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  2. Suigin

    Quickly, Before They See!

    30 :3 nineGardens
  3. Rynn

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Went on a date yesterday. Invited him up to my apartment to meet my cat. Realized that he probably thought I meant more than just meeting my cat 😅😅😅 oops!
  4. ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Are you born this way?

    Not to invalidate you, because I obviously don't know you and your personal experiences, but past/present drug use and mental health issues can both drastically affect one's libido. Just something to think about.
  5. Star Lion

    Are you born this way?

    Maybe you should get checked up about how the drugs and mental health issues are affecting your sexuality or sex drive? But I only see asexuality as something your born with and either stay as or eventually grow out of
  6. PrismaticDream

    A Sentence Forming Game

    She ate your sandwich.
  7. Did you know the girl who asked you if you'd have sex with anyone? Did she just come up to you as a stranger and ask that??
  8. Celyn

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Linguine is very edible, Randy says.
  9. disGraceful

    A question for heterosexual women

    Personally? No and no. I’m much like Serran in that my partner is the only source of arousal/desire. But people vary. I’m probably in the minority but also not abnormal. There really isn’t a normal.
  10. Out of the saddle

    Are you born this way?

    I'm so grossed out and put off by my relationships that I cant have sex anymore. Add to this a history of drug problems and constant maintenance of other mental health issues and it's an ace recipe. Any other comments? Anybody here who used to like sex and found the entanglements of a sexual relationship not to be worth the sex "hangover"? Are you born asexual or can it also be an acquired taste?
  11. -Why these forums? Meetup Mart is a logical choice. I am one of the most active members of the meet community globally and easily attend 20-30+ meets a year in a range of locations (including internationally) and range of sizes. I also host regular meetups. I started attending meets 2.5 years ago and to date have probably met over 300 aces offline ("in real life"), although I would say I have personally spoken to fewer than 100. I also presented in a 1-hour session about the meets in my area at the last Annual UK Ace Conference in London, Summer 2018. Anyone who is active in the UK meet scene is likely to either know me directly or know of someone who knows me. I already read almost all of the posts in Meetup Mart as I have an interest in how the meet scene is developing globally and why some groups are growing much faster than others. I'm good friends with @sea-lemon, the current forum mod, and I am looking forward to continuing her outstanding work as the Meetup moderator in the future The Intersectionality forum is an area I frequent regularly, although I am more of a reader than a poster. The forum is interesting as it allows one to find others like themselves and discuss how their experiences align in a relatively protected environment. It also demonstrates the immense broadness of our community. Asexuals come from every walk of life you could possibly imagine. It serves a crucial role on AVEN to allow one to understand other users and connect with similar members. Having the opportunity to moderate and maintain the high quality of this forum is a real honour and I will do my absolute best here -A close friend of yours is breaking the TOS...hard. To clarify how hard, let’s say they post porn in a T&S thread or something along those lines, basically it’s bad. What do you do? -Same question as above but it’s an admod. The rules of AVEN are clear and the procedures to follow well-defined. I am not here to be lenient towards my friends or to provide special cases (for admods etc.). My modding will be consistent for everyone, fair, and in accordance to the duties of the role. If there is a conflict of interest, it is my heart that comes second and my moderating duties that come first. In any such scenario where is it unclear how to procede I will seek advice from other moderators. Should I come across a post that breaks the AVEN ToS outside of the areas I mod I will report it, regardless of who posted it. -What would you do if a member approached you because they felt another member was stalking them at meetings? By meetings, I take it you are referring to AVEN meetups? This is a complicated area and serious area, and without specific details I can only provide a general idea of how I would act. Every case will be different and will require different actions, but generally: the first thing to do would be to talk to the member who feels they are being stalked. Understand their side of the story and understand why they think that way. I would then offer them general advice on staying safe offline as their safety is the top priority at this stage. Next, I would ask them to either contact or give me permission to contact the person (or people) who run the meets that they feel they are being stalked at. The meet leader/s will then be aware of what is happening and can help protect the member. If I felt the stalker posed an immediate and real danger to the member, then the advice would be for the member to only attend and leave meets within a group (or possibly hold off from meets for a while if I was really concerned). Advice to the member to contact police may also be relevant, and serious consideration would need to be given to banning the stalker's AVEN account, or otherwise ensuring they cannot access the Meetup Mart forums (only members can see the meet details). At a very least this would need to be something raised with the wider AVEN team. Something that could cause serious harm to a person's well-being is not to be taken lightly. In some situations, particularly ones that appear less serious and only with the permission from the wider team, it may be acceptable to contact the accused stalker to discuss their behaviour. They may not be aware that what they are doing constitutes as stalking or is harming another person. Again, these above statements are a very general idea of what action I could take as a moderator. Every single case will be different and some (or possibly all) of the above may not be relevant to any particular case. Understanding the situation and acting appropriately and swiftly and ensuring others know about what is going on are sensible steps.
  12. uhtred

    Star Wars Trailer

    Looks like a lot was filmed in Wadi Rum. Difficult to tell but I was pretty disappointing in the previous 2. I mean really - the "mysterious evil figure" turned out to just be some mysterious evil figure, not Luke gone bad or something interesting.
  13. InquisitivePhilosopher

    New Moderator Needed: Meetup Mart and Intersectionality: Campaigns

    Okay, then. Have you met your competitors, 👻 👻, ghosts #1 and #2? I figure that since other members usually ask the tough questions, that there's no need for me to repeat them and ask them, as well.
  14. I don't see it as presenting yourself as "something you are not" but rather presenting yourself as what you want to be at that moment. Lingerie is a way of saying that right now you wan to be viewed as as desirable sex object. In a way its a nice way to separate when someone wants that from when they want to be appreciated for a much wider range of things.
  15. Anthracite_Impreza

    Fellow Sexuals

    Gossip's gossip where I am, the mouth it comes out of is irrelevant.
  16. There are lots of things people do that have no "value''. Pretty much everything considered "romance". Eating fine (as opposed to simply nutritious) food. Playing games. Listening to music. There are a some people who don't want any of those things and who really are happy with a simple life with no extras. Other people view all these "extras" as the goal of life.
  17. disGraceful

    the tag yourself game

    Pain cloud
  18. disGraceful

    Interview the person below you

    1. Explore what life was like in Other time periods! 2. Honestly, flying. Seems dumb. 3. Yes! 1. Do you have a tendency to be more hot or cold? 2. Have you ever boycotted anything and what was it? 3. What’s your favorite candy?
  19. disGraceful

    Yum or Yuck!

    Depends, usually yuck Cauliflower pizza crust
  20. This says it for me. I will never 'get' the sexual aspect, but I sense how powerful the sexual need / desire is for my sexual friends. Sometimes I am ... envious?? ... that I am missing something. Then I think I'm fortunate to not have to worry about sex, which is a huge relief for me. So there is no question about my asexuality! However, I also know that I'll never share that special spark that I know exists between sexuals.
  21. disGraceful

    True or False

    False, I can’t stand the smell enough to even try them TPBM is off school or work because it’s a holiday in their country today
  22. CajunAce


    I like to randomly text a paragraph only from the suggested words bar to see what would happen: 


    The town is the point where the designer is a good person to be able and comfortable and can easily find the perfect way for a long walking distance of life to the future of a 6th and the songs are a woman. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. PrismaticDream


      Have you seen this thread? :D 

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