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  2. I am not saying that that is incorrect. But the Sun Belt--the population in the South growing while the population in other regions declined--might have played a little part. More people means more Electors to whoever wins a state in a presidential election, more representatives in Congress, etc. And at least one book I have encountered concludes, after a close examination of voter registrations and other records, that it was suburban sprawl in the South, not racism, that led to Republican dominance. Just some things to think about. The evidence seems clear to me that some Democrats--who eventually took control of the party--made a conscious choice to abandon New Deal / Great Society economic policies. Even if they did not intentionally or unintentionally "abandon" a class of voters (although I vaguely recall reading about one communication that specifically said that that should be part of the strategy), it seems to me that the fact that they forgot about a reliable part of their traditional base cannot be easily dismissed. If you feel like one party is ignoring you and the other is listening to you, you are likely to vote for the latter, even that is not in your best interest. I think that these days everything is poll-driven. That did not work well for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is about who people trust, who connects with them, etc. Calling a significant portion of voters "deplorables" is probably not a good idea if you need people to trust you and believe in you. It may all be a self-fulfilling prophecy: you decide that you are going to bet everything on the support of certain demographic categories; those demographic categories are to a great extent racial; people outside of those categories look elsewhere for leaders who represent their interests; those leaders play the race card to galvanize their new base; and what really is about economic security for everybody in every demographic category turns into a culture war over race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Let's end the culture wars and then see what the voting behavior of white working class people is like. My guess is that it would result not in racists voting with their bigotry but, rather, diverse groups finding solidarity between themselves. That is probably one of the last things that the elites in either major party want to see.
  3. Audrey03

    Does anyone have a "Ace Anthem"?

    "Myself" by Bazzi (it's such a good song and it gives me asexual vibes; what's not to love!) also "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You," but I discovered that through this thread, so.
  4. Blake23

    Body hair

    Lucky you 😂
  5. Blake23

    Body hair

    Oh lol to each their own nicenice Ive stopped shaving down there 😂
  6. pma01

    Body hair

    I have never had any itching or irritation
  7. Holy sh*t! That’s me! 😲 How was this possible?😭 Ok, I’m fine. 🙃
  8. i dont have experience with being told i "need to get a boyfriend/partner," but i will say that whenever my parents ask me "who i like" and i insist that i dont like anyone right now and they proceed to (playfully) not believe me, its annoying. i dont have to like someone romantically right now to be happy, im fine where im at right now. or when we talk about me and my brother having families in the future and i go "yeah but what if i dont have kids" and my parents either say it outright or give me that look like "you'll change your mind one day" its not too big of a deal but it is frustrating when it happens.
  9. Grey-Ace Ventura


    Hey there! Since you're not attracted to anyone, you might be aromantic and want a friend to cuddle with? Cuddling's always fun, you don't really need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy it.
  10. MadDash27


    I’m kind of new, so I’m sorry if I just didn’t find the right post and I’m wasting peoples time, but I’m lost, really really lost. I have no attraction, to anyone. I have the desire to have cuddles, nothing more though. I want to have a partner to only cuddle and hug and whatnot, but I have no attraction to anyone, and don’t have any clue as to where I would even begin to discover who could be said person? Why am I so lost? What am I? I don’t have any idea what gender or anything said person is? I just want some cuddles? (Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense)
  11. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Yep, and I don't linger. I especially try not to be in their blind spot for their mirrors any longer than I can help.
  12. The Angel of Eternity

    The Angel of Eternity


  13. "You just, like, plod on through life as usual going 'oooh, that's pretty. I'd like that hair' or 'oooooh, they're nice. I'd like to be close to them' but there's no, like, 'oh, someone would want to fuck that' or 'oh, that's so damn sexy' you know? You just - you don't notice - you don't realise everyone else has 'had a moment' but you haven't. You just - keep going as you always have." "It's alright, dude. I can survive off of platonic bro embraces for the rest of my life." - "I don't wanna kiss or hold your hand/If it's funny try and understand/There is really nothing else I'd rather do/'Cause I'm happy just to dance with you." (I went with using quotes, lol)
  14. Yep. I think so. At least initially I don’t like attention it at all. I can look at someone and enjoy their aesthetic but I absolutely do not want a guy or girl checking me out. And it’s not shyness like I’m worried about my hair or something. It’s more of an immediate visceral reaction like, eww. Oh my God, stop looking at me.
  15. Geimvera

    Chain Game – Geography

  16. Geimvera

    Change one letter

  17. SweetTart

    You can only answer with a question

    Wait, is that actually a dove?
  18. when i first started using tumblr, i would see that a lot of people would say "he/she" is 'pretty' or 'lovely' and i just latched onto using those descriptors (and others like it) to describe someone/thing i found aesthetically pleasing. i would never say 'hot' or 'sexy,' and looking back it makes a lot of sense, lol. i think for a while i thought that i did that because it was part of tumblr culture - and that was undoubtedly a part of it - but i also really felt that those words were more accurate for the way i felt.
  19. firewallflower

    I hate romance

    I hear (well, read) your frustration here, and I'm sorry and empathize with some of it. 😕 However, I think the issue here isn't the romance itself, per se. People can, unfortunately, be dumb, and hurtful, and disgusting, and all manner of other unpleasant things—and yes, these things definitely affect romantic relationships all too much all too often. And I do think recognizing these issues (and doing one's best to avoid perpetuating them) is important. But... the fact that some people enter unequal or otherwise negative romantic relationships, and that "romance" can have harmful manifestations, doesn't mean that romance is inherently bad, any more than the reality of selfish, disloyal or otherwise not-so-great friends means that friendships are inherently bad. Neither is the case; it's just that humans have problems, so anything we do or get involved in is liable to be overtaken by our humanness. Your roommate's view of romance is obviously problematic in ways I don't need to explain. (The layers of wrongness that I could peel apart... but I shan't go there.) But just because she approaches dating this way, just because sexism is a thing, just because unwanted pregnancies and STDs happen, just because there are horrible people out there... doesn't define romance. What about love that is actually about love, not just "he's rich" or "she's sexy"? What about the give and take of mutual trust, caring, and respect that characterizes a healthy relationship? What about the genuinely positive, mutually beneficial relationships that bring out the best in both parties involved? (And yes, these relationships do exist!) So while I agree that the examples you listed are saddening and in some cases even sickening—and I can't blame you for "hating" some of these things!—what I don't agree with is that the romance factor is the key issue. The problems you are talking about are more more general than that. Like any human relationship, romantic ones have the potential for both great positive and great negative.
  20. will123

    Body hair

    I just use a Gillette three bladed razor and go to it...
  21. I am SO sick of hearing/reading the word "neoliberalism." Because it means nothing.
  22. Welcome to AVEN! I'm sure you'll find the answers to your questions here. It sounds like you still feel romantic, just not sexual. There are asexuals on here that are hetero-, homo-, bi-romantic or those of us that have no romantic attraction, aromantic. I'm in the later as I've never really felt any interest in having a girlfriend.
  23. SweetTart

    who’s your celebrity aesthetic crush?

    Tom Holland. That's it lol. I never have celebrity "crushes", but Tom Holland has such a upbeat and nice personality, and he's cute. He seems like he'd be a fun person to be friends with.
  24. KeyKey


    I never notice when people are flirting with me unless it’s super obvious. Someone else who is with me has to tell me. Likewise I don’t know when something I have said or done could be considered flirting. My mind isn’t in that space so I never suspect it. That’s why I keep small talk to a minimum on the job.
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