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  2. Neutral Charge

    My name is Jasen...

    Welcome to Aven! i know it was a big release and sense of freedom for me when i understood that missing detail that put things into place, so i hope it feels as nice for you as it did for me, im glad you found a bit more of yourself and i hope that makes your life clearer and more pleasant in the long run Cheers! 🖖
  3. orlahirish

    Eunuch/Gender Nullification Surgery

    Generally, operation won't influence your voice at all. Although, you should take certain medications and hormones before the surgery in the period of time even up to one year and hormones could certainly affect your voice in the way you don't want to. Better talk to a surgeon who has enough experience to be sure. essay writing service
  4. Also the hunger/thinking food looks yummy analogy was awesome
  5. As a scientist, that's a sign of a really well written survey because they want to be as sure as they can that the data is valid. An I'll second @HonoraryJedi that it says in the request that they are looking for "anyone, ace or not" to respond, so of course questions will be allo inclusive.
  6. JasenIsMe

    My name is Jasen...

    and after four years of trying to navigate a relationship. Of trying to figure out why I just couldn't/didn't/wouldn't want to have sex. Of trying to figure out what was wrong with me. What was broken. I've found my answer. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with me. See. I have operated under the assumption that I am gay. And it is true. I do find appeal in men, and I couldn't picture any companion of mine not being a male. Somehow it wouldn't feel right. Be right. And I do want a companion. Someone to go through life together with, to cuddle, to watch lame tv comedies after long days at work, to get frustrated when they can beat the stage or the boss I have been stuck on for hours on end. But I was missing a piece. I stopped at gay, and I assumed that was all there is. I'm also asexual. I won't say that I'm not attracted to the concept of sex. And the amount of kinks I have found that I find appeal in are rather frightening. But I prefer to read about it than to do. I tried a few different relationships and none of them could last. At first I assumed just a mismatch of interest, or maybe a lack of compatibility. But as evident by my last two relationships I just don't have the drive, nor the desire for it. And especially with the last break up so fresh I wish I did. But I don't. And that is just something that I have to accept about myself. So. Hello all! My name is Jasen, and I'm an asexual.
  7. Naberius

    Hi! I'm new here's a bit about me

    Welcome. As a new user here's your welcome cake. Maybe I've got more books but also have manga. It's just 4 I just don't have more money to buy manga 😂 Me too. I remember when I was writing books on Wattpad but I day stopped. I think I must to back to this 'cuz story was really fine or write for myself and will try to publish own book I have two wonderful ideas. Maybe one day haha
  8. naakka

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    We used to message with one of my male friends on fb. He would often interpret my comment on a sexual way, and it took way too long for me to even realize that (even though, looking back, he was clearly sexting but I was clueless), so he thought I was "playing along" with "an innocent girl" role. I'd say I think he misinterpreted me but he never took it seriously, so I had no choice but cut all contact with him. Maybe we were close to start dating or something in his head thank god we lived on the opposite sides of the country.
  9. Celyn

    Trans Moments?

    I just wanted whichever one was an animal.
  10. Nima Kat

    Change one letter

  11. Nima Kat

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Violet, like the bottom stripe of the ace flag, is bts .
  12. Nima Kat

    why are we here on earth?

    because, even though there's been a lot of talk about it, we haven't managed to start colonizing other planets yet, which I think is probably a bad idea as well... but until then, we're here.
  13. Latedev

    Re- building trust

    Thanks for the encouragement. Your suggestions are helpful in how best to initiate communication and keep the channels open. A therapist could be useful but we live rurally and I’m not convinced online therapy would work for us. I agree, empathy is key and it is up to me to keep us on the right path.
  14. Quasar.w

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    After getting my hair cut short 4 years ago I just slowly taught myself to cut it back on my own (with some minor fails of course) since hair-dressers and me seem to not understand each other🙄 and it saves money due to needing to be cut more often (once a month - lower back of my head, once every 2 month - everything) And I prefer short hair too, it's so much easier to wash, dry and take care of!
  15. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  16. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Word association game

  17. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  18. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for believing that a discussion can end
  19. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Have you ever?

    Yes, Utrecht this month was for an AVEN meet HYE camped out whilst hiking?
  20. Today
  21. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Interview the person below you

    Only to remove a cyst Geranium Minke whale in liquorice Have you sung at a karaoke event Favourite holiday Would you have a garden?
  22. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  23. Homer van Simpsegem

    why are we here on earth?

    We're here because nature is a bit of a dick at times.
  24. Weirdzy2


    I need to cook some Thai-style chicken and pasta in peanut and coconut milk sauce, maybe some jasmine rice, maybe some coconut soup. . . craving that stuff.

    1. Sea horse

      Sea horse

      Sounds delicious :) 

  25. ButterflyKisses


    Good morning world! :D


    How are you all doing on this beautiful morning?

    I am wide awake and ready to get started on my last few assignments before exams so I'm sending all my love your way and to those of you who are struggling remember to take deep breaths and baby steps. No storm lasts forever so stay strong and keep moving forward.


    All my love


  26. SkyenAutowegCaptain

    One random word in Alphabetical order

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