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  2. oldgeeza

    LTR wanted in North-West England

    Saying good luck may sound a little sarcastic which I don't intend, but I hope you find someone special, I wish you luck
  3. Skycaptain

    Quickly, Before They See!

  4. Skycaptain

    Word association game

  5. Telecaster68

    touch aversion and asexuality

    I agree but I was struck by the complete absence of mentions of the poster's husband feelings in all this. It's not unreasonable to assume marriage includes touching your spouse.
  6. Skycaptain

    corrupt the wish above.

    Granted but a heritage organisation will keep it as a museum I wish it was less humid
  7. Yeah. If you want sex, that means you want it with someone, even if you've not found that someone, since you didn't say "I want to masturbate". I don't want sex with just anyone random simply because I like sex (and yes I know casual sex is a thing, and that's valid too), and there are times when I've been interested in absolutely no one, and although I'm quite sure I'm potentially capable of wanting sex with other people, I'm interested in precisely one at the moment. And it isn't Jordan. So I'm pretty sure there's someone you'll be capable of feeling that for too, @FloTieVie.
  8. It's not that there isn't asking, it's just not verbal. A passing touch will get reciprocated and the reciprocation continues back and forth, like a question and answer, escalating to whatever point each is comfortable with, and if that's sex, that's what it is.
  9. Skycaptain

    Rename the member above you

    Pi the penumbra
  10. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (3 letter variety)

  11. Skycaptain

    Change one letter

  12. Skycaptain

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  13. A bit of envy, I have to say. Well, I absolutely wouldn't want to have partnered sex, such a thought feels horrible to me, but I envy people who can have multiple orgasms. I absolutely can't. I used the word "people" for a reason... the widespread belief is that at least some women can have multiple orgasms, but men never can. It's not necessarily true - as far as I know, some men, although it's rare, are able to have multiple orgasms, particularly through prostate stimulation. Although, yes, most men have a refractory period - thay need to "cool down" before they are able to have another orgasm and this period also tends to extend with age. And even though I have the female set, refractory period is my problem too. Some women have an effective refractory period, particularly because of feeling hypersensitive after an orgasm. That's me - I just can't stand further stimulation afterwards, it almost hurts, so I can only have one orgasm per "session". Plus, as I said, one "session" takes me a lot of time, about an hour...
  14. I certainly get how someone who enjoys touching their partner would be upset by not being able to share that... but I don’t get why someone who’s been repeatedly asked not to - especially to not pinch and slap - insists on continuing to do it. People say “I just can’t help it!” but yet they make it through the whole workday presumedly not pinching and slapping their coworkers... Like, if it’s supposed to be an expression of something positive, why keep doing it to someone who hates it? And if it’s actually an expression of control/possession, why pretend it’s something positive?
  15. [noize:injekktion]

    moving abroad - this time it's more serious. [aka my life in Belgium]

    since today I started working on my first department. their boss called our TC to ask specifically for me. but on the longest break I come to eat with my old workmates anyway. some say I should be proud of myself if everyone wants to work with me.
  16. Hi, I am looking for a long-term asexual relationship with someone 25- 45 in North-West England. I am in my mid-30s and live in Greater Manchester. I am fine with it being online at first, say for the first few months at most. Eventually I would wish to meet you, just as anyone would in a healthy relationship. I enjoy going to restaurants, documentaries and various genres of music - indie, house, soul and country. I am not the sort to dance on tables, I am fairly introverted but not completely socially inept.
  17. CustardCream


    Yeah... perfect way of thinking about it.
  18. I always did with my most recent ex. With previous exes usually one or the other of us suggested it. Other people I know talk about asking, or complain about (not) being asked, so I assume it’s not just a mixed couples thing and I’m not entirely unique in my experiences. I don’t mind the phrases that poke fun. A shared joke is fine.
  19. The Spoon Lord


    And I'll always have more cake
  20. Omega the Shadow

    Change what AVEN stands for.

    Adventurous Vessels of Exceeding Nobility
  21. That’s certainly fair. If you don’t perceive a difference between things done out of love and things done out of obligation (or if with him there isn’t a difference), or if “done out of love” is not sufficient for sex, then you probably have your answer. In all your discussions about it, have you asked him why he bothers to do it? Or is it better not to know?
  22. Omega the Shadow

    Virtual Fight Room

    Thanks to my shadow serving as a distraction, I am able to free myself and use the shards of crystals from the chandelier as deadly projectiles, taking out anyone who comes near me.
  23. The Spoon Lord


    My favorite kind of spoon is the spoon that is not so big that you can't fit it into your mouth, but not too small that when you hit people with it, it still hurts. And the material of the spoon matters as well. Stainless Steel is the best, but sometimes, Iron just has to do
  24. Omega the Shadow

    Continue the story

    after realizing that random pointless fact, Matilda was once again human and back in the fruit market, covered in cake bits. It turns out she didn't need that cheese covered chocolate after all.
  25. Omega the Shadow

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

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