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  2. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Yep. Because of West Nile virus we are discouraged (not to the point of its being illegal, but strongly discouraged) from providing any source of standing water. It’s a little silly as we have a gazillion mosquitoes anyway.
  3. Omega the Shadow

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Liking posts is better than sex. Whether that post repeats a letter or not.
  4. Skycaptain

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Kalahari safaris are BTS
  5. Skycaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  6. HonoraryJedi

    is this love?

    Ah yes, the eternal question. I am probably the worst person to answer this, I sought help from this forum over a similar thing once. I had just started to consider if I might be aromantic when I started having the extra feelings for one of my friends. Wondered if I was gonna have to admit to being in love with him, or if I only considered it was romantic because of heteronormativeity. We were together for a little over a month before I realized how uncomfortable I was and broke it off. So that is my experience, entirely anecdotal. I have concluded that it was not romantic love I felt, just from how badly I reacted to being in a romantic relationship. But I am of the opinion that 'love' is still a correct way to describe my feelings for my friends. Even if I don't want to date any of them.
  7. Asexuals don't want sex with anyone else in principle, rather than not wanting any specific person. Sexuals on they other hand, don't want sex with many many specific people. Pretty much all of them, in fact apart from the one they're in a relationship with, by and large.
  8. 😂This was just an example. I never felt the urge to have sex with a person I saw. I still want to have sex though. Sorry, but I really can't explain it any better.
  9. Then maybe Jordan isn't the person for you?
  10. We Stunt Pigeons never have that problem. Turkeys are flightless birds by and large, and us Stunt Pigeons are always on manoeuvres in the sky, always ready to defend the mighty territories of AVENland!! 😜
  11. I agree that I want to have sex with someone, just not with this or that person. The thing is, what else is it then? I read somewhere in this forum that sexual attraction is like seeing, let's say Jordan and thinking sexually about him and wanting to do sexual things with him. I don't have that. I want to do sexual things, but I don't think about Jordan sexually. I don't want to do anything sexual with Jordan, but I do want to have sex in general.
  12. You want a blatant lie, huh? Your post is NOT so many shades of awesome!!!
  13. Jon A.

    Are you a collector?

    Late 60s to late 70s colour TVs, preferably those that use an ultrasonic remote. I made an exception for a particularly nice 1984 Sears console with a rather blocky infrared remote. I have five old sets right now; one non-remote set is in daily use. One is a mid-70s Sanyo whose remote has only two buttons, one of which provides limited control of power *and* volume; press the other one and watch the VHF knob rotate on its own, pretty trippy.
  14. Telecaster68

    Master Trump Thread

    Won't happen because it needs a two thirds majority in the Senate (Or is it the House... I'm a Brit, I get confused)
  15. Telecaster68

    touch aversion and asexuality

    And how does he feel about that?
  16. Do people actually, you know, spell it out verbally as a suggestion before doing anything? Generally things just... start... and continue, or not, for me.
  17. Jon A.

    What are places you have / would like to travel to?

    Cold places, i.e. East Slavic and Nordic countries.
  18. Definitely another ace, a very short girl with very little curve, very dark hair, fair skin, something of a Tomboy. She'd have to be into good, clean, simple fun and not take things too seriously like I used to, and not care about the traditional definition of "success". An equal partner, not subservient or overbearing and accepting of my passion for vintage items. In other words, something of a unicorn. That's just my taste and it's here to stay, it's not like I came with an EEPROM chip that can be reprogrammed for wider compatibility.
  19. Notsurewhattoputhere

    (Kinda NSFW) I dont understand how people dont masterbate

    I know it may be a little wierd, but I started thinking of it like people who smoke... thinking that it must be what it was like for them... theres a way to get rid of that irritated feeling temporarially but its a habit and there are ways to manage it that are better or worse
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  21. Notsurewhattoputhere

    (Kinda NSFW) I dont understand how people dont masterbate

    Do you mean pain as in, like an injury, or as in it can be really irritating? If it is pain, are you sure that it isnt stomach discomfort etc from stress? Pain may be an issue that, despite how embarassing etc that may be, you may be smart to ask a doctor about. If you mean pain as in it can be really super irritating, thats how it was/has been for me, particularly around 14-15. It was worst with all the hormones etc., gradually got less annoying over the years, but it never has really gone away. I just sort of got used to "getting rid of it" and now its no big deal. It can make me feel tired and sort of gross, a good way to recover from that Ive found is to do some kind of exercise for a minute. There is also kind of an effect that the less you do it, the longer it takes before being an issue, and vice versa. But yeah it can be really annoying and difficult to get to that point sometimes.
  22. Face

    want someone special in London

    Hi, Yes, if you're near London there is a community of people who are doing something about the issue of loneliness in the city. It has been hard to find these people but one called Togetherness is launching a publicity drive. Sadly they only have a London venue at the moment but the numbers are growing so hopefully will find its way to other cities. If you're near Brighton or Bournemouth or elsewhere try searching for "authentic connection" events. In London, as well as Togetherness there is also a group called the Museum of Happiness (not a real museum) and a childlike fun group called Antidote that are brilliant for meeting people. If you really want a cuddle there are also cuddle workshops which are non judgmental and provide safe boundaries but can be scary the first time.
  23. Sexual attraction is the innate desire for sex with someone, for the purposes of one's own pleasure, so no.
  24. Bronztrooper


    Damn, finally someone put this feeling into words. I saw a thing on Pinterest that described a similar feeling and then further elaborated on it by saying 'like cats' and it felt appropriate.
  25. Kelly

    Master Trump Thread

    I cal him Prince Riebus.
  26. CustardCream

    How Many Crushes?

    No idea, but quite a lot!
  27. Kimmie.

    Change what AVEN stands for.

    A Very Entertaing North
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