look at someone and think, "wow, I would totally sleep with them". So you finding women attractive might be aesthetic or romantic. Hope that helps! Welcome to AVEN!
  21. James121


    In which case why do so many asexuals get upset when people say “you just haven’t found the right partner yet” or “once you've have sex you definitely like it” and such? There’s loads of threads and posts like this. If orientations are subject to potential change, these are absolutely perfectly reasonable comments/questions and people should stop getting upset by them shouldn’t they?
  22. Sleepy Otter

    anyone past 50 on here?

    My cats had an altercation with a racoon through a window years ago and made sounds I had never heard before nor do I want to hear ever again. He saw something for sure.
  23. Ace Christian

    Friend not getting it whatsoever

    Thanks! Yeah, he has a very binary view of the world, and whatever does not fit his specific worldview is automatically bad or doesn't exist. Though the real fun begins if I tell him I'm trans on top of being ace. Fortunately he hasn't brought it up for a while now, but I know how he is, it'll be discussed again. I still love how he just stopped talking when I asked how much money he would put behind his statement.
  24. Jade Cross

    Jade Cross

    I really hate when on horror movies , they just completely ruin the course of the movie by randomly interjecting some lame joke, romance, sex or really anything that takes away the point of a horror movie which is to scare you (jump scares dont count)

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