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  2. I am so glad I have no car and don't need to worry about stashing pads, parking, gas prices*, insurance, being able to harm an innocent person... *As a diehard non-motorist, I have no idea how much does gas cost...
  3. Just to mention, some women may still find themselves unable to comfortably/safely/painlessly use them. Particularly anatomical virgins with a very small opening.
  4. Balance


    Thanks. I'd never heard of Telstar, and I grew up in NJ! I heard of Bell Labs but didn't know they did anything like that (other than general phone technology). The things you never hear about from before you were born...
  5. AceQuinn

    How common is the black ring?

    I found a ring that my mum didn’t want anymore and I painted it black and put clear nail polish on it. Simple black ring. I wear it everyday now.
  6. I haven't been putting much thought into this until a few weeks ago when I started going on Tumblr, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I don't know if I'm a cis-female who's simply a tomboy, or genderflux. I mean, ever since I was little, I was always a bit of a tomboy. I never liked makeup or dresses or anything like that. I never had dolls or wanted to be a princess or anything like that. I also liked being called a tomboy and identified myself as one. But as of late, sometimes I feel 100% female but other times I feel mostly female, or at least I think I do. I use she/her pronouns, I like to label myself as a female, I also often call myself a woman, but there are some days where I feel like a demigirl? Before I discovered genderflux, I entertained the idea of being a genderfluid demigirl, as in I switch between being a female and a demigirl. The thing is though is that sometimes it felt right, but other times not quite? Sometimes it feels foreign to label myself as genderflux/genderfluid/demigirl, but other times I feel okay towards it? 2 days ago when I discovered genderflux, it was a mix of "that's what I'm feeling? that's my possible identity?!" and feeling really intimidated by it. Like, I felt stressed about it. It made sense but it also feels kind of scary? I'd even say it felt wrong? So I don't know if that means I'm cis, or if it's just me being afraid of the idea of being nonbinary and being in that minority. It feels intimidating for me, to be completely honest. Like, I feel like it would be weird to identify as such or something. Like I would stick out like a sore thumb amongst others. And I'll be honest, sometimes I feel intimidated by this because the people I look up to and admire (my favorite YouTubers, artists, etc) are cis as far as I know and for some reason the idea of being something else scares me? I mean I'm already asexual so I'm apart of LGBT I think, so I guess it wouldn't make much of a difference. I wanna say that I should wait and give it time and not worry about it and eventually I'll realize my identity. But I'm really impatient. I also had a few moments of me feeling like a guy, I think, so maybe it's genderfluid? The thing is with being afab is that I don't know if I disagree with being a female, or disagree with the stereotype of being a female. I hate the word gender roles with a passion because I feel like it's telling me I'm expected to be the ancient world view of what a woman should be. You know, being submissive to men, taking care of the household, never going outside, having kids, being a mother...the idea of it makes me want to vomit my guts out. And the thing is also is that I don't believe that all feminine men are nonbinary or gay, or all tomboys are nonbinary. And honestly, I'm really really worried that I want to be nonbinary just to get attention and support or something. It's also worth noting that I have OCD so maybe these are just symptoms of it? Maybe I should take a break from looking at gender stuff so I could see if I'm actually feeling this way?
  7. stash in my car. Stash in my coat pockets. Stash in my backpack. Stash in my lunch box. Sometimes I get no warning and it's like surprise I'm here. I know a couple other people who keep some in their cars
  8. Hey, just wondering who is on here from my sort of area, in roughly my sort of age group? This is all pretty new to me, and it's great reading the comments and chatting in general, but it would also be great to connect with people local to me too
  9. Nick2

    Homeless issue

    We destroyed our mental health system years ago and those people ended up in our jails and on the street. Drugs have also crippled so many people who could have been productive and treatment programs are almost non existent. Put all that together and you have the homeless problems we have today. No easy answer but currently we have a government who is not trying to find answers.
  10. @pma01being slow on the uptake, or a late developer, however you would wish to call it, I never even thought about it for many years, probably a good twenty years after the event, I met her once, not long after that thought, she was due to get married for the second time and she was out getting whatever people do prior to her wedding, we had a coffee and a chat, although the thoughts went through my head, I never had the bottle to say anything to her about those events, having said that, they were well and truly in the past, would it turn me on to try it now? I honestly don't know.
  11. Grey-Ace Ventura


  12. Nick2

    Any asexuals like me, over 60?

    I, also, was taking care of a parent (my dad) until May of this year when he passed. Never easy and it was my main focus. Now I am trying to figure out where my focus will be. This site has helped a lot of people, who before finding it, were lost and felt alone/broken. Just knowing you are not alone in this journey is so important. I am 68. Sometime soon we are going to have to open up a 70 and older thread.
  13. @AceMissBehavingI've heard of a few not so good experiences, well, maybe two or three in the twenty plus years that I've worked the doors, it was nothing serious though, in fact, one blabbermouth bought a couple closer together, it spiced up their lives as neither knew that the other shared the same fetish, it's amazing too what couples don't reveal to each other, I do find that people with fetishes do tend to be more trustworthy overall as they feel they have something to hide, that they don't feel comfortable with others knowing
  14. Ess-Kat


    As anyone seen that movie Megamind? Re-watching it and I sill laugh at it

  15. Zagadka

    Homeless issue

    Went for a walk through a park a block away that has a creek in it, the entire thing was filled with tents and sleeping bags. It was horrible. And I though about it... that is exactly where I would go. I was also researching local protocol. The city I live in has had a dramatic rise in homelessness. Lots of counts of drug/alcohol police calls, but then... just as many mental health calls. The police have no idea what to do. Though they did ask people not to shoot them (literally), which was nice.
  16. Haematite

    Any asexuals like me, over 60?

    I'm in the 'older' category!! 56 and a newly diagnosed asexual! My life has literally been changed in the most profound way in the last week after finding this site. I feel like I've just stepped out of a box into freedom!
  17. PhantomHare

    Help with Gender Identity

    I can see that being true. I have nothing against the binary genders, but I do believe gender and sex have become two different things. We can't think of them as the same thing. I'm fine with people referring to me by my physical sex, but I can't say I connect with it. It's just normal and overall easier. But I agree when it comes to stereotypes. That's an issue with a lot of things.
  18. Yes business is business to me, if you want you’re business to succeed you don’t mix business with personal feelings or relationships.
  19. Cereal Tendencies

    I’m not sure if this counts as asexual.

    You could be homoromantic asexual
  20. I'm rather undecided on the whole spectrum v. non-spectrum thing (though I lean towards the latter)... but as far as I'm concerned - if you aren't interested or have any sexual attraction... don't have sex. If you're sex repulsed, absolutely don't do it. The rest is communication shortcuts.
  21. Today
  22. Not sure about everybody here but me personally? I think a lot of it has to do with my Autism and how I have been brought up by my mother. I have a very layback nature when it comes to discussions and only really get flustered if there are true facts thrown into the equation and people are denying them. (Ya know, like that alcohol is classified as a drug as a quick example).
  23. Haematite

    How can i make him understand ?

    `i tried to explain to my fiance that I was attracted to him aesthetically and romantically but not sexually. It didn't go down well! But now that I finally know who I am, I feel soooo happy! Its remarkable what a weight it has taken off my shoulders! And its so great to find this community only last week ...
  24. Ian Somerhalder :3 Daniel Radcliffe Chris Hemsworth Ryan Reynolds And several youtubers, but I'm not sure if they count as celebrities. xD
  25. Jusey1

    Homeless issue

    I wouldn't say awful. It's just hard to have true caring feelings for complete strangers, especially since some of them can be terrible human beings themselves to some degree.
  26. Jusey1

    Area 51

    Pretty much every community and their mothers is making fun of this, and all I gotta say is... Let it happen. Natural selection needs to happen someday, if you ask me, and this would be a good chance for some true classic natural selection happening (even if it is cruel to say).
  27. Jusey1

    What does it mean to be a racist?

    Racism is very clear and easy to define. It's the belief that you better than someone else because of their race being different from your own, and it can happen with any two different races, including the different varieties of the European Races.
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