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  2. i think you're cupioromantic; someone who identifies as aro but desires a romantic relationship. no, it's good to explore yourself and how you feel! it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. and as you mentioned earlier, you crave a relationship of some sort so it'll also help you find what kind of a relationship you look for (e.g. romantic relationship, platonic relationship, queerplatonic relationship.)
  3. Communication your needs, wants and expectations, and ask the other person to clarify what theirs are.
  4. Celyn

    Google translate the username above!

    Urdu: پیچیر Yiddish:קרוג Hindi: घड़ा Polish: Dzban Russian : кувшин Maori: hukahou English: Jug
  5. Peachier

    Let's Break The Rules!

    rummaged thru my sock drawer and decided to wear these badboys. it is against the rules to use sophisticated vocabulary.
  6. banana monkey

    How do I balance intimacy and my own feelings?

    This is difficult, I would say explain your needs and limits as early on as possible but I am unsure if that would create a balance because ultimately the other party needs a relationship that supplies their needs and you need one that supplies your needs (which is often not to go further than you are happy with). In this case it seems that it may have been that your ex had needs to go further than you were happy with. If that was the case, in that situation, it is very difficult to find a balance, - you often cant. It may be better to try and find someone whose needs match yours more so that both your needs can be met and both your limits not breached.
  7. Homer van Simpsegem

    Ask Admods a question (that might not deserve its own thread)

    You can still have your account deleted if you have more than 25 posts, it's just that if you wanted your posts to vanish in the process as well, you'd have to delete them yourself
  8. Peachier

    Name A Movie That Starts With The Last Letter Of The Last Movie Named

    diary of a wimpy kid
  9. Iam9man 🐧

    New Declass Team Member Needed: Nominations

    Thank you @Janus DarkFox & @Cimmerian, that’s a helpful insight into the role 😊 I’ve got one final question for you: Do you feel becoming staff has affected how you interact with others on public threads and/or how often you browse them or join the discussions?
  10. Peachier

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    laser tag is bts
  11. Peachier

    Choose a Middle Name for the Person Above You

    dusk wings fire
  12. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    How high can we count ... in Roman numerals?

  13. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    How high can we count before DT sees?

  14. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Chain Game – Geography

  15. Pan Ficto. (on hiatus?)

    Ask Admods a question (that might not deserve its own thread)

    Oooh okay, so it only happens with actual deletion and not perma bans? That makes sense then. I guess things have changed a bit now because I remember back when I wanted my account deleted I wasn't allowed to as I'd made more than 10 posts or something , but that was like 4 years ago now!! Thanks for clearing that up
  16. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  17. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Change one letter

  18. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  19. Peachier

    One random word in Alphabetical order

  20. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  21. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Word association game

  22. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    One random word in Alphabetical order

  23. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    How high can we count?

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