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  2. motography

    hello, here is a bit of my story

    awesome! this self discovery is the best, and at least for me figuring out I am asexual felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. no more needing to fake being sexual (to yourself or others) and also knowing that there are other people out there going through the same stuff helped me become more comfortable with myself and feel not as isolated also if someone said this to me I would have responded the exact same way as u because that is a wild statistic lol
  3. This. He's a bit of a prude, and assumes I must be one as well.
  4. KiannaKitter

    Things that you find annoying

    13. People who don't pick up after their dogs. 14. People who throw trash in nature. 15. Mosquitoes. 16. Winter.
  5. firewallflower

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    I mark syllables (on the fingers of one hand, so in fives) when reading. I have no idea why, or when this started (fairly sure it was after I'd already been reading for a while), but I do it. And don't like putting the book down unless I'm at a multiple of 5. It's bizarre. I also tear my hair, which is definitely a habit I should break.
  6. daveb

    Age difference in partners

    My dad's last partner (long time girlfriend, eventual wife) was around 20 years younger than him. But she eventually died of cancer and he's still around. Being younger is definitely no guarantee that they will outlive the older partner. Anyway, I think age differences are less important than compatibility, common interests and viewpoints and other factors. I think life stages can be more important, too. That is, if 2 people who are at similar life stages but years apart in age they might be more compatible than 2 people at different life stages but the same age. Also, maturity makes a difference, in my opinion.
  7. KeKatCookie

    Getting Hormones Checked For Parents?

    Thanks :) I'm glad it turned out okay. I haven't come out to my parents yet, but they know I don't feel sexual attraction. I've just never explicitly said "I'm asexual." I'm hoping that someday I'll get the guts to come out, and I can use this to help explain. That it's me, my feelings, my mindset, not the chemical makeup of my body.
  8. 9. People who don't stop talking 10. Reading posts/news stories that are clearly inaccurate or fake 11. People who believe said stories regardless and try to convince me they are right 12. Them acting insulted when I don't agree even though I was polite and it's nothing personal
  9. Ameline257

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    I'm always afraid of running out of something. So when ever anything gets even half empty I feel like I need to stock up on said item just in case....even when it is something I rarely use. This becomes more bizarre when you find out I'm also the first person to throw something away I think I don't need.....then end up needing that thing days later. My mind just can't seem to make up it's mind. I wear a coat even in the summer because I just always feel cold. I eat dessert first...because why the heck not?
  10. Aha same. My mum was always against me watching sex scenes then when I was old enough too, I found I didn't like it. At all. As soon as kissing went on for over a few seconds I looked away- still do! It frustrates me, especially in films like Terminator. Like, give me the action and the robots. I get that they had sex. Just show them going to the room together and waking up in the same bed, idk. I don't need - or want - to see any of it! Especially not in action movies. (that's the worst part about the second Matrix film.) I don't get sex jokes either. Sometimes I'm totally innocent, like, what's funny about bananas. (seriously? What is? Bananas are just a nice fruit) Or I just don't get it, especially since I have a bit of a science head when it comes to the human anatomy.
  11. Sure I've heard of it. That's cool that it's been granted World Heritage status!
  12. Fluffy Femme Guy

    Incredibly Ace Moments

  13. daveb

    Return of the Dragon

    Good to hear from you! Good luck with the module and with the house and hopefully retirement and all!
  14. 3Xi3X

    Welcome our new Moderator

    This is so exciting!! chongwrahshulations! ::already eating::
  15. motography

    Things that you find annoying

    5. Seeing people I don't like in public 6. Having earbuds that fall out whenever I run 7. Denial of climate change 8. When people don't text me back 😪
  16. Fluffy Femme Guy

    I should have known I was asexual when....

    I remember being very confused at this when I was younger.
  17. Aldis Friedman

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    I must schedule everything and it must stay that way. For instance, showers are always at 6 in the morning, unless I wash my hair, in which case it's usually at 8.30 in the evening. And the water must be cold, too.
  18. Same. I still don't understand what 'turned on' means and honestly, I don't exactly want to know. And yeah. Sex in general and desires for it utterly confuse me!
  19. Glyn

    Word association game

    Hammer To...
  20. Hold on - are we talking about the glorious picture of the Super Stunt Pigeon that's my Avatar?
  21. Perspektiv

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    -This one is probably due to my slight OCD. Often times when buying items, I often must buy them in pairs. There is literally no reasoning for this one other than it being a weird (and at times costly) quirk. I have managed to gain control of it, but still occasionally see myself doing it. -I can't drink hot drinks unless they are barely lukewarm. I know. It defeats the purpose. -I travel a lot. If learning a new language, I just have to learn the curse words first. I think I weirded a girl out while in Thailand. I got her phone number, then was asking her how to curse in her language after her telling me words like "handsome", "funny" and the like in her language. "Ok. How do you say **** you in your language?" Luckily my humor had me get away with it, but barely. Needless to say, I can cuss like a sailor in about 15 languages. Horrific for breaking the ice, so I didn't think that one through.
  22. MochaBaye

    Hey Friends! Let's Connect.

    Hi @Cryowolf! Nice to ‘meet’ you.
  23. CustardCream

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for being 3.5 hours too slow!
  24. Glyn

    The Banning Game!

    Blowing bubbles? Banned for coming pretty damn close to me making a REALLY disgusting and wrong joke about Michael Jackson!
  25. Piotrek


    I've got a YouTube-related question. Can you help?

    Is YouTube throttling videos? For the last several months, I've had videos on many channels freeze even if I play them in low res. I went to DailyMotion (that's the only other free video- streaming website I know of) to compare and there's no similar effect there, even if I play vids in hi-res.

  26. 3Xi3X

    Fight the avatar above you

    ::Can’t believe he’s dead but knows his talons did damage and dies contentedly::
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