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  2. N8LV3y

    The 2K2_ Shoe Thread

    Oh yes I needed this thread!! I’m almost strictly a Vans person but I also like Adidas. these are all the shoes I own.
  3. RoseGoesToYale


    This cake, though...


  4. bobbypin

    pictures in rainbow order

    @Just a Quail Thank you. ( ˙꒳˙ )
  5. KYON.

    What video games are you playing?

    I'm trying to clear some of my (disc) PS3 games. The cupboard I keep my games in is getting kinda full, so I want to make some space in there and also get some trophies. So I'm playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - it's a very fun game. POTC is awesome and I think this is one of the best Lego games - it's not as bloated with challenges and stuff as some of the more recent releases and everything just works really well.
  6. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Crap! That sounds like how I felt after hearing an older fellow I knew passed away. The snowmobile trail to a friend's family's farm went thru his property. I got busy for a couple of years and never had time to stop and visit even if I was driving by or else it appeared they had company. He'd bump into my parents in the village and ask about me (I was living in the city still). Imagine how I felt when I get up to the folks on a Friday night and they tell me that Roy had passed away. Never had a chance to visit.
  7. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    We haven't had as much rain as we should either. A big portion of the western USA is in mega-drought/super-drought, apparently worsened by climate change. Some years will certainly be better than others, but we could also be seeing the new "normal", climate change for real. Looks like a few hot days here, then hopefully a bit of rain on the weekend.
  8. Stéphane

    Yum or Yuck!

    not sure, never had them. But since I like every other kind of beans, probably yum. molasses?
  9. Jade Cross

    Afterlife Importance

    Make this comparison. When a baby is born, it's usually cause for celebration right? You get the choosing of the name, preparing the room, friends and family congratulating you and all around it's seen and promoted as a positive event. You have entire store isles full of baby necessities for sale. Now when someone dies, it's usually all the opposite. People cry, they despair, friends and family might come along to try and offer support. They dress in black, they quote scriptures (at least in the more predominantly religious groups), and generally refer to the incident as the fight the person lost to. You also don't have caskets or cremating furnaces for sale at your local stores. Hasn't it ever occurred to anyone for even just a moment why these things are regarded as such? How come a baby being born isn't generally popularized as a terrible event to happen? Why does noone freak out collectively that another human that needs resources, looking after, education, etc, will be born into this already chaotic, dysfunctional and dying world? In the same sense, how come when someone dies, noone throws a party? Why don't people come to the funeral in colorful clothing and drink and dance and laugh and celebrate that another soul is no longer bound to suffer living in this world?
  10. There is a difference in discussing it and trying to treat it though. Therapists are meant to guide you. Meaning, help you explore yourself. Telling you that your orientation is based on something and refusing to listen is not guiding you to figuring yourself out. And won't foster the trust needed in a therapist/ patient relationship
  11. Karst

    Trans Musings & Rantings

    One of the players in my last campaign (warforged cleric) accidentally misgendered one of the other people at the table (dwarf fighter) a few times, in character. (He was pretty embarrassed about it.) I casually mentioned that a) it's hard to tell genders with dwarves, since they all have beards, and b) warforged aren't good at reading gender cues. That seemed to smooth it over a bit with everyone involved.
  12. JustJay04

    Friend Help

    @Laurann That is actually helpful, honestly. Helps me know that I’m not actually insane for thinking it’s a problem. This is the first time I’ve confronted her about any of her bs, not just trans stuff, so we’re going to hope it goes well. Cross your fingers, I guess, that she doesn’t take this completely wrong. @anisotrophic This conversation could go either way. She has pulled some bs before, and this is honestly just kinda more straw on the horse’s (camel’s?) back. I have attempted the avoidance method, and it’s not working. So, y’know, what do I have to lose, right? May as well confront her for being a butt and pretending her advice is useful and necessary, rather than continue not saying anything and getting hurt. Either way, it’ll work out.
  13. Today
  14. .... you know there are threads that specifically talk about this stuff, right? And that you can start your own if you're really curious? You just seem really fixated on this point and I don't know if discussing it in this thread is really useful.
  15. Therapists have probably seen so many cases where someone had no interest in sex due to traumas and illnesses that it's hard for them to not consider the possibility if they don't already know for sure that it isn't the case. That being said, you can just say, "no, I don't think that's right. Move on to another subject. " And that's that, you're moving on to another subject. If the therapist actually is insane enough to say "NO WE WILL NOT MOVE ON" then run, run like hell. LIterally stand up and walk quietly out the door, you don't even need to explain. There are plenty of therapists out there to choose from, no need to stick around with that crap. I've done the "nah, that's not right, we're moving on" quite a few times with therapists myself. Just be firm and very clear. But if the therapist is freudian, best move to another therapist. Freudian is almost completely abandoned and is considered out of date and sexist, in favor of much better ideas of which there have been so many since then. He's famous because he was the first, and that's about it. It'll be very hard to make a Freudian therapist talk about something other than sex, simply because they think it's the end all be all. It's a very bad mix for an asexual. They're the dinosaurs of the therapy world, in the words of one of my past therapists. And honestly, I think Freudian therapist are probably incredibly messed up themselves, and have a really, really whacko relationship with their parents, to actually be taking Freud seriously.
  16. isabelle123

    I did hurt my boyfriend's ego

    I really don't get why he act like that. For me, he just try to make me do his things (clean the car and put out the garbages) while I do vacuum, mop, cleaning dust on furniture, cleaning the 2 bathroom with the toilets, cleaning the kitchen, cook, buy food online, washing dishes, do the laundry, do the papers work... for both of us... I find his attitude really bad and unfair so if I can win again and make him realize all I do daily for him I won't hesitate at all. Be sure I give my 100%
  17. Katarina Gertje

    How not to answer a newbie

    Impossible. Pun making is coded into our DNA during our development in the lab. Can I read romance books is I'm aro?
  18. Skycaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  19. HikaruBG

    Media Misrepresentation of Asexuality

    I suppose that the reason why that is, is because they are unable to internalise the idea of it all... is because "internalising" Asexuality means letting go of something that is an essential part of who they are, so to speak. It's kind of ironic how people go around and say "being straight/gay/bi/ect. isn't a personality trait" and "there is more to people than their sexuality" but then, when they encounter Asexuality as a concept, they suddenly are unable to separate their very own being from their sexuality. Asexuals have have the same issue but in reverse - in order to internalise the idea of being staight/gay/bi/ect., they need to add something to their very being (without really knowing what that is because most of the time it's explained veeeeery vaguely and with crude language that does not convey emotion at all). I know this is how it felt for me when I read those definition debates. They helped me with having a better understanding of how the majority of people feel like but ultimately, I have my own opinions, views and skepticism about them.
  20. Alejandrogynous

    I did hurt my boyfriend's ego

    So his mood improved after you agreed to a rematch? If so, it sounds like it was the judo that upset him even if he insists it isn't, and if that's the case, I hope you don't go easy on him. It's unfair and manipulative of him to insist you give him another chance to win and then make it so the outcome is either you win again and his mood stays bad or you lose and have to do his chores. He's setting you up to lose either way. Of course that's all IF it's really why he was upset, I obviously can't really know. From your description though, it sounds pretty shitty.
  21. Skycaptain

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Civilisation has taken a major step forward. The coffee shop has reopened - cashless and takeaway only, but it's still coffee!! 😋😋🎉 🎉
  22. Lifesaver

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

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