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  2. Some sexual people definitely aren't attracted to random strangers on the street. And for some, it can take falling for someone who has reciprocal feelings in order for to experience what's identifiable to them as sexual desire/attraction. There are lots of different ways of experiencing one's sexuality; if you want to have sex with other people, you're sexual. At 16, I'd suggest just keeping an open mind. There's no rush to label yourself.
  3. CBC

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    True, though. 😎 Well, other than it not being a disease haha.
  4. AceMissBehaving


    I once had a gig at a bridal expo, and the free sweets was 100% the best part of the whole thing
  5. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    It’s always frustrating how sunscreen is one extreme or the other!
  6. CBC


    Oh ewww, haha. I'm not even ace and that's all kinds of nope to me.
  7. Strange-quark

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    green 3
  8. Nowhere Girl

    Indifferent Asexuals, A post as Advocacy for them

    But as an asexual, you have just as much of a right to have your political opinion about sex, as does everybody else.
  9. Telecaster68

    Frustrating representation

    For sexual people, it's not a separate thing. They're deeply entwined together.
  10. Lichley

    Excited to see where this goes!

    Welcome! Nice to meet you, have some cake
  11. Lichley

    What a year to come out

    Welcome! Still time to do both and get an awesome new job too
  12. Lichley

    Special Snowflake Says Hello

    Welcome! Oh yeah there’s definitely cake here
  13. Lichley


    Welcome! Saw this and thought of you
  14. neecee

    Does anyone else have trouble making new friends?

    I wouldn’t say I’m bad at making new friends as much as I’m bad at making good friends. I have a handful of very close friends that I’ve known for 10+ years now, and I’ve noticed that I have a weird mindset of wanting allllllllll my new friendships to instantly be on the same level of those close friends. So in a way, I set my own self up for failure.
  15. ThatRangerGirl

    Excited to see where this goes!

    Hi all! I’m Sian. I just signed up for this site but have followed the Facebook page for a while! I identify as homoromantic asexual and have done for some time! Move started joining up to websites and apps in the hopes to meet other asexuals! So I’m excited to see where this site goes and chatting to some awesome people! 🤙
  16. Lichley

    Ace and Disabilities

    Welcome! Well, there are sites like Acebook as asexual dating sites, and sites like OKCupid have an asexual option
  17. Lichley

    How to come out to your parents 101 needed

    Welcome! I’d definitely recommend the Parent’s Guide ^^ but I’ll throw in a couple of other things to check out too http://www.Asexuality archive.com/asexuals-on-coming-out-experience/ https://www.deviantart.com/secondlina/art/Sketchcomic-types-of-Attraction-298804729 https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/3/26/16291562/asexuality-tv-history-bojack-shadowhunters-game-of-thrones
  18. Mythos1

    Frustrating representation

    I think it was more down to the documentary than anything else. The programme seemed very black and white, apparently it never mentioned a spectrum, and it lead him to believe we were all alike. But what caught my attention was the fact it stated that we don't experience romance!...like, excuse me, what? I had to explain that romantic attraction was a completely separate thing, he had no idea!
  19. Lichley

    Have a slice of coming-out cake

    Welcome! Pro tip it usually automatically becomes a picture if you just paste the url or a picture directly in, and then asks if you’d prefer plain text
  20. Welcome! Oh we were just checking that they were okay with being called sluts, otherwise it would have a very harsh connotation - but since they’re okay with it and actively use it then it’s ok
  21. BumbleBeee

    What a year to come out

    Wow! I'm glad that you're coming to these realizations about yourself, and I really hope everything works out. Happy late birthday, and here's some Cheese Cake to celebrate ; )
  22. Today
  23. Aldis Friedman

    Aldis Friedman

    My relatives have noticed my ace ring! They think it's just a regular ring though. At least I feel less weird wearing it!

  24. pickles mcgee

    anyone past 50 on here?

    I second this. What a great crew. It's nice getting to know people better as we share more; hoping to meet as many of you as possible IRL. I got my first sunburn of the trip yesterday, on my back. DARN! 😡
  25. sithgirlix

    What does it mean to be a racist?

    And I do not believe you are using language right when you assume a noun used to describe someone means it's intrinsic. After all, I could call someone an asshole. Were they born an asshole? No. It's part of them. They were raised an asshole and they continue to be an asshole. So, they're an asshole. Someone can be a racist because they believe and say things that are racist. If you want to insist on using the term only to describe actions and not people then we will have to disagree. Because I believe a person is a summation of their actions, words, etc. What people put out is who they are. You can get into the argument about "What is 'Self'", but that's my belief. If someone says enough racist things, thinks enough racist things, and performs enough racist actions, they're a racist. It might be out of ignorance and because of the way they were raised, but the result is the same. 1) Yes and no. It's their fault if they continue to ignore people when told what they're saying or doing is racist. For example, Trump's latest tweets about telling non-white Congresswoman to "go back home" or whatever? That's racist since it's assuming non-white Americans have a "home" other than the US. People point it out and it's Trump's fault he's denying the claims of racism and refusing to change his words or actions. 2) They can look at their actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. and see why others interpret them as racist. And they can stop. It'll be long and a lot of questioning your own words and actions, but it can be done. 3) Yep. The only example I can point out off the top of my head is the YTer Mr. Atheist who has repeatedly mentioned he used to be a piece of shit in the past, part of this being racist. 4) People would judge each other and discriminate against each other based on their beliefs, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Discrimination is a fact of life right now and removing one would fix quite a bit, but not everything. At least we might hire and pay people in equal rates no matter their name or skin color though. (Actually, that is debatable as quite a lot of things are racist by design and it's the institution that is racist rather than individuals, but with enough individuals who aren't racist and would be able to see the racism in such institutions and infrastructures, something might actually be able to be done about it.)
  26. tygersongbird

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    You're actually not alone. I like Marianne as well. She is a long shot, though. I didn't think the debate stage was great for her, though.
  27. I'm trying to find the author of this webcomic about asexuality: http://rebloggy.com/post/comics-representation-asexual-asexuality-asexual-awareness-week-elsje-s-art/101101452403 I'm writing a piece about asexuality (and me) for my company blog, and I'd love to include a panel from this comic with the permission of the author. Anyone know how I can content them? Thanks.
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