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  2. The cake is not a lie

    Quickly, Before They See!

    Nine of Spades
  3. The cake is not a lie

    Quickly, Before They See!

  4. 1. You have no interest in dating anyone 2. You've never had a celebrity crush 3. You're a teen or a tween and you're totally failing to get why your friends are so obsessed with boys/girls/both genders 4. Dating feels unnatural 5. Anything romantic feels unnatural From the list: When you discovered the word “aromantic,” it felt like something finally clicked into place for you. Identifying as aromantic makes you feel relieved, free, happy, or more like yourself. When you discovered the concept of a “squish” suddenly a lot of things made more sense to you. You’re not sure if you’ve ever had a crush on someone or fallen in love. You have trouble telling the difference between a crush and a squish, or between romantic and aesthetic/sexual/sensual attraction. You have doubted whether crushes or love really exist, or if they’re just cultural constructs. You once thought that having a crush on someone meant you admired them or really wanted to be their friend. You thought crushes were something you consciously decided to have, and selected an acquaintance or celebrity to be your crush, because everyone else was doing it. You forgot which acquaintance or celebrity you were supposed to have a crush on. Falling in love doesn’t seem very exciting to you. You don’t understand why finding someone sexually/aesthetically attractive would lead you to want a committed relationship with them. Or, maybe you sort of understand those things in an abstract way, but you can’t really relate to them. When a romantic relationship gets serious, it makes you feel cold, distant or uncomfortable. Getting a romantic partner feels more like fulfilling an obligation, or something you’re supposed to do, than something you’re really enthusiastic about. Your romantic partners always seem to be way more into the lovey-dovey stuff than you are. You have felt suffocated, repressed or tense in a romantic relationship, even though you really liked your partner and they hadn’t done anything wrong. When your last romantic relationship ended, you felt relieved and free more than you felt sad, even if your partner broke it off, and even if you liked them very much as a person. You’re more excited by making a new best friend than by falling in love. You’d rather spend Friday night having a sleepover party with your buddies than going out on a date. You want a best friend much more than you want a romantic relationship. You live in a large community and see or meet hundreds of people around your age every year, but none of them have ever stirred romantic feelings in you. When you say or do romantic things, it feels like you’re following a script or copying romantic things you’ve seen elsewhere, rather than something spontaneous and natural to you. You have trouble imagining romantic activities that you would enjoy, unless those activities are also fun or interesting for you on a platonic or intellectual level. You feel like your closest friends and/or queerplatonic partners are better at fulfilling your emotional needs than romantic partners would be. You would rather have a queerplatonic relationship than a typical romantic relationship. You don’t feel as if you’re missing anything in your life right now; having a romantic partner might be nice, but you don’t need it or seek it out. The idea of being single forever sounds awesome to you. You enjoy gestures and activities that are traditionally labeled “romantic,” but at no point during them do you actually feel attracted to whoever you’re with. You don’t enjoy gestures and activities that are traditionally labeled romantic, either because the romance aspect bothers you, or because all of them are just plain unappealing to you.
  5. Yeah, but I spent it all playing video games
  6. œddy

    "You'll regret later."

    It's not, we just use too many of our resources. I stopped blaming people for wanting to have children a while ago, its better to blame capitalism.
  7. naakka

    "You'll regret later."

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I'll comment on some things in more detail, but for now I'd just like to emphasize that I do not experience any sort of regret currently or think regret was likely to happen, nor do I have especially aphobic people around today (at least I can't recognize anyone especially aphobic). I think my issue is simply the fear I still hold and can't get over due to things that had impact on me when I was younger. I even recognize how irrational this all is, but that doesn't help me.
  8. AllTimeBubble

    #Asexual advantages

    Seconded, sleep is best
  9. Sally

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    At this point I'd vote for a chimpanzee if he were a Democrat.
  10. helana12_03

    "You'll regret later."

    I think I'm going to start using this. Thank you.
  11. Infinita_Nox


    "Let them eat cake" 🍰

  12. Infinita_Nox

    Just saying hello

    Hi and welcome to AVEN! Have some cake:
  13. Infinita_Nox

    Hey everyone!!!

    Hi, welcome to AVEN! Have some cake:
  14. Skycaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  15. Skycaptain

    Quickly, Before They See!

  16. Skycaptain

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Canoeing is BTS
  17. The cake is not a lie

    Quickly, Before They See!

  18. I am in the same type of relationship where I am asexual and my husband is sexual. The main thing is that your partner is supportive. This is an extremely important factor. Being only 19, he not taking it well at first is quite alright. He did come around after that. For you to successfully initiate and be able to satisfy your partner, you have to stop feeling guilty or broken. There is nothing wrong with you. I like to use the example where one person loves curry and spicy food while the other prefers the desserts. Just because you love the colour blue and your partner loves the colour yellow doesn't make either of you wrong. When you say "how to approach starting stuff", do you mean initiating the sexual process?
  19. helana12_03

    "You'll regret later."

    Sometimes, a little bit. Like you, I've been fed this type of bull**** my whole entire life too. "If you don't date/have sex/... you'll end up like your lonely uncle". But then when I listen to my gut I realize that I would probably regret it a lot more if I followed their advice and had sex, or even worse, had children. I have zero interest in sex or having children. I absolutely can't stand babies. I also hate being chained down and I can barely take care of myself, let alone a child. Why would I do this to myself? (or the poor child who would probably end up in foster care)
  20. Dr. Beat

    #Asexual advantages

    Awesome friendship without the icky awkward physical part of relationships
  21. The Incarnation Of Boredom

    Lithromantic/just don't like relationships???

    It depends what you define as "romantic" I've seen people define it as the desire to be in a relationship, but my personal way of telling if I like someone romantically or platonically is if I feel I could comfortably kiss them.
  22. Today
  23. CustardCream


    Welcome - cake? 🍰🍰🍰
  24. Lots of straight women enjoy lesbian porn.
  25. helana12_03

    Ace & Prom?

    I didn't go to my senior prom. Everyone told me that one day I would regret it. Hasn't happen't yet, and I doubt that it ever will.
  26. sups1992

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Yeah I have taken this Rice Purity Test too. it's quite awesome.
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