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  2. ElasticPlanet

    Lingerie...What's the point?

    I don't find the word 'sexy' useful or meaningful. Not for people or underwear or clothes (fetishy or otherwise) or touchy-feely activities (BDSMy or otherwise). As for the lingerie itself, well... I'm a little bit grossed out by the 'gift wrap' idea that's been talked about here. I always thought of below-the-belt underwear as just a way to deal with the unpleasantness of the genitals and orifices underneath. Putting your household waste in a fancy decorated bin bag wouldn't make it any less unpleasant...
  3. chairdesklamp

    What's your favourite non-English word(s)

    I don't have a favourite word per se, in any language I know a lot of words in, but I do find myself said "My native language (Japanese) has a single word for this, but (six-word term)" in English WAY more often than I say it going the other way (which is basically never). And you see how fluent my English is, it's just that Japanese has more words or something.
  4. Anthracite_Impreza


    I feel the need to defend the person being maligned by @AceOfHearts_85. Their statement was not a deliberate attack and they are not a troll or stupid. We have been having a perfectly civil chat and these things are quite obvious if you have a bit of patience and don't immediately jump on them.
  5. Obviously varies from person to person, but if I desire sexual intimacy that's pretty much synonymous with having a libido for me, and my body will basically always respond. Hell, unless I'm like... actively really turned off or something... it will. However I joke that I'm annoyingly easy lol, so. But yes, takeaway point: sexual people sometimes have no libido. Sometimes for very long stretches of time, depending on what the cause is. Doesn't make them asexual and most probably don't start fretting about whether they are. They're likely to be frustrated with their lack of sex drive though, or also possibly just not give a shit (because, say, when you're severely depressed, you just don't give a shit about many things).
  6. chairdesklamp

    How Do You View Songs Meant to be Lusty?

    I can tell they are, just like I can tell where Agatha Christie drops a joke, even though her humour is incomprehensibly dry to me. But to me, the faster/harder ones all sound like car chases and the slower/jazzier ones all sound like "luxury"/"Fancy city." Example, faster : Faster, in English (not linking the PV because it's pretty gross): Slower, jazzier: (One from the old country I wanted is apparently not available on the internet) Spanish: Anything by Luther Vandross counts as this in English, though he can get a bit schmaltzy for me, and I've no interest in overly schmaltzy. Here's another one that counts in English, by Anita Baker: (I figure understanding the lyrics might be a factor in being able to see where I disconnect) Basically, the faster stuff just sounds action-y, and the slower stuff, classy, until it hits the schmaltzy bar, and which point, I tune in to something else. I was just wondering if anyone else gets that out of music meant to be 'sexy,' or what other alternate readings y'all get.
  7. Skeletonducky

    Quickly, Before They See!

  8. CustardCream

    Quickly, Before They See!

  9. Wikkit

    Game of Thrones! [spoilers, probably]

    @Rhaenys Oh my gosh that's adorable. Though I'm not sure you'd want an Aegon, given the whole sister-wives thing. Plus, girl power! So you wouldn't agree that the story is potentially a long-winded metaphor about climate change, even though G.R.R.M has said so himself? I find that, without being able to see his thoughts, the show Jon seems a lot less complicated than the book Jon. He does the right thing. Some people don't like it. He does the right thing. Some people don't like it. Etc.etc. @Firefly8 It's been years! Maybe he's gone the same way as Cersei's elephants - into the dark recesses of the CGI budget, while the dragons soar majestically overhead.
  10. Mz Terry

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue one.
  11. Mz Terry

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for making Ted take up tap dancing and saying he must learn to persevere.
  12. I half wanna ask you what the heck a 'maiden game' is It's my native language, and I grew up there, doesn't mean I know everything to come out of it, and left LONG before the NEETs started tanking the entertainment sector. I sympathise with Miyazaki. Kinda wanna know, kinda don't. I definitely have fallen in love with a couple people (mostly male, only one girl, 'girl' because it was 500 M.Y.A. in high school), or at least the people I thought they were (if there was an illusion to clear, when it cleared, so did my feelings, completely) I have tried to be with people for several years at a time because I was afraid to die alone (still am) and they were there to use me and I didn't actually feel much positive for them. But anyway, yes, being able to fart around each other, well, it's part of having a body. I also joke that I prefer men because I need someone who understands why Weird Al and making butter worms (soft butter, press between two saltines, butter comes through the holes) were really cool when I was younger and still hold appeal (Though saying that, my best friend loves machines just like me and spiders, and she's a woman) I'm uncomfortable with most sappy stuff, but slow dancing to, say, Firefall's "Just Remember I Love You" in our living room might be nice. But so would going rollerskating, or if he was also into machines. Or if we started a homeless shelter, radio station, or rock band together... And cuddling in front of the stereo/a good sitcom/cuddling and talking about random stuff is always great. But I'm no spring chicken, and "I love him," "For who he really is, not something I'm in error about," "He wants to be with me," and "We CAN be together" have yet to coincide, and my biggest fear is they never will. And also earthquakes and strokes. Also big fears. I've been defining it as 'romantic but not sappy,' but hey, I thought I was allo and other people were just really shallow and had messed-up priorities until the other day. Kinda like how I'm colourblind with some shades of green and pink but not all, and I thought my walls were brown for years until I saw some paint the brown of my walls labelled "green," and asked someone to tell me what colour my walls were. Kinda the same idea. Super relieved to know why I don't like all this stuff, though. It was more just weird knowing my brown walls were green to everyone else, though.
  13. ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Alt-J Taro

    Taro Every so often I come back to this song and I want to cry...and maybe dance... Maybe embrace a loved one... It's just such a tragic story. Sorry for getting all up in people's space. It's just so dang beautiful.
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  15. Pan Ficto. (on hiatus?)

    If I have no libido, can I really know I’m asexual?

    Also you can desire the intimacy without the libido. I have libido issues sometimes these days but I still desire intimacy that's sexual in nature sometimes, even if my body doesn't physically react to the desire (no genital arousal or anything).
  16. I only figured things out the other day, but it sure has shed light on why I don't like making out. All this stuff varies for everyone, and I honestly don't know how I'd categorise it, but to me it's always felt like you're both trying to turn your faces into container vacuum business ends and "I can't breathe," and "why do we have to do this?" I've only ever been with four people, all allo, and they're always horrified I don't like the face-vacuum. NO MERE MORTAL CAN RESIST THE FACE-VACUUM I dunno. I don't know how I'd rate kissing, but anything over a chaste peck is just a giant 'nope' for me. For the younger set, a container vacuum. They used to all be like this before the uprights took over:
  17. Skycaptain

    Quickly, Before They See!

  18. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  19. Skycaptain

    Change one letter

  20. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  21. Skycaptain

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum Raspberries
  22. Jon A.

    What's your favourite non-English word(s)

    "Вам нужно решить три примера", or "You need to solve three examples". It's the first Russian phrase I learned to speak, thanks to a live-action parody of Baldi's Basics.
  23. Skycaptain

    You are suing the above because...?

    Sued for Johnny Cash references
  24. Skycaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  25. Skycaptain

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not appreciating perseverance
  26. Peoples memory span is such a fuck. I have IBD (inflammatory bowel decease) when to a friends house maybe about a year ago and they had completely forgotten I couldn't eat normal people food so I sat in a corner not knowing anybody and getting hungry while they got drunk with their other friends. Just remind them next time they bring something like that up that your asexual and not into that kinda thing. Hopefully they remember that you've said it before and don't fight it. But even if they do just tell them they can believe what they like just don't tell you about sucking dicks.
  27. Because I'm pretty sure many people assume they're sexual until they have experiences where they realise they don't have that component whatsoever, and if you're experiencing romantic attraction to those of the opposite or same sex, or both sexes, you'd likely infer that you were hetero-/homo-/bisexual. Besides, being sexual doesn't always mean you're thinking of fucking. Sometimes it's just a sense of attraction. The romantic/aesthetic/sexual stuff is just kind of all lumped under attraction for sexual people, at least when they're feeling it and not intellectually (over)analysing it.
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