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  2. LemonCupcakes

    Teen Corner

    So far, I’m in choir and drama/theatre! I wanted to do more, but I didn’t have enough time considering my timetable is pretty full already 😅 Well, in my experience, uni exams are more intense/difficult/time-consuming than in high school, but it’s all doable. I don’t know how it is in the US, though, since I think you guys have a very different system to where I live (Germany). (And it probably also depends on what you’re studying and whether your classes are more essay-based or exam-based, etc). To study, I mostly use my notes from throughout the year (and the power-points from the lectures) and work through them again. I also use home-made cue cards, study with friends, put various pieces of paper with things I need to remember on all my walls, and use exam papers from previous years as practice.
  3. Lee ✧

    Body hair

    I used to not shave at all, mostly because I didn't need to, and because shaving is time-consuming and razors are expensive. Lately, though, I've had motivation to, and now I try to keep myself as bare as possible. I really, really don't have a problem with body hair, it's just that I've found I don't like it on me. I used to shave religiously, including around my bikini area, but then I started developing really bad razor burn, so I've cut back on it a bit. I've found moisturizing helps a lot.
  4. Celyn

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    No worries if I could teleport to be able to collect the time and address I should be doing a snooze on the patio door to get a high score on my own creative commons.
  5. Nowhere Girl

    Am I Asexual? Please Help

    The real numer of asexuals is probably higher, rather around 5%. A counterproposal I could offer is that some people have taken romantic attraction for sexual attraction. Or, some consider "finding someone sexually attractive" to be sexual attraction, but still don't desire sex.
  6. Crazycrazycultist

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    How can I send pictures to you?
  7. will123

    a-spec flag concept

    Other than the LGBT+ rainbow and asexuality flags, I'm only aware of the transgender one. And that only after seeing a sticker on a vehicle.
  8. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    It's called Tap in Canada. I dont use it very often. @Muledeer I dont think the readers (same unit as you would enter your PIN at are that sensitive. However (and the techies here can elaborate) that the nogoodniks have access to RFID readers that if they are in very close proximity to you and your wallet they can get your personal info. I know one person that took a hole punch to the little gold square on his credit card. I guess he has to swipe it to complete a transaction.
  9. will123

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I bought a box of condoms and practiced putting one on when I was seeing a girl in my 30s before I was asexual. My thinking was if we ever had sex (never happened) I should display a modicum of knowledge about intercourse...
  10. TheAP

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    Yard House of cards is on the way to the airport now and I will be there in a few minutes and I'll be there in the morning to get the kids to the park and ride at the church at the church
  11. Tunhope

    anyone past 50 on here?

    You have a new avatar @Muledeer Is it an animal that you see regularly? (What is it?) I read that keeping a card within a foil liner prevents that happening. You can buy card-size foil wallets online.
  12. The problem with religion-derived morality is that not only does it lead to issues like this, it is also usually a weaker argument. Dispelling the Kantian ethical view on abortion is much harder than dispelling a religious-based view, despite the fact they reach the same conclusions. Now dispelling is not the same as changing their mind, but it can be one step in the road to a real change in thinking. If people took more interest in debating others, or had more interest in philosophy in general, people may realize how many religion-based morality arguments do not stand up against attacking arguments. Personally I think a secular utopia would be great but I am practical so people can maintain their own religions as long as their beliefs do not interfere with me, and I will not interfere with their beliefs. People can, in religious contexts, believe what they they want to, as long as their actions do not interfere with others. But if they manifest those beliefs in a way that harms society then that is instantly problematic.
  13. Quacks


    My dad took me and my sister to a music store yesterday... I may have spent more than intended ,😅


  14. Crazycrazycultist

    Autosuggest nonsense thread

    Just don't think about the next yard!
  15. microlabelAbolitionist

    Exclusion of asexuals from LGBT community

    LGBTQ+ is including kink at pride parades now youll see specific kinks and fetishes on display everything from people wearing diapers to bdsm its becoming progressively more inclusive and your right things evolve and change there is good in almost every person in society realizing hey we are all LGBTQ+ (although i suspect before that time comes gay people who originally founded it will break off and invent a new group and learn to have stricter guidelines for inclusion this time that being are you a homosexual or not) but i think there will be some comical awareness in the future of so.ething such as this that is so inclusive and constantly changing its guidelines to become more inclusive
  16. NordicNoir

    Change one letter

  17. Aebt

    Aesthetic attraction

    I do not think I have ever found another male aesthetically attractive. I have only ever found females aesthetically attractive, but even that is a rare occurrence. For me there are three levels of beauty, below-average, average, and above-average. Males never make it into the above-average, most females do not either, but some have. Because of this (and the fact I have never felt any real interest in becoming close friends with any male, I in general feel more comfortable around females friends most of the time) I never thought I was bisexual.
  18. firewallflower

    Guess the word!

    Positive (0,1,7) Ballgame (2,1,5) Aqueduct (0,2,6) Politics (0,2,6) Blighted (4,0,4) Banshees (1,1,6) Brighams (3,1,4) Heighths (1,0,7)
  19. Banned for making up numbers.
  20. AceMissBehaving

    Change one letter

  21. AceMissBehaving

    Aces at Pride

    I think our footprint is growing. At least where I live there is a lot more ace inclusion. Last month I performed in a pride show that was very clear about being LGBTQIA, and recently applied to a queer representation show that specifically asked for ace and aro performers, so it’s getting there. Just by being there yourself you were helping make that change! From a merch perspective, folks will largely carry what they think they have a good chance of selling. If they don’t see a lot of ace people at a specific local pride, they might not feel ready to take a gamble on including a great deal of ace merch since they are out money on anything that doesn’t sell. The more flags they see though, the more likely they will be to include us their selections next time around.
  22. Nima

    Guess the word!

  23. Today
  24. @morecoffee. I understand how you feel. Normal sex does nothing for me. I would like to find a partner as well
  25. NordicNoir

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! Macaroni & cheese?
  26. Superunknown


    Finally figured out how to change my status thing I guess??

    1. 3Xi3X


      I haven’t yet. Haha.

  27. Nima

    Change one letter

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