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  2. daveb


    I thought I was the only one who did that. My sister likes to open the blinds, but I like to keep them closed. I even put up curtains in some windows that didn't have curtains or blinds, so I could keep them closed.
  3. SarahSomeone

    Are you a collector?

    Same! I probably have close to 90 and I’ve managed to fit them all in an obscure shelf close to the ground in my room so that my family doesn’t walk in and immediately see them all haha. Once I get my own apartment/house it would be nice to get a big shelf and I even fantasize about having some sort of hidden reading room to keep all of my manga/novels in 😂
  4. catra


    wooooo, 200 posts!!

  5. Coddiwomple

    Dealing with Not Knowing + Help Me Figure It Out?

    I would have to disagree. I don't want to get into this eternal debate here, but in my opinion, there is more to being trans than dysphoria. For me, I found analyzing my euphoria much more helpful than analyzing my dysphoria, because it was like: Yeah, I don't like being female. But what do I like? So, OP, I would try that. If identifying as agender feels good, maybe that's what you are. Play around and see what makes you comfortable, and try not to worry too much about labels, because at the end of the day, they're not the most important thing in the world. This article might help with that.
  6. catra

    Might as well

    welcome to AVEN! i’m glad it’s been so progressive lately, too. take your time getting used to AVEN/asexuality/whatever you need to! we’ll be here when you’re ready
  7. Phoenix the II

    What does love feel like to you?

    I usually define it like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_wheel_theory_of_love
  8. Anthracite_Impreza

    Am I actually Asexual?

    In fairness, you are 13. It's pretty common to not be interested in sex at your age. Of my three best mates one only started desiring sex after 17, the other two after 20. But yeah, we can't label you.
  9. Hotarugarde von Bingen

    What does love feel like to you?

    As an aromantic person, I've only ever really felt platonic love. I sort of define that love as a deep appreciation and connection with a certain person. It's like a force that makes you want to spend time with a person. I love people in the same sort of way I might love a pet. Someone who I enjoy the presence of and enjoy being with.
  10. catra

    Am I actually Asexual?

    identify with whatever works best for you! i started identifying as ace young, too. i talked to my friend about sexual attraction when we were 13. she said that although she wasn’t sure if she’d like to have sex just yet, she had imagined doing it with others and enjoyed the idea of having sex with specific people (i say specific to clarify it wasn’t an ambiguous/unidentified person in her mind, it was a person she knew). if you have never had the same thought process, it’s possible you could be ace. it’s also possible you just haven’t experienced sexual attraction yet, which is okay. either way, you can identify as ace right now and simply wait and see if your feelings change. they may change, and they may not. either way, we’ll be here to support you. (p.s. i saw that you responded to someone else in here, but did not @ them or quote what they said. if you want people to see what you said to them, make sure you do one of the methods mentioned )
  11. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    My neighbors let their dog run around loose in our cul-de-sac - the 2 things I don't like about that is sometimes the dog will run at me barking loudly and it makes me nervous that it might attack, and it goes into my backyard and poops there. There is a fence, but the previous people took the gate with them when they left and I just hadn't gotten around to getting a new gate (but if I'm going to stay here for a while longer I probably should go ahead and get one), so that part is kind of on me. But they should keep an eye on the dog and not let it do that. Their kids were accustomed to carrying their play over into my backyard, too, because the previous occupants had kids and they apparently played together, but fortunately my sister asked them not to play in our yard before I got here (she occupied the house a few weeks before I did because I was still in Calif. making preparations to move at the time I bought the house). I won't stop you from posting it if you want (but would appreciate if it were put in a spoiler)
  12. SmallBean

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Recently I was chatting with a bunch of my track teammates before practice and we were over by the weight room because that's where the coaches tend to be, and a bunch of the girls were looking at the guys in there and going "Wow look at all those muscles😏 " And then my response was, "Yeah! Imagine how much work they've put in to get to that point!" and everyone just kinda stared at me like "Huh??" and then it registered with me that they thought it was sexy
  13. SarahSomeone

    What is your Favorite Manga?

    Assassination Classroom is my all-time favourite, Houka is a very close second. There’s so many others that I’d have to go by category but those are the top two . I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is another great one as well 😊
  14. Hotarugarde von Bingen

    • Hotarugarde von Bingen
    • PrismaticDream

    I'm really happy that you included the #RedInstead hashtag in your profile! Our school did another one of those "Wear blue for autism awareness" things so some people I know decided to wear red instead. It's great that neurodivergent people are finally speaking up for themselves!

  15. SarahintheCloset

    Hello all!

    Thank you both for the kind welcomes!
  16. SmallBean

    Teen Corner

    I actually want to have kids but I know that it'd be a bad idea as I'm far too scatterbrained to take care of another human being, especially a small one that needs a bunch of attention, for more than a few hours at a time. I can barely take care of myself as it is so it definitely wouldn't be a good idea to give me someone to take care of. I'd be more likely to get some kind of low attention pet or plant than a child
  17. hello! recently, i’ve been questioning my romantic identity (UGH i thought i figured this out). i know that not everyone defines love the same way and it’s kind of hard to explain, but i was hoping anyone could try to explain how it feels to them. their definition of love. thank you!
  18. Ardoise

    Weird Stuff From Childhood

    Oh, man, I had a load of those as a kid! Thinking back, it must have driven my parents crazy when I left them lying around to get stepped on. My dad still has some of his model cars from when he was younger.
  19. Imma guess that it has something to do with the recent Arrowchat update which has caused a bit of havoc in a number of ways. Before you ask, no, I don't yet have any means to modify or disable it that I've found.
  20. Ardoise

    What if humans were marsupials?

    I had some pet aquatic snails, but they died when my room got too cold during one of the snowstorms last winter. I think I'll get new ones, though.
  21. Ardoise

    What is your Favorite Manga?

    A webcomic that I love- not manga, but in a similar vein: https://killsixbilliondemons.com/ It's the classic plot of "random nobody gets their hands on a powerful magical item" with the all-too-rare combination of kickass fight scenes and passing the Bechdel test with flying colors.
  22. by very i mean that the feelings dissipate either the same day or the day after. i’ll still enjoy being with the person, but the actual “love” always fades. even in the one relationship i had where it didn’t completely/immediately leave, i never liked them anywhere near as much as they liked me. it was just like “well, they’re a great person and very pretty. this is comfortable.” i enjoyed being in the relationship and liked the person, but i don’t think i was really in love. what does that love phase feel like to you? maybe i just entered the love phase very quickly.
  23. Don’t know if it’s the same everywhere but getting someone up the duff is getting them preggers, but doing someone up the duff-er is shagging up the old waste disposal chute. Words are fun. Sex I have no clue.
  24. Raine_

    Am I actually Asexual?

    I get that, but the thing is all this acephobe crap is making me doubt even though I was perfectly fine with my label before I came out like that. Barely anyone fully believes me when I say I'm asexual because, as I've heard a couple of times, 'having sex is part of life', and it makes me feel bad when they say stuff like that cuz it makes me feel like I'm just being an attention seeker and I'm lying. I do believe I'm ace, but most people don't accept me like that so, am I just what they say I am?


    I keep isolating myself from people I love.

    I'm tired.

    1. Just Dani

      Just Dani

      If I may? *hug* 



      You're so dang sweet. Thank you ♡♡♡

    3. Just Dani

      Just Dani

      You're welcome. :D 

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