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  2. Kimmie.

    New Declass Team Member Needed: Nominations

    How do a regular work session look like?
  3. I do think this is the main reason. British culture involves lots of drinking tea and also seems to be the culture least obsessed with sex (see all the jokes about the British not having enough sex jokes in comedy). So we have people who are more likely to drink a lot of tea, realise and accept they're ace, speak English and have reliable internet access. Correllation not causation.
  4. Celyn

    TransWhatevers of AVEN

    Feel hugged from me as long as you like. Ditto this.
  5. I have the same with men's restrooms even at work where I am still going as male, although I have a rather femme expression. The more I am myself the more I confuse people about in which gender box they want to put me. This seems to scare some people so much that they get aggressive. Luckily I haven't been physically attacked but have been in situations where this was my worry.
  6. Xander Magallanes

    I want to cut my hair, but I'm scared...

    I was planning to get a short boyish haircut and i felt scared and confident at the same time. I wanted my hair short like my aunts and she tells me I’ll look good since our family has that right face shape for it. But on the other hand, my mom says that she’s afraid that I won’t like and regret it or I would like it but then regret it a year later. To be honest I’m kinda afraid of that too but for years I’ve always wanted short hair, ever since I was a kid. I thought that this would help me be more myself. My mom is scared that I’ll hate it later cause I’m a teen. I never really loved my long hair, in fact it was just in the way to me.. So I’m kinda nervous about the whole short hair problem and the thing is I’ll never really know if I’ll like it or not unless I do it. It’s just really how it goes. all that matters to me is that I’ll love and I’ll at least past.
  7. Bloc

    bottom dysphoria rant

    Dysphoria sucks. *Hugs and tea 🍵* if you like
  8. CustardCream

    Why do asexuals like tea so much?

    I agree. Let's all start the hot chocolate revolution! Quite a lot of the better quality, non-chain UK hotels offer hot chocolate in the basket of drinks sachets, but a lot of them only put one sachet in a double room - what if both people want a hot chocolate? 🤣
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  10. CustardCream

    Quickly, Before They See!

    Nope! Kenny.
  11. CustardCream


    Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy exploring the forums, feel free to join in and ask all the questions you like.🍰
  12. Lizzzzie

    PM an AVEN member you've not PM'd before

    Hey everyone! I'm Lizzie, and I am a queerromantic-asexual. I want to make more friends that I can be open about my sexuality with, because I am still largely closeted. I am interested in reading fantasy, sci-fi, distopia, and science books. Recently, I've been learning about touch starvation, and that's what brought me here. Please feel free to talk to me about any of your interests, especially astronomy, psychology, and books. (I'm especially interested in Harry Potter) Much love to all you beautiful people, Lizzie 💜
  13. Whilst I don’t use any labels beyond “asexual” I’m becoming confident explaining that I’m also hypersensual when asked, without the fear of invalidation 👍
  14. CustardCream

    What do you call these? (See picture)

    Yep, packing peanuts.
  15. Iam9man 🐧

    Out of body sexual experience?

    Yes, definitely experienced this!
  16. Slice of Ace

    Slice of Ace YouTube channel discussion

    As promised, the 511 sub video is here! Feel free not to watch it all, because it is massive 😂 Also, pelicans
  17. A.J14

    One random word in Alphabetical order

    Bohemian Rhapsody
  18. kenny.

    What do you call these? (See picture)

    packing peanuts
  19. I've dissociated during sexual activities where I felt pressured into a male role. My body was still doing the movements and I could feel the sensations, but it was as if they were not mine and that I was just a bystander in my own body. It was as if I lost the connection to my body. I believe this was more related to gender dysphoria than asexuality. Just thinking about it made me feel bad.
  20. Kisa needs a coffee

    Ask Admods a question (that might not deserve its own thread)

    Usually that happens when a member requests to leave. Delete account and there's nothing left.
  21. firebird8

    Why do asexuals like tea so much?

    I like tea and coffee ok, but my only addiction in life is Dr. Pepper. It's a thoroughly emotional addiction, in that I can be off soar and caffeine and have one and suddenly feel like the world is 1000% a better place. In any case, the person I know who is most attached to tea is thoroughly sexual. My vote is observation bias.
  22. Anthracite_Impreza

    What do you call these? (See picture)

    Foam, never heard of any of the others bar packing.
  23. Bloc

    TransWhatevers of AVEN

    good idea/person/advice. It seems that my tablet likes me at the moment. So my gender is a good idea how. Feel hugged from me as long as you like. 👐
  24. firebird8

    What is love?

    Love is an emotion that ideally is a positive attachment to someone that generally leads you to want the best for them, which can be familial or friendship or romantic or sexual or whatever. I believe you want to know about romantic attraction and romantic relationships (specifically, divorced from sexual relationships). You seem to be in good company there.
  25. Anthracite_Impreza

    Where should a washing machine go?

    The clothes basket, which in our house is in the spare bedroom (cos we get undressed upstairs, thus, practical). We only wash clothes at most once a week; there's only two of us here so that's where 'dirty' (lets face it, they're not really dirty after two wears) clothes spend most of their life. My railway clothes have a separate bag cos they really are dirty, which is actually in the kitchen cos I'm not allowed to traipse through the house with them. Our kitchen is a fair size tbh, most of it is empty now we don't have a table (my dad eats breakfast on a large toolbox cos that's how we roll). There's another toolbox next to the boiler, which I'm sure is odd to most people but I'm used to hoover (my dad fixes Dysons), car and bike parts, even actual (motor)bikes in the kitchen, so yeah. Clutch's servicing bits and Blitz's new radio are currently stowed on the kitchen floor.
  26. I really like this question. And I try my best to express my thoughts in english, that's not always easy. I think when we die, we just vanish. Like you know, our body dies, all life functions stop and our family or who ever else will grave or burn it, but our core of existence, our soul will be still alive. I imagine that we will return to the universe or that kind of power that brings souls in the bodies of newborn children. Maybe we forget everything. Like our many lifes before we died. We know nothing, no memories, no feelings so we start again. In another body, maybe another country and in a still completely new life. And maybe, if we are extremely lucky we are able to meet old friends from another life without even knowing it. I imagine there could be a feeling about knowing the other person or feeling comfortable with them without having an explanation for these feelings. Like in the book "a street cat named Bob". You know it? For me it absolutely sounds like it that bobs soul found the way back to james, even in the body of a cat. Who this soul could have been in the past is unknown, but maybe it is the soul of someone in his past family. Or maybe that small kitten he tried to save when he was just a kid? Noone knows. Of course there is no proof for this theory, but I really like the idea. I don't believe in god but in the existence of a greater power bcs I don't have another explanation myself about all this soul-thingie. I mean if we think about the soul topic: it's proved that even babies have different personalities. Some of them want fulltime attention at all costs, some of them are shy or scared of everything. And others love everyone and laughs most of the time. How could that be possible when there is no kind of "personality" they were born with? And this is the soul, I think. A personality developed out of all our lifes before and we don't remember. This is what I want to believe in. That we are just a small piece of a bigger existence and that we never really die but get the chance to start again, even when the last life went bad or something horrible happens. What do you think?
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