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  2. I can see where you are coming from, but aren't relationships about compromises? Even when two individuals are sexuals and compatible, there are going to be times when one is in the mood and the other isn't, but they have sex anyway because one of them doesn't mind doing it to make the needy partner happy. I get that you dont want to pressure your partner and you almost never do it, but in instances like this when your partner is happy to participate, I am just surprised you feel guilty.
  3. Philip027

    Area 51

    When you intentionally go out of your way to stir the hornets' nest, you don't exactly get to complain when you get the shit stung out of you. The irony in all of this is that I'm sure a lot of the people who are "storming" this place (or at least would do it in their wildest fantasies if they had the guts) would probably defend or themselves be practitioners of taking up arms to defend one's home from intruders. So, you know... can't really sympathize.
  4. I have no idea if you're aromantic or not, but I can tell you that I'm very much in the same boat. I identified as aro for a long time because I'm 27 and I've never been in a relationship, never had an ostensible crush. But I want all the things that seem to go with being in a romantic relationship. I want that closeness and I want a partner in life. I want to have someone I can always rely on and who will put our relationship first. I just can't figure out if that means I want a romantic relationship (and I just haven't realized it because romance is so linked with sex and I super don't want that) or if it's something else. This is about when my friends tell me that it doesn't matter and that I can call my relationships whatever I want. That's true to an extent, but in order to form a relationship with another person, you need to know what you want and be able to communicate that. I just feel like my chances are ticking by and by the time I figure out what I want, it's going to be too late somehow.
  5. QuirkyGeek

    Type the above username with your elbow(s)

    Fantastic Named
  6. ColeHW

    Area 51

    I'd laugh if it's just a makeshift facility instead of area 51.
  7. I am so sorry you had to listen to that ridiculous suggestion. There is nothing to fix. If you are unhappy about your sexuality, that is something to work on, but if finding out has been a relief to you, has given you a sense of freedom or made you feel a sense of closure about yourself and your life thus far, then there is nothing to fix. You don't owe that person an explanation like this, and usually allosexual folks have a very difficult time understanding the difference between natural desire (which they have) and willful action. If that person is someone who matters to you, but has a hard time understanding, let them make the first move toward understanding you (such as asking more about you) and when you are ready, show them to resources that will help them if not understand fully at least comes to terms with the idea that you are happy with who you are. There are many resources on this site. Also, as a side note, I love your log-in name. I'm a geologist so that made me smile.
  8. Haze (semi-hiatus)

    Sexuality, Romantic Orientation, and Gender Correlation With ASD

    I'm autistic, ace, alloromantic, and nonbinary.
  9. daveb

    Area 51

    rolls eyes
  10. Haze (semi-hiatus)

    Menstruation + Depression?

    Both, sometimes, yes
  11. AwkwardSquid

    Area 51

    There was this thing that said it might have been set up by the government as an excuse to shoot some 200,000 people lol.
  12. ColeHW

    Area 51

    It'd be funny to watch all hell break loose but 1.5 millon people!? They better be prepared for pure anarchy.
  13. Evobessive

    Hello, Everyone :)

    Thanks, I do. And yeah the Ted Talks on this topic have been great
  14. Philip027

    Area 51

    Well I mean, they still shoot on sight and we can be pretty sure they are gonna be both better trained and better armed than the stormers, so... Assuming anyone actually takes this seriously (and I'm sure the majority of them aren't), it's not difficult to predict the outcome.
  15. Mythos1

    I want a super ultra best friend

    This thread resonates with me so much. I feel less alone due to all you beautiful people. God, I'm on the verge of tears here! I too lost virtually all my friends due to marriages and here's me, a 26 year old, wasting her life because I haven't had sex or I haven't got a SO. I am just so sick and tired of platonic relationships being beaten down and I hate that I can't be friends with a guy without someone assuming we're dating.
  16. KrystalLost

    Area 51

    There's gonna be a few idiots that go let's be honest. I'm probably either gonna pull out a chair and watch or use their dead bodies as shields to see them aliens.
  17. Steve Rogers

    Walking with... series

    I would recommend any of them. Walking with Dinosaurs + all the specials (Ballad of Big Al, Science of Big Al, Chased by Dinosaurs, Sea Monsters), Walking with Beasts (+ the specials - Triumph of the Beasts and The Beast Within), Walking with Monsters, Walking with Cavemen... There was also a documentary on how they made Dinosaurs, Beasts and Monsters - it was called Trilogy of Life. Interestingly, Tim Haines also produced another series at that time (in 2004) called Space Odyssey that was first supposed to be called Walking with Spacemen.
  18. Life Of Tass

    • Life Of Tass
    • 98slbrookes98

    Happy birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

  19. AwkwardSquid

    Area 51

    Okay so on September 20th 2019 there is a plan to storm Area 51 in Naruto run. A facebook even page was made and now apparently 1.5mil people are planning to go or so they say. I think it would be hilarious if people ended up forgetting and going oops. Lol but for fun and interest what are your thoughts on this craziness? and the epic memes coming out of this? Anyone going or saying they going but just for show and plan to stay home and watch the news to see if the Aliens are found or not? What do you think is going to happen? Is it a joke or not?
  20. Telecaster68

    Sexual Compromise & Support

    Yep, being desired is the key thing generally, but I meant our lack of ambivalence about sex means it's an effort to get our heads round someone being ambivalent about it - pretty much what you said about not wanting someone else to feel as bad as you felt.
  21. xstatic β˜†οΎŸΒ°Λ–* α••( ᐛ )α•—

    Sexual Compromise & Support

    It's hard to explain. Harder so for me because he's also aromantic so I can't even say that it comes from a place of romance. It's more of a feeling from him of 'I really like and trust this person in front of me and I feed off of her affection energy even though I don't reciprocate it normally.' So, like a feedback loop. He gets a charge off of my affection and I can see how it affects him and it makes me really happy. Once on that cycle, arousal becomes organic and things just happen. I'll tell you why. I've been in relationships where I was pressured into sex by my partner when I wasn't into it. It's fine now and then, but it can become daunting really quickly and you can end up feeling used and unloved. I had several secret cries after unwanted sex sessions. So I don't dare want to make someone else feel that way. I don't dare be that other person. I really really want to feel wanted, yes. You can do all the motions, but if I don't feel wanted, then the sex is completely pointless to me.
  22. Perspektiv

    Master Trump Thread

    To a highly narcissistic guy like Trump who still is blaming those he targeted, this is a political move to condemn his words. Nothing else. Remember. He is the least racist person you will ever meet. Not a racist bone. His heart is another story, but his bones check out. He said it himself during his campaign. He could literally shoot someone, and face little to no repercussions that would even remotely impede his campaign. Anyone opposing him know this, and are using this to for political gain. There is no way anything he says can outrage or disgust anymore. Nudes of him would have to be leaked. You clearly can't get rid of him. More energy should be put towards ensuring those he runs against are strong enough to bury him. The population has spoken. Trump being hired was it stating a good portion if it was sick of things. I see this as an opportunity. He has awaken many who likely would never interest themselves in politics. He has sparked a voice for change. Even global leaders are aware of it, urging patience before getting back to business with the US.
  23. AceMissBehaving


    The answer to that is nothing!
  24. That's exactly what it does, if it's a site issue. You could circumvent this using a VPN, but using a good VPN can get a little pricey. Firefox doesn't autotranslate anything for me. Maybe it's the version or distro you're using? Some installations of Firefox come preinstalled with certain extensions (i.e. automatic Google Translate). Usually you can disable these in the extensions menu, but sometimes you can't. I would suggest maybe using a VPN like Tunnelbear or NordVPN alongside this. It's not the best solution, but it's probably good enough until you can find a better one.
  25. SupercalifragilisticNugget


    Nice! What’s better than getting paid and also getting free sweets in the process.
  26. FindingTheta

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    My body's pretty wrecked from manual labor (arboriculture and organic farming takes a lot out of a person and with little pay to show for it), though I'm still somewhat fit. Thing is, going to school in my mid 30's for something that falls outside the scope of my job experience (Math + Engineering) and still having to meet financial obligations has a way of raising the blood pressure 🀣. There was a point in my mid 20's where I was deciding if I wanted to have children (didn't know I was asexual then), and I personally felt that bringing a child into this world conflicted with my ethics especially because they'll be inheriting a destabilizing planet with a powerful few in charge who aren't interested in fixing the problems they caused. Additionally, I am on the spectrum (ASD); life was difficult for me because I was undiagnosed until my 30's, and I didn't have the resources I needed like I have now to be successful in my studies. If I had a kid it would be difficult to provide a nurturing environment if I passed along my ASD, plus if the child were bullied because they were on the spectrum it would be especially hard for me because my K-12 years, and even parts of my adult years were especially traumatic. For me at that time, not bringing a child into this world is about sparing them the hardship that I endure(d); it is an act of mercy.
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